Murder of the "Good" due to Democracy, Immigrants etc

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Murder of the "Good" due to Democracy, Immigrants etc -- in as backward country as India because the basic principles involved are the same

Following was written to an anti-immigration group garnering supporting for Trump on this issue

This is SOS response from Mumbai India about my anti-immigration books

I was born in and stay in India, root for Long Live America, hold philosophy of Individualism-Capitalism, which was the founding philosophy of America.

I have written books on the topic of immigration because our state Maharashtra (Capital Mumbai), India’s most civilized and productive state, and our Marathi people because of whom India has not fallen apart like adjoining countries (Af-Pak, B’desh, Nepal etc) are completely looted by uncivilized migrants from North India where no civilization exists – America is a few steps behind in meeting the same fate, but that is only a matter of time. In my books I have enunciated for the first time what I have called as “Fundamental rules of mass migration”. It would be an understatement to say that these will be very useful in your fight against immigration – they are fundamental to any anti-immigration argument. It is because of lacking these arguments (and some others I have against Dem-libs) that many Rep-Conzs (Trump being their leader today), use bad language, exhibit anger and get maligned as “angry white men” (AWMs), white-racists etc; means despite being main and most times only contributors to civilization and possessing lot of virtues and merits in their arguments, they end up as losers with bad name. (Other than immigration there are many common points that have destroyed Maharashtra and are eroding America to inexorable destruction – democracy and welfare state, paper money at the command of politicians, corrupt nature of undeveloped societies now migrating to America in hordes, etc.)

I used to write on discussion forums in America; ultimately I produced a book out of my writing, but its languishing because I had no means of marketing it. The title of my book is “Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Americans?” and my pen-name is Michael Spencer. Info about the book is available at https://americanemesis.wordpre... which will give you lot of fundamental arguments for the fight against the Left. (You may search for the title on the net; it will lead you to the site.) If you like it and spread among Americans then I will also include my above Laws of Immigration on the same website which I believe will also be a booster to your organization because my arguments are really needed to loudly announce to the world why America has to be fully fortified against the hordes of savages from rest of the world!

I strongly request you to please read at least the sub-article “Challenges to the POTUS” (when Obama was incumbent), https://americanemesis.wordpre... on my website. May also read “Were all men really created equal” just below it, answers why Dem-Libs want immigrants.