Fundamental American Foreign Policy

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Fri, 2018-01-19 04:35

South Korea and Japan are financially rich and scientifically advanced nations. So are Germany, Britain, France, and many others in Europe. Despite their current perceived and actual weakness, they can easily use their immense wealth and technological expertise to create extremely powerful militaries with which to defend themselves. There's absolutely no need for America to violate George Washington's and Thomas Jefferson's dictum against forming "entangling alliances" with them. There's absolutely no need for America to have military bases in their countries, and to give treaty promises to defend them at a far higher level than they can decently repay. There's absolutely no need to treat them like helpless women in a rainstorm and protectively place them under America's "nuclear umbrella".

These bases and promises embarrass and humiliate them. They make South Korea, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, etc. deeply resent, secretly resist, and openly hate America. In 1991 the Philippine Senate condemned the U.S. bases there as "a vestige of colonialism and an affront to Philippine sovereignty". As Cato Institute scholar John Glaser noted in 2016 "such resentment can be extreme" and "can linger for generations".

These insulting military bases and patronizing treaty promises cause these natural Western Civilization friends and allies -- which share so many values and have so many common interests -– to become de facto enemies and traitors to each other. This phenomenon is outrageous and absurd. And so unnecessary. The natural, normal, healthy, happy unity and harmony of the West is being crushed by it.

Moreover these unneeded and counterproductive bases and promises emasculate South Korea, Japan, Germany, et al. They take natural warriors and heroes, and turn them into craven weaklings and submissive sissies. They make them passive and defeatist. But if the inappropriate bases were withdrawn, and the treaties radically rewritten, then these potentially noble and respectable Western powers would almost immediately acquire a backbone. They would almost instantly grow a set of much-needed testicles.

No longer would these massively superior nation-states be desperate to surrender to the first disgusting communist country or pitiful Muslim state they could find. All these Western powers would rise up mightily and become a military colossus, with an irresistible will to triumph, which the non-Western savages and barbarians would respect, fear, and fawningly tremble before. No longer would South Korea, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, and the rest be abject and impotent appeasers of evil. No longer would they be and repellent and bizarre "surrender monkeys" eagerly seeking out weak and failed commie and muzzie nations to servilely bow down before and shamefully submit to.

Once these great Western nations became far more equal to America, and far more self-loving and self-respecting, then the personal friendship and military alliance between them would blossom and surge dramatically. The mutually-beneficial partnership between these relatively civilized and heroic nations would become far more stable, trustworthy, formidable, and awesome.

But it can't happen until these accursed, one-sided, dependence-creating, feminizing, corrupting, subverting, bases and treaties are terminated. Such a bold act would be a psychological game-changer for the whole world. It's high time America both lets and makes her friends and allies stand on their own two feet!