The Filth Go After Kenneth Clark and Civilisation

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Sat, 2018-05-05 00:57

Kenneth Clark (1903-1983) was an eminent, British art historian and museum curator. His most well-known work is the landmark documentary series Civilisation that was aired on the BBC in 1969. He sub-titled the documentary - and the companion book that followed - as "A Personal View." His concentration is on the visual arts that was his forte. He also emphasizes the deep connection between art and religion during most the time-frame covered in the book and documentary.

By "civilisation" Clark is referring to Western Europe from the fall of Rome to the end of the nineteenth century. His justified focus is on the heart of Western Civilization that can be located in a five hundred mile radius from Paris. He begins with early Celtic Christian art, but quickly moves on to the Carolingian Renaissance of Charlemagne. The photography is spectacular. With fine period music in the background, the camera lingers over masterpieces for the edification of the viewer.

Civilisation is a fascinating work by a man who deeply loved and cared about Western art and culture. He was fortunate to have been educated before cultural/moral relativism and self-loathing had become the West's official state religion. (The nihilistic "art" of the present will never compare to even the most mediocre of church art from the Middle Ages.) The entire thirteen part series is available on YouTube. Hopefully, you will have time to watch it before it is declared thoughtcrime and taken down.

Clark makes no apologies for his belief in the obvious superiority of Western Civilization to all other cultures. In the book's introductory chapter he compares a Greek statue to an African mask,

"Whatever its merits as a work of art, I don't think there is any doubt that the Apollo embodies a higher state of civilisation than the mask. They both represent spirits, messengers from another world - that is to say, from a world of our own imagining ... But, all the same, the contrast between these images means something. It means that at certain epochs man has felt conscious of something about himself - body and spirit - which was outside the day-to-day struggle for existence and the night-to-night struggle with fear; and he has felt the need to develop these qualities of thought and feeling so that they might approach as nearly as possible to an ideal of perfection - reason, justice, physical beauty, all of them in equilibrium." (pp. 2-3)

He judges that such a mentality requires - among other things - cultural confidence.

"But, by far, it requires confidence - confidence in the society in which one lives, belief in its philosophy, belief in its laws, and confidence in one's own mental powers." (p. 4)

Obviously, none of the above will do for those that now occupy the West's commanding heights. The avowed mission of the West's "intellectuals" is to destroy such confidence. If you think that this is an exaggeration, then look no further than the BBC's recent production of Civilisations. What a difference a letter makes. In this "update" of the classic, three trendy academics (not one an art historian) commit cultural vandalism in order to eradicate the ability of their viewers to have any confidence in or love for their forebears' accomplishments.

One of the three vandals is the BBC's darling Mary Beard. She is best known for attempting to rewrite the history of Roman Britain in order to make it less white. The purpose of this latest work isn't any different. "Putting an 's' on the end of 'civilisation' is only the first, and easiest, step in wondering how we can make the very idea of civilisation less exclusively white, European and male." As with most cultural Marxist critiques, it all boils down to "to many white people." As is her usual song-and-dance routine, Beard whines about how dead white males used up all the culture and scholarship and left none for the ladies. Ironically, in order to play the victim, she must airbrush such scholars as Edith Hamilton and Eileen Power out of existence.

PBS is now airing the nihilists' answer to Civilisation. The first three episodes of what should be called anti-Civilisation are now available online. The first one-and-a-half episodes are not too horrible. (Although, its very brief depiction of the art being discussed is a favor to the viewer regarding the modern rubbish that litters the presentation.) The series contains the expected jibes at the West and worship of primitive art. It's not until the middle of the second episode that it really goes off the rails. At around the thirty minute mark, the narrator finds it necessary to scold the Greeks for their "obsession" with the beauty of the human body - during this sequence the background "music" is heavy and malevolent in case the narration isn't sufficiently overbearing. It goes downhill from there.

The pretentious garbage of "Civilisations" has only one value: it illustrates the degenerate nature of our so-called intellectual elites. Watching three episodes of this dreck is my absolute limit. But, by all means, take the time to watch Clark's masterpiece. One can quibble with some of his choices. Those choices are part of the "personal view" he presents. It's the acquired lifetime of wisdom and knowledge and judgement that is desperately needed in our present day.

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Pt 4

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I thought, how exquisite if we could travel back in time to the Renaissance, with some but not too much of our contemporary technology. Such an explosion of outward-lookingness could not have happened in the presence of such inducers of solipsism as Faecesbook and dumbphones. There's a Joe Maurone article in here about the paradox of "social" media being the biggest contributors ever to infantilist, anti-social self-absorption, and the incompatability of this with rational self-interest, not to mention basic common sense and decency.

The only thing in contemporary solipsism's favour is the encouragement it furnishes its addicts, especially moronnials, to commit suicide. This is as positive as the shooting of Gaza Islamosavages by Israeli border-guards just doing their job and the possibility of the Ring of Fire taking out the entire West Coast of the United States. So much of The Filth eliminated in one fell swoop? Dare we hope?

Pt 3

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Sublime segment on Giotto and Dante. The latter's "heroic contempt for baseness." We assuredly need more of that. Just some would be an advance.

My name is "Danger"

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Should be warning enough. Sorry you lost your wine though, especially since it was expensive. Evil

Dying from laughter...

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Pope Francis, of course, is both a Muslim and a communist, recognising, I suppose, that Muslims and Catholics have a common interest in fucking kids (of the goat variety too in the case of Islam)


Christ Linz... I need to be warned in advance about comments like that. Cleaning my screen... lost my very expensive wine - or I would've choked. Smiling

"A close one..."

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“As a rule seeing the models of art works tends to make one atheistic. But this time it’s a close one between that sculptor and God." -Gail Wynand, THE FOUNTAINHEAD

And ...

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... I would have a field day with him. He who cannot say what he is. I wish we could make this happen.

"You think you're an atheist, but you're really not..."

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"I could tolerate the Catholic Church's going back to what it was—including being militantly anti-Islamofilth—while OrgOism underwent a Reformation that would enable it to smash all Goblinism. During such a transition, I would assuredly attend Mass every week, for the music, the Latin, the music, the drag, the music, the architecture (Rand notwithstanding), the music ... Objectivism had better be able to match and surpass all of that!"

Careful, Linz...Peterson would have a field day with that...Eye


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You won't like Pt 2, which I've just watched, at all—steeped in Goblianity! I loved every second of it!

Actually, there's no need to worry about Goblianity in the way we used to—it's been Sorosized (OrgoGoblianity at least), just as the ARI has. I rather wish we could have the old Catholic Church back, just to give us breathing space in which to contemplate the fact that Goblinism generally speaks to a spiritual (NB—not supernatural) tabula-non-rasa side of humans that OrgOism doesn't adequately accommodate. Rand clearly knew all about it (see Romantic Manifesto) but her Roboroid followers are as clueless as they are seemingly soulless (see Bwook). I could tolerate the Catholic Church's going back to what it was—including being militantly anti-Islamofilth—while OrgOism underwent a Reformation that would enable it to smash all Goblinism. During such a transition, I would assuredly attend Mass every week, for the music, the Latin, the music, the drag, the music, the architecture (Rand notwithstanding), the music ... Objectivism had better be able to match and surpass all of that!

Pope Francis, of course, is both a Muslim and a communist, recognising, I suppose, that Muslims and Catholics have a common interest in fucking kids (of the goat variety too in the case of Islam) and communism is equally big on the sacrifistic submission that trains kids to put up with the abuse. A healthy, revitalised and scientifically literate Objectivism—one that goes with reality all the way—should be able to smite all forms of superstition without leaving a void which it is impotent to fill.



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I saw bits of Kenneth Clark's Civilization many, many decades ago. My memory of it is that Clark was a classical liberal in philosophy, which was wonderful, but also that he was highly influenced by religion, which was dreadful. Religion really does corrupt and almost ruin everything it touches. It's not just Islam which is wildly evil and in need of destruction.

The Skin of Our Teeth

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Just watched the first episode, in awed delight. How glorious to be reminded of times when unapologetically pro-Western Civilisation documentaries were made without shot-changes every nano-second, without the narration being drowned out by headbanging, and with narrators whose currency was Premium Spoken English—pre-moronnial times when no one had even heard of Attention Deficit Disorder. I especially enjoyed this from the comments section:

5 months ago
This documentary was produced in 1969 (before the invasion of BBC by Marxists, Feminists & savage-loving Leftists).

Before this century is out, Europe, in general, and Britain, in particular, will be turned into another Third-World shithole. Thank you brainless Leftists for importing horde after horde of Africans and Middle Easterners


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Thanks Lindsey and Olivia for your comments. There is no other word for these cultural vandals and parasites than Filth. They're not innocent fools. They know exactly what they're doing. Perhaps, we can go with The Filthy Evil.

Being unfamiliar with Mary Beard ...

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... I just looked her up. Oh dear. Card-carrying member of Ugly Wimmin. No wonder she was upset with the Greeks' magnificent obsession with the beauty of the human body. I doubt I'll subject myself to her contra-Clark.

So she's a Cambridge University professor? No surprises there.

Kenneth Clark's "Civilisation"...

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is absolutely magnificent. I borrowed the box set of DVDs about three years ago and was riveted. His knowledge of art, music and ideas - and how they all relate to each other, was an exceptional personal project of his.

Beard is just revolting, in every respect, a truly awful (and ugly) woman who embodies all the "cultural values", or their lack, of our time.

Exemplary Article, Grant!

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And I appreciate the title you've chosen for the SOLO version! Smiling

I saw the Clark programme as a child, when it played on TV in weekly installments. I shall certainly watch it on YouTube before The Filth tumble to its message and take it down. As a precaution I shall order it from Amazon as well.

The Filth have long since hijacked the BBC. There's little difference now between BBC and CNN. That includes not just their shared Islamo-Marxist ideology but also the quacking noise emitted by female presenters in lieu of speech. The BBC used to be an exemplar of Premium Spoken English. No longer. Quack! Quack! Quack! Endless, mindless upward-inflecting.

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