It's Official: New Zealand's Prime Minister Declares Her Country a Shithole!

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It's Official: New Zealand's Prime Minister Declares Her Country a Shithole

In more enlightened times, within the living memory of many of us, Reaganomics, Thatchernomics and Rogernomics went some way to restoring the characteristics of First World status to the United States, Britain and New Zealand respectively. To an incomplete but significant extent, tax rates were lowered, regulatory burdens eased, bureaucracies tamed, union mafias neutered, and entrepreneurs freed from the shackles of the institutionalised hatred of individual success that had sabotaged First World countries from the outset.

The New Zealand economy in particular went from being a "Polish shipyard," as then-Prime Minister David Lange described it, to a promising study in the efficacy of freedom.

Alas, for reasons I articulated at the time in In the Revolution's Twilight, New Zealand's reforms, sprung as they were on an unsuspecting and still-socialist electorate, lacked a secure philosophical foundation, and didn't stick. Three more decades of continued abuse by the child-molesters of the mind who ran and still run New Zealand's state education system ensured a triumphant resurgence of socialism in the specific guises of multi-culturalism, moral relativism, anti-white racism, anti-male sexism, anti-capitalist bigotry and Political Correctness generally. Rationality came to be rejected as a white, patriarchal macro-aggression and replaced by the snowflake emotionalism of mindless moronnials petulantly demanding the immediate gratification at taxpayer expense of their every neurotic whim (such as never having their pathetic feelings hurt).

No surprise, then, that New Zealand now finds itself with a government comprised of socialist troglodytes led by an airhead fry-quacker*—a true embodiment of her time—who has just announced a ban on future offshore oil and gas exploration in the name of halting climate change. (Memo to the troglodytes, even though they can't read: "change" is what the climate does, all on its own; you can't stop it by legislation—you might as well try to outlaw the sun.)

Thus did Jacinda Ardern serve notice that New Zealand has joined the club of what President Trump has so accurately called "shithole" nations—nasty, stupid, brutish and poor. Thousands of jobs will be lost on account of this imbecility; the economy—already precarious under the onslaught of Labour's cancellation of National's tax cuts, vicious fuel tax increases and reckless spending—will tank completely ... and the environment ironically will become dirtier as the clean New Zealand product is replaced by more expensive, less clean imports (or horse manure if this government's totalitarian impulses prevail to the extreme and imported energy sources are prohibited, making New Zealand quite literally a shithole).

The sub-human moronnials at Victoria University to whom Adern made this announcement—anti-technology intellectual cripples paradoxically addled by their "sowphones"—no doubt quacked their asinine approval as she did so. Actual humans can only reflect ruefully that that noise was a chorus from the caves ... and try to become adept at not stepping in the result.

*"Fry-quacker": an entity resembling a human being but lacking a brain and whose "speech" is a combination of duck-quacking and the grotesquery internationally recognised as "vocal fry."

on a related horsey note

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I got away with this column in the Advocate South recently


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