Yaron Brook Denies Potential Genocide - Virtue Signals

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Tue, 2018-04-03 21:47

Yaron Brook is the Ayn Rand Institute's chairman of the board. Although no longer ARI's CEO, he is still very much its public face. He seems to be putting most of his effort into his "radio" show. He uploads these shows several times a week onto his YouTube channel. Regrettably, most of these shows are over one and a half hours long.

A few days ago, Brook had a lengthy show on several different topics, see above. One of these topics was about events in South Africa. Happily, only the first thirty minutes of this show concerns this issue. The rest of the show is on Brook's ongoing snit with Ben Shapiro that doesn't concern the more weighty topic of the potential (or perhaps ongoing) ethnic cleansing in South Africa. Brook's guest for this segment is Christo Hattingh, who is a white South African libertarian/Objectivist. Both deny that genocide is occurring in South Africa or that there is much of a threat of it happening in the near future.

I've never been to South Africa and have to rely on news reports on current events in, and books for the history on, the country. My main interest here are Brook's reasons for minimizing the ongoing horrors in South Africa. He begins with the "liberal" smear du jour. According to Brook, the ethnic cleansing of whites in South Africa (ethnic cleansing seems to be many Africans favorite past time, e.g. Nigerian Civil War) is an issue made up by the "alt-right." The only examples he cites are Breitbart News (!) and Lauren Southern. Southern has produced a documentary on the oppression of whites in South Africa based on her extensive travels in the country. She's a Canadian libertarian and is not part of the "alt-right."

Instead, both Brook and Hattingh argue that the motives for confiscating white own farms is mainly socialist/Marxist economic doctrine. We can leave aside here that the tens-of-millions murdered by socialists in the last century are just as dead as people murdered for racist reasons. They then claim that the ruling ANC is running away from the confiscation plan. Both of these claims are false. In late February, the South African parliament, by an overwhelming margin of 241 to 83, passed a measure to confiscate white owned farms. According to the Daily Mail, "the policy was a key factor in new president Cyril Ramaphosa's platform after he took over from Jacob Zuma in February." Key factor. Key. This key factor of the new government is explicitly racist. Note how whites are being demonized for all of South Africa's problems.

We have a small racial minority being scapegoated for the problems created by a corrupt authoritarian government. This government will now confiscate the scapegoats' property for proper looting. Where have we seen this before? If the minority in question was not white, there would be no doubt about what's going on in South Africa. But, not to worry. Brook notes that Ramaphosa was in business! He's a businessman, and, therefore deserves the benefit of the doubt - unlike Donald Trump who's the cancer of our time, according to Brook.

Ironically, several days before Brook's show on this topic, Lauren Southern was on Australian television answering her critics. She says that genocide is not now occurring in South Africa; but, that there is a strong possibility of it happening. She argues that the completely corrupt South African government, and its media lackeys, are covering up the horrendous crimes being committed against white farmers. She also states that these crimes are largely racially motivated. Brook states that there is also very high crime black on black crime in South African cities. It's weird to hear someone minimize nasty murders and rapes the purpose for which is ethnic cleansing by citing street crime rates.

At the end of Brook's segment on South Africa he indulges in virtue signalling. He praises Communist Nelson Mandela, no mention of Winnie's necklaces, and goes on about how horrible Apartheid was (although, less horrible than most of the contemporaneous horrors in Africa - e.g. two words: Idi Amin). Brook praises Mandela "for transitioning South Africa to democracy [!] without violence, which I would have expected the country to explode. Apartheid was so disgusting I would have expected the country to explode" (28:00 minute mark). But now that the South Africa government is working to foment racial hatred and light the fuse of a powder-keg, Brook sees no evil. As with any "good" liberal-leftist, Brook denies that anti-white racism is a problem worth considering. For his ilk, only white racism exists and the USA is still controlled by Bull Connor.

I hope that the white farmers retain their firearms and aren't shy about using them in self-defense. As for Brook, a friend just sent me a link to another video of Brook in a panel discussion with Dave Rubin.

Brook's views on the right to keep and bear arms start at around the 1:23:30 mark. He's responding to a question about school shootings. He's certainly right that the government school system is an abomination whose only purpose is to indoctrinate defenseless children with the leftist liturgy. He should have stopped there. Needless to say, government schools aren't going anywhere in the near or mid term. But, rationalist that he is, Brook denigrates the means for practical action (and the individual right that makes action possible) while spinning webs of reform that won't happen for decades, if ever:

"I don't think guns matter. If they took if they took all our guns it doesn't matter and if we kept all the guns it doesn't matter that much. What matters a thousand times more is what's happening in our schools."

There you have it. Having the means for self-defense "doesn't matter." A woman having a gun to shoot her rapist "doesn't matter." Having a gun to stop a maniacal spree killer "doesn't matter." Anti-white racism doesn't exist. The elite's plan to "fundamental transform" white majority countries into white minority countries is not itself a form of vicious racism. For some people, only abstractions count - well, and their bank account.

Original article, with links, here: https://militaryreviews.blogsp...

The Intellectual and Moral Failure of A.R.I.

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The Union of South Africa is going the way of Rhodesia. It's sad and outrageous. Blacks in Africa are driven by the same two beliefs as blacks everywhere on earth: love of racism and love of slavery. Blacks are ethnically bigoted and fascist/socialist to an amazing degree. I think it's sick that Brook doesn't call a spade a spade, and acknowledge the elephant in the room: anti-white racism.

But in this he mirrors Leonard Peikoff in 1995. After the O.J. Simpson acquittal, Peikoff wrote a long essay explaining the evil verdict by never once blaming black racism and blacks's open support for murdering two white innocents.

That sums it up perfectly

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Thank you, Linz; that sums it up, perfectly. That is where we are, now.


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Long ago Gramsci taught that Marxists must turn the capitalists' "cultural hegemony" back upon them. Thus began the "long march through the culture." Look what we have. Is there any institution that has not been infected? Philosophy touts its own irrelevance. Education deliberately dumbs everyone down. The Pope says there's no Hell (he's right, but he shouldn't be saying that without resigning). The head of the Ayn Rand Institute, who thinks he's the Pope, says that Muzzies are mere mozzies and civilised nations should welcome in dinky little savages from shithole countries (there ought to be a Hell just for twaitors like Yawon). Fottles tout their totalitarianism in the name of "diversity" and "tolerance." Freedom is slavery. George Soros finances a lot of this in the name of the "open society." Etc.

The safest thing to do these days is assume "people" mean the opposite of what they say. Rand's "life on the level" is further away than ever. Her "drooling beast" is all around us.

As a means of reifying the obvious people used to say, "Is water wet? Do bears shit in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic?" Now we may safely assume that, while water may still be wet (though philosophers will say it all depends on what you mean by "wet"), and bears most assuredly still shit in the woods, the Pope is not a Catholic, and Yawon Bwook is not an Objectivist. That's the way of things right now.

Great posts!

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Sleep tight, like a MOGAn! Smiling


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I'll let others have fun with that. I've stared into the abyss too long, tonight; don't want to risk it staring back into me...


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The Bwook/Amy Hydra is the most hideous of all. I feel sure I shall have nightmares tonight. Joe, may as well go ahead and post Schumer/Pelosi just to complete the gallery. Oh, maybe Soros/Obamarx too?

ARISIS and Civil War: "Hail, Hydra"

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Yaron Brook, and what ARI has become, just begs the comparison to the events of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. For those who haven't seen it: in that movie, we find that the American government has been infiltrated, for decades, by a fascist shadow organization called HYDRA (cut one head off, another grows in its place). Characters that appeared throughout the previous Marvel movies, who appeared to be good guys, were revealed to be HYDRA agents (revealed in close-ups when they whisper to other co-conspirators the phrase "Hail, Hydra".) It became quite the meme for a while, too.

That storyline carried over into AVENGERS: CIVIL WAR (that title anticipating current events;), with the heroes dealing with the fallout, friendships torn apart, and no one could be trusted, the infiltration had been that deep, at the top levels. This is what has become of ARI. After Leonard Peikoff's telling Objectivist to "vote dem across the board", Brook's treason, and now Amy Peikoff's chastising those who call the Twitter/Facebook/Youtube suppression of free speech "censorship", I can easily picture them whispering that phrase. Comic books have been incorporating real-world events for some time, now. The fact that ARI has descended into comic-book villainy is just too much.

Hope for...what?

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Lindsay wrote: "But Trumpery...seduces me into hoping. OrgOism certainly doesn't. Yawon Bwook-Schumer is as evil as he is talentless."

I had been thinking about this comment, re: "hope", and hesitated to write what came to mind, in response. But the twitter CEO/Civil War compels me to do so, because not only is my blood boiling, but that I've known it's been coming for some time. I hoped I was wrong, that liberty could be achieved peacefully. Rand had said that " A dictatorship would find it impossible to rule this country in the foreseeable future. What is possible is the blind chaos of a civil war." I hoped it wouldn't come to that. But the next best thing would be to hope that such a dictatorship would be met with the necessary resistance. But even that hope had dissolved when Obama was elected.

During the 8 years of Obama, with no effective response against it, at least in my environment, I had written the country off. The "Tea Party" fell apart, Obamacare became law of the land, Ayn Rand was trashed by the President and others while socialism became acceptable to promote, and the Libertarian Party was useless. Despite sharing the standard Objectivist objections to Trump, initially, along with my own dislike of him from his shtick on THE APPRENTICE, I came to see that there was something else happening, something stirring. And I, too, cautiously allowed myself to hope. But...for what?

"All politics in this country is simply dress rehearsal for civil war." Billy Beck, 2009

I've been sharing that quote for some years, now. But I already came to that conclusion, independently, after first reading ATLAS SHRUGGED, in '96, and the rest of her work in '97 or so. Whatever election it was that was coming up, I remember, vividly, seeing the red/blue electoral map on the tv, and noticing how evenly divided it was. With my new-found knowledge through Objectivish thought, it became clear to me, then, that this country was heading there. "Things fall apart, the center cannot hold." I didn't know when it would happen, or whether I'd ever see it (I was in my 20's, at the time). There were times of calm where I thought that I might be wrong. I certainly hoped I was wrong.

I don't think I was wrong, now. I've already experience it, in microcosm, and now it's starting to go big.

So, the "Hope" I saw with Trump's election was not the false "hope" of Obama's campaign, one of reconciliation, or unity...That image of the red/blue divide was as sharp as ever. I have no hope that the left will suddenly embrace liberty, or that the welfare state will wither away, or that Objectivism will be the philosophy of choice. The lion is not going to lie down with the lamb.

But there was a hope that others were finally waking up on a larger scale, and to say "enough's enough." And that is starting to happen, now.

It's a damn shame that the ARI is not a part of that hope. So be it.

Obleftivists: "Vote Dem Across the Board"

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And after reading the below, I can't help but think back to the Peikovian "fatwa" to "vote dem across the board". If it seemed strange before, if not oddly authoritarian, it's even more chillling, in today's retrospect, given today's context. IF there was any "excuse" for it, years ago, as mis-guided, (and I don't think so), there's even less, now.

NO excuses.

Amy Peikoff -"Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain"

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"Amy could you explain why your mentor evades relevant causal factors on a topic he chose to discuss?"

No, she can't. She can't even see the war at home...

Peikoff was recently sharing the argument that sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, are not engaging in censorship when they engage in "shadowbanning", blocking, and outright banning conservatives, because they are private companies, and not government. See her tweet:


 "How can one hope to achieve the goal of by calling for of the companies delivering the necessary to change the ? Here, as elsewhere, the is the ."

This would be all well and good if Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc, were truly private companies. But are they not pulling, and being pulled by, the State? How the mainstream media is being portrayed as legitimate while the "alternative media" is being labeled as "fake news"? Then there's the arbitrary deletions of accounts for conservatives, while leftists who are openly calling for violence against conservatives and other "violations of community standards" are given a pass. Has she forgotten how the Obama adminstration tried to shut down Fox News, and how the IRS targeted conservatives?  And how Facebook worked with the Obama administration to influence the election? The government knows it can't outright censor its critics (yet, and not for a lack of trying), so they're going to be working behind the scenes, in the shadows.

And for "moral is the practical": Yes, it is. But what she's not seeing is that the left is trying to use our own morality against us, and it's neither moral nor practical to evade this. (Hell, Rand knew this; see her arguments in "The Questions of Scholarships" and "Fairness Doctrine for Education", where she suggested using the statist's tactics against them. And she even noted, in "The Property Status of Airwaves", the existence of "covert censorship":

"No, the Commission did not censor specific programs: it merely took cognizance of program content at license-renewal time. What was established was worse than open censorship (which could be knocked out in a court of law): it was the unprovable, intangible, insidious censorship-by-displeasure —the usual, and only, result of any nonobjective legislation."

Anyway, I'm not saying "don't be moral"; I'm saying, don't be a sucker! Peikoff is worried about calls for regulating social media as antithetical to freedom, when the left is outright working to outlaw freedom. She seems to be advocating that one should "play nice" in a rigged game.  And it IS being rigged:

Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War’

From the article:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey aroused controversy after labeling a Medium article “great” that claimed there’s no “bipartisan way forward” in the United States and that the country is engaged in a “fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order.”

Dorsey shared the Medium article on his personal Twitter account Thursday night, with the accompanying acclaim that it was a “great read.”


Author and media consultant Peter Leyden and political commentator Ruy Teixeira argued in the article titled “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War” that America is already in the midst of a second major domestic conflict of sorts and the way out is for the rest of the country to imitate California.

“In this current period of American politics, at this juncture in our history, there’s no way that a bipartisan path provides the way forward,” they wrote. “The way forward is on the path California blazed about 15 years ago.”


Essentially, the authors called for a complete marginalization of the Republican Party and its voters since they only care “about rule by and for billionaires at the expense of working people” and not “average citizens.”

Leyden and Teixeira are somewhat correct that America currently faces a dialectic of “two political cultures already at odds through different political ideologies, philosophies.” Yet, they do not call for Democrats to try to understand their political adversaries.

Instead, they proposed Americans “take the Republican Party down for a generation or two” in order to save the country.

“America can’t afford more political paralysis. One side or the other must win. This is a civil war that can be won without firing a shot. But it is a fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order,” Leyden and Teixeira asserted.

Dorsey’s tweet comes in the midst of growing concerns about his website’s treatment of conservatives. Over the last few years, Twitter has banned a number of right-wing accounts that it says violate the site’s terms of service.

Critics say the site is selective in who it punishes and engages in so-called “shadowbanning,” which effectively makes a user’s post invisible to others without officially taking the account down.

Twitter has denied these allegations.

Dorsey’s tweet brings up a more fundamental question: If he agrees that the country is in the state of crisis that Leyden and Teixeira believe, does he feel an obligation to use all tools at his disposal to help the Democrats “win” this alleged second Civil War? Is Twitter — a social media site with considerable influence over the media’s day-to-day narrative — a vehicle for Dorsey to help accomplish this goal?

If the country is in as dire of a position as the Medium article claimed, how can Dorsey not feel an obligation to help steer the country away from collapse?

Dorsey did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment via Twitter after he disputed DCNF reporter Peter J. Hasson’s tweet that he “loves” Leyden’s piece.

Obleftivists Are Evil: No Excuses!

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The man is purposefully heading the ship for the rocks. Your post again shows how out of touch Brook is, Grant.

"Purposefully heading the ship for the rocks" is accurate, which is why Yawon must be wemoved. And it's different from "out of touch." "Out of touch" is innocent. Yawon is guilty and evil as fuck. As Ed has said, if he were an outright agent for Anti-Objectivism, what difference would we notice?!

#If your blood isn't boiling you're a waste of space. MOGA!!!!!!!!

Amy, et al

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Just very strange what's become of ARI.

Dear Airhead Amy

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Maybe Amy "Peikoff" Rambach could comment on how we're wrong and Bwook is right. She could tell us all how heroic the Mandalas were. She could follow the Bwook line on how great things are going for Boer farmers in SA. And, if that's not the case, they kind of deserve what they get because of Apartheid.

Over thirty years ago. Robert James Bidinotto wrote on the Bhopal disaster. He published his article in TIA. As I remember it, the Indian government demanded that Union Carbide hire unqualified Indian engineers. According to Bidinotto, this policy of the government was an important cause of the disaster.

In the Brook video, there's a brief discussion on the Johannesburg water shortage and potential drought. I've read that one reason for this problem is the ANC's policy of firing competent white engineers in order to hire incompetent blacks (no doubt the relatives of ANC big shots). Funny how Bwook never mentioned this issue. Amy could you explain why your mentor evades relevant causal factors on a topic he chose to discuss?

Well said Ed

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Similarly, any site regularly posting Brook videos or quotes needs to check its quality control. He has such arrogance to criticize Trump for inconsistencies of principle that he too shows. The man is purposefully heading the ship for the rocks.

Your post again shows how out of touch Brook is, Grant.


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I used to think Brook was simply a shallow person of limited education and mediocre competence. I no longer think that. If you were to purposely infiltrate someone into ARI with the express purpose of destroying Objectivism and ruining the reputation of all the followers of Ayn Rand (and thus of Rand herself), how would that infiltrator differ from Brook? He is truly an evil, shallow, militantly ignorant person, and I'm shocked that the ARI sycophants suck his dick all over social media with such gusto.

And now we have, if anything, someone even WORSE than Brook taking over at ARI. If Ayn Rand were alive today, she'd dynamite ARI in the same way Roark dynamited Courtlandt Homes, and for the same reason.

Tracinski vs Brook

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Brook: "I don't think guns matter. If they took if they took all our guns it doesn't matter and if we kept all the guns it doesn't matter that much. What matters a thousand times more is what's happening in our schools."

Looks like Robert Tracinski took Brook to task over this, last year, and pulled no punches:
Guns and the Monopoly on Force

"The Objectivist corners of the Internet have been lit up recently by some new comments from Yaron Brook (executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute) about the Second Amendment and gun control. I’m not going to take on these comments in much detail because they strike me as offhand, flippant, and offensively arrogant—you really have to listen to him to get a sense of this—with Brook making broad and flat assertions on a topic he doesn’t seem to know much about, in a way that seems really divorced from the real world. If you think private ownership of firearms is irrelevant to the rise of dictatorship, for example, you might want to check in with the people of Venezuela, who are in the process of having their firearms confiscated—and then distributed to pro-regime thugs. Meanwhile, Yaron Brook asserts that this sort of thing is a “made up story” that “hasn’t happened anywhere.”

That’s about as much comment as the video itself deserves. Personally, I’m less concerned with Yaron’s poorly informed views on the Second Amendment than I am with his cynical assertions about how nobody wants liberty and most people just want to be told what to do. It seems an oddly demotivational speech for a movement that is supposed to be dedicated to promoting freedom, though perhaps it explains some of my own unhappy experiences with the dominant management style of Objectivist institutions.

"Yet the online debate this has sparked about the Second Amendment has moved on to raise a specific issue in political philosophy and political science that is interesting and not very well understood: what it means for government to have a “monopoly” on force."

The rest of this article is available only by e-mail to paid subscribers.


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if America can't be made great again, then let it fall

Quite so. Just the way at least 50% (the women) of Americans "speak" (fry-quack) these days tells me the culture is fucked and beyond salvage. I seem to be the only person in the world who understands the frightful enormity of adenoidal airheadery. But Trumpery (even though Ivanka is an adenoidal airhead fry-quacker) seduces me into hoping. OrgOism certainly doesn't. Yawon Bwook-Schumer is as evil as he is talentless.


#If your blood isn't boiling you're a waste of space!

The proof's in the pudding

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Since Brooke >insists< on being treasonous, then, hey, who am I to argue with him?

Re: MOGA: "Organized Objectivism" is no longer a thing, for me. Objectivism, as a philosophy, is simply a tool. A very powerful tool. Use it to make America great again. And if America can't be made great again, then let it fall, and build something better in its place.


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I take it you're overcoming any remaining qualms about calling out ARI as treasonist evil?! It doesn't get any worse than apologetics for the Mandelas. Ready even for #MOGA!!?? Smiling

#If your blood's not boiling you're a waste of space!


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No problem for me, assuming we can find a mutually acceptable moderator. I already challenged Amy to debate me after the debacle with Yawon Bwook-Schumer and his pwe-conditions. She never replied, and I assume won't on this occasion. If it does go ahead, just put my share of the well-gotten gains into SOLO. Smiling

#If your blood's not boiling you're a waste of space!


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that's I will sponsor . . . one hour each of you


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Linz will sponsor a debate between you and Amy: "Resolved open immigration is mandated by Objectivist ethics." One hour and one thousand for each o you.

For Fuck's Sake, Yaron...

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...just get the hell out of the way.

(But...but Sonda and Elvin named their twins after Nelson and Winnie on THE COSBY SHOW, so they can't be bad,right? RIGHT?)

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