The Truth about Italian Populism

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Submitted by Bruno on Wed, 2018-03-07 16:42

From your favorite Objectivist youtube channel: Who won the Italian 2018 elections? Populists.

But who are these populists? Are they right-wing, left-wing, or both?

This is the first time that a Western European country has a right-wing coalition lead by right-wing populists. The South of Italy has nonetheless chosen left-wing populists. What will happen next is unclear.

The Lombardy region gave enormous support to Attilio Fontana of the League. Lombardy, along with Veneto, is pushing for more and more autonomy from the rest of Italy.

The country is almost evenly split:

The (Northern) League vs the Five Star Movement

Matteo Salvini vs Beppe Grillo (and Luigi Di Maio)

Flat Tax vs Universal Basic Income

Meanwhile, the Dems (Partito Democratico - Democratic Party) have suffered a terrible defeat. George Soros favorite, the "More Europe" party has been completely rejected.

Also, the first black member of parliament is elected... by the "far right" League!

Ministro Salvini!

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Prime Minister Conte: "(I nominate:) Senator Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior!"

Yawon Sowos

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Separated at birth?

Great news indeed!

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Zero Hedge is claiming that the dastardly Soros is crying "Russia Russia Russia"... again.

Update: Brilliant News (Yawon Will Hate It)

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Bruno goes to the mountains on weekends, so I'm getting in first with this great news. President Mozzarella has capitulated:

Let the deportations begin!!


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Sickening ...

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... that the EU elite has effectively overturned the election result. The same elitists, of course, are still trying to oust Trump. They must be smashed.

The EU has spoken

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The European Union (de facto), via the "Presidente della Repubblica Italiana" (who nominates the Italian Prime Minister), has refused (!) to nominate Conte as PM (a 5 Star + League choice).

The reason was openly stated, "in order to save the Euro" Conte must either change his choice for minister of the economy (an eurosceptic), or else. It came to else.

The Presidente of the so-called "Republic" has refused to give Conte the job, in what seems to be a clear violation of his powers.

The country is now in political turmoil. Talks of impeachment are floating. Massive protests have been scheduled.

Please give us an update Bruno...

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I imagine the EU is having conniptions! Smiling

Deport Islamosavages!

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I like the look of this. Wot's happening Bruno?

Austria tells the truth

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Austria, that is now governed by a patriotic right wing coalition let's their state apparatus tell the truth about migration and crime:

Recently, the number of knife attacks in Austria has risen sharply. Within the last decade, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BK) registered an increase of almost 300 percent in stabbing attacks. The increase in violent crime recorded in 2016 as a whole can also be attributed to migration movements, explained BK director Franz Lang.

According to BK data, in 2016 (more recent data has not yet been evaluated) there were about 35,600 Afghans in Austria. 5973 people of this ethnic group were explored as "identified suspects". That's 16.8 percent of the total grouping. For comparison: among the Austrians, the rate of the investigated suspects in 2016 was 2.2 percent.


Catalan & Lombard self-determination

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I interviewed Juri Orsi of a Lombard secessionist party, during a pro-Catalonia rally in Milan on December the 16th, 2017.

The video is now online:

Bravo Tommy!

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Bravo Tommy for smacking that self-selected-for-virtue sub-human in the mouth. I wonder why Yawon, instead of moving to Puerto Rico to avoid taxes (his salary of 50% of not-for-pwofit ARI's income is inadequate, apparently—a mere half million), didn't migrate to a no-go zone, just to show that Islam is indeed what he claims it is, a mere "mosquito bite."


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Delicious take-down of the tofu twats!

Ballad of the Soy Boy

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"Soy-cialists." "Soy Kills."
Via comedian Owen Benjamin (who has been tearing up lefties on his Twitter page, recently, without mercy):

Soy boys

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Tucker spoke to Jordan Peterson again the other day to kick off his series on wot's happened to American men. They flashed up some stats showing an alarming drop-off in testosterone and sperm count in the last few decades. They didn't try to explain this. Has the psychological battering men have taken from Ugly Wimmin caused such tangible effects? Or are these effects caused by literal soy and the upsurge in girlie vegetarianism/veganism? Or both?

Whatever the case, soy is strictly for Obleftivists.

Italy vs America

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Italy is more on the Right than America only culturally speaking, and that assumes we take the averages of course (which for America includes Ugly SoCal).

As for being more "pro-liberty", I wouldn't say so, no. There's definitely more of an affection for some form of social welfare, although it is a very mild one when you put it next to Kebabland Germany and Cucked Sweden, for example. I would say Italy is less socialist (which is not quite the same thing as statist) than even Britain, certainly in the North if not the Center (commies) and the South (the land of the state employee). Berlusconi 20 years ago was supposed to enact a "Rivoluzione Liberale", the voters were very much behind Silvio and his classical liberalism and fervent anti-communisn (again, Lombardy and the North were his launching pad), the results (alas!) are still missing for various reasons.

Lombardy, and Veneto, i.e. what used to be called (much more fancy) Venetia, will eventually break off. The quicker the better. They would be close to Switzerland on the liberty scale, i.e. pro-liberty in a very MittelEuropean kind of way. Again, meaning both culturally on the Right (in the HHH use of the term), and economically on the Right (economic liberalism).

Italian with English subs

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I may consider saying something better than "Reddito di Cittadinanza" (U.B.I) in Italian, next time... That's such a distasteful three words, isn't it!

On Left and Right

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From Hans Hermann Hoppe (excerpt):

This brings me to the topic of “Left” and “Right.”

The difference between the Right and the Left, as Paul Gottfried has often noted, is a fundamental disagreement concerning an empirical question. The Right recognizes, as a matter of fact, the existence of individual human differences and diversities and accepts them as natural, whereas the Left denies the existence of such differences and diversities or tries to explain them away and in any case regards them as something unnatural that must be rectified to establish a natural state of human equality.

The Right recognizes the existence of individual human differences not just with regard to the physical location and make-up of the human environment and of the individual human body (its height, strength, weight, age, gender, skin- hair- or eye-color, facial features, etc., etc.). More importantly, the Right also recognizes the existence of differences in the mental make-up of people, i.e., in their cognitive abilities, talents, psychological dispositions, and motivations. It recognizes the existence of bright and dull, smart and dumb, short- and far-sighted, busy and lazy, aggressive and peaceful, docile and inventive, impulsive and patient, scrupulous and careless people, etc., etc. The Right recognizes that these mental differences, resulting from the interaction of the physical environment and the physical human body, are the results of both environmental and physiological and biological factors. The Right further recognizes that people are tied together (or separated) both physically in geographical space and emotionally by blood (biological commonalities and relationships), by language and religion, as well as by customs and traditions. Moreover, the Right not merely recognizes the existence of these differences and diversities. It realizes also that the outcome of input-differences will again be different and result in people with much or little property, in rich and poor, and in people of high or low social status, rank, influence or authority. And it accepts these different outcomes of different inputs as normal and natural.

The Left on the other hand is convinced of the fundamental equality of man, that all men are “created equal.” It does not deny the patently obvious, of course: that there are environmental and physiological differences, i.e., that some people live in the mountains and others on the seaside, or that some men are tall and others short, some white and others black, some male and others female, etc.. But the Left does deny the existence of mental differences or, insofar as these are too apparent to be entirely denied, it tries to explain them away as “accidental.” That is, the Left either explains such differences as solely environmentally determined, such that a change in environmental circumstances (moving a person from the mountains to the seaside and vice versa, for instance, or giving each person identical pre- and post-natal attention) would produce an equal outcome, and it denies that these differences are caused (also) by some — comparatively intractable — biological factors. Or else, in those cases where it cannot be denied that biological factors play a causal role in determining success or failure in life (money and fame), such as when a 5 foot tall man cannot win an Olympic gold medal in the 100 meter dash or a fat and ugly girl cannot become Miss Universe, the Left considers these differences as pure luck and the resulting outcome of individual success or failure as undeserved. In any case, whether caused by advantageous or disadvantageous environmental circumstances or biological attributes, all observable individual human differences are to be equalized. And where this cannot be done literally, as we cannot move mountains and seas or make a tall man short or a black man white, the Left insists that the undeservedly “lucky” must compensate the “unlucky” so that every person will be accorded an “equal station in life,” in correspondence with the natural equality of all men.

With this short characterization of the Right and the Left I return to the subject of libertarianism. Is libertarian theory compatible with the world-view of the Right? And: Is libertarianism compatible with leftist views?

High Testosterone Frogs Bite Back Hard

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Italian men are less feminized than the men in other European countries, and the women are less of the Ugly Wymmin variety. Epigenetic Cultural Marxist attacks have not as of yet had the devastating effects we've seen on the other side of the Alps. Although, I mind you, the left still won in the big cities, not in the outskirts where the Patriarchy lives on, but in the city centre, where all the Soy Boys and Ugly Wymmin reside, and all the well groomed "Do Gooders" and EuroLovers. Italians call these rich spoiled lefties "Radical Chic" (Chic is a french word for someone "fashionable", so to speak). Rich and spoiled proletariat wannabes.

Cultural Marxists are systematically attacking not simply our minds and souls, but our bodies as well. Stay away from soy products and be sure to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Weak pathetic men and ugly unhappy women are recipe for complete cultural collapse. They know it, they want it.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.

Tommy Robinson punches a "migrant"

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Linz, I am 100% in favor of secession for Lombardy and the North! The Napolitans may sing very well and make great pizza, but... They're simply a different Italy than the North.

Related news: our British hero Tommy smacks a "migrant" straight in the face in Rome, right after the "self-selected for virtue" African threatened to kill him.

Boiling the Frog

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There is an old parable telling you that if you drop a frog into boiling water, he will jump out, but if you put him in cool water which is gradually raised to the boiling point, he will not notice the change, not jump out, and eventually die.

Mass immigration is the mechanism with which the Left has fastened on to destroy capitalism, Western Civilization, and eventually wipe out all individuals of European descent (except the elite, of course).

In the United States the temperature is rising rather smoothly and carefully and the frog (our civilization) looked for a while like it will get boiled and thus killed on the Left's timetable. But in Europe the Left made a mistake. They turned up the heat dramatically all in a year or two, and the European frogs are jumping out of the pot. Some American frogs have jumped out too, just enough to elect Trump president. Maybe it'll be enough to reverse the seemingly inexorable rise in temperature. I hope so. This is good news from Italy.

Pro-Freedom or Anti-Freedom -- Not Right or Left

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A good job by Bruno explicating something which is rather difficult! I continue to hope that the great nations of Italy, Germany, France, Britain, or some such, will dare to become more libertarian than America, and thus give the world fresh hope! Smiling

It's interesting and odd that the Western political liberty-lovers of today seem to be most often called "nationalists" and "populists". Donald Trump is known by these two terms. I wish we could get rid of the current overwhelmingly dominant words of "right-wing" and "left-wing", when the only thing that counts is "pro-liberty" and "anti-liberty". If people would get the terminology right, then the liberty movement would surge! Smiling


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I do love starting my day with a new video from my favourite YouTuber! Especially when it contains such excellent news!

Perhaps the North should secede from the South? Mind you, though Naples' GDP might be abysmal, it does produce the best tenors.

Keep us posted, Bruno. Maybe the next one in Italian with English subtitles? That would be very yum! Smiling

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