The Latest From Yaron: Scientology is "cool", Italy is heading toward Fascism, and England Should Rejoin the European Union

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sat, 2018-04-28 01:49

Biased and partial

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Bwook's comments on Italy were far off target.

To understand the last italian elections, see The Truth About Italian Populism:

In regards to the rest of the podcast, I think his views on China vs the USA are partial, biased, and borderline self-hating (if he considers his self as American).

Something else which I find morally disturbing and intellectualy lazy, biased and partial are his views on genetic engineering, a territory which should be tread on with prudence and even suspicion.


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Yes, I was being a little unfair; but fairness is out the door when dealing with a guy who routinely calls people he deals with racists, liars and stupid.

Compare ...

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... the relentlessly logical *and* passionate demeanour of this guy, Jared Taylor, debating a Yawon pin-up, Jorge Ramos, a fellow-component with Yawon of The Filth, with Ramos' demeanour. Jorge, a quintessential Narcissist of our times, pushing a takeover of America by savages from his shit-hole Third World country, constantly interrupts, talks over, and behaves as though all of life is about him; Taylor keeps repairing to non-threatening common sense. There is so much Shithole Narcissism around, especially within ARISIS, and it's due in part to a warped version of Objectivist self-esteem being touted by Obleftivist Narcissists steeped in vanity (Rand having condemned vanity as being the most second-hand of all the vices). Note the identity between Ramos' intrinsicist view of rights and Bwook/Binswanker's:

Not just L. Ron

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In the bit I listened to he couldn't remember the name "Tom Cruise." Have I been wrong all along to ascribe evil intent to this Obleftivist? Is he merely senile?

Bruno will have to listen to the Italy part. It's his duty. Evil

BTW, in fairness, in that bit I heard Yawon did not himself say Scientology is cool; he said it's regarded as cool because of the airhead (my term, not his) celebs involved with it.

Just Couldn't Do It

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I could only handle about two minutes of his incessant ignorant ranting. It's downright painful. I prefer fingernails on a chalkboard. He's pontificating on Scientology, but can't remember L. Ron Hubbard's name? He should just ask his pal Carl Barney. Carl can give Yawon the Scientology catechism chapter and verse. Never got to his comments on Italy and England. Although, I'm sure his insights on those countries were of the same high caliber as his clear, well-spoken analysis of L. Ron Hoover and the Church of Appliantology.


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I twied

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Couldn't listen longer than a minute. Not a broadcaster's anus. Shouldn't be doing it. Excwuciating.

Starting at 31:00

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