Correcting Obleftivists on Objectivist morality

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Submitted by Bruno on Tue, 2018-01-23 21:40

I corrected a fallacious statement on Objectivist morality by Obleftivist leader Yaron Brook in his facebook page comment section.

He says:

“What is GOOD for Your own life” is the STANDARD for determining a moral code based on REASON."

I say:

"What is good for man (a rational being) in general is the standard. What is good for you individually follows in the application to your own life of the ethical principles defined through the standard."

You can find the facebook post in question at the following link:

I can't bring myself ...

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... to go to Faecesbook, but did Bwook the Cwook get pulled up on this by others as well as by you, Bruno? It's a rudimentary error/deliberate evil, which explains a lot. Bwook thinks an invasion of illegal shitholers is good for his life in particular since he can employ some of them cheaply in his garden. The good for the life of man qua man (and thus his own, long-range) in general doesn't get a look in.

Well spotted!

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