Hideous Hillary in New Zealistan: the Huddle of the Harridans

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2018-05-07 10:45

That thing came to New Zealistan yesterday, apparently, hard on the heels of Obama bin Laden. Evidently, Comrade Clinton forgot to apply her usual barrow-loads of make-up. She looked wan, wasted and wild. She sat down with an airhead fry-quacking gargoyle from Stuff.co.nz who had seemingly remembered to apply her make-up but still looked as though she had forgotten, an impression reinforced by the ugly unintelligible squawking noises she made while affecting to speak.

Of course, the gargoyle asked really tough questions—about Benghazi, Uraniumgate, deleted e-mails, the illegal private server, rigging the campaign against Bernie, paying for the dirty dossier against Trump, accepting squillions of dollars from Muslim countries that are yoooooge on women's rights, etc., etc.

Oh wait. It was actually all about airhead fry-quacking Prime Ministers having babies.

And it was all, according to the gargoyle, a "buzz." Did someone, long ago, say something about "braindead"?!


And the job of the press is

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And the job of the press is to effect the outcome of the election. They seem to be that stupid that they don't realise they're highlighting one of the very things that helped them lose.

The Thing ...

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The Thing is back with you now, Kyrel. Next time she wants to hang out with friendly fellow-grotesqueries, I hope she chooses Yawon in his Ghated community, not the New Zealand Prime Minister.

Godzilla Strikes!

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Ha! Repellent, loathsome Hillary invades hapless, innocent New Zealand! I feel really bad for you guys. Where the hell are your merit-based immigration laws when you need them? You vulnerable Antipodians need to learn to keep the Wicked Witches of the West out! Sticking out tongue

Crooked Downunder...

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The problem for her campaign was that nobody had ever seen a candidate like Trump before, she said.

"And his insults and his scapegoating and his horrible comments about people with disabilities and Latin Americans and immigrants and everybody - it was just so hard to understand. So the press didn't do the job it should have, I didn't do the job I should have, I think people were really almost mesmerised by this display."

Hahaha! Mesmerised indeed. Nobody had ever seen a conservative actually fight back before! They were all used to the mealy-mouthed McCains and Romneys of this world be creamed within the insidious boundaries of the narrative that the Left always sets - and Republicans bow down to.

Trump set forth his own narrative and still does. It's just wondrous! Smiling

Tracy Watkins' speech is as UGLY as the body and soul of the woman she is interviewing. Quite a match. Ugh!!!!!!

Here is why Hillary lost the election: https://www.nationalreview.com...

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