NZ Racism & Unearned Guilt

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By Olivia Pierson

I’ve lived in this country for 40-odd years, mostly in areas that would be called white middle-class suburbs. I went to a very middle-class girls’ high school and have held down jobs in a wide variety of fields of employment. I have a circle of friends from many different backgrounds, but never once have I met someone who could truly be called a flat-out racist, i.e, someone who really hates people of a different ethnicity.

And yet, if Susan Devoy – and now Kate Hawkesby – are to be believed, NZ hides a horribly racist population lurking around every beautiful beach and behind every lush, green, rolling hill. We are given examples like the recent one about an Iranian family coming back to their parked car to find a rather dopey and badly written note on the windshield which read:

This is NZ, not your country, our land, our carpark!

Apparently, moments such as these should provoke feelings of “collective shame” according to Hawkesby, who writes:

People who write notes like this, people who feel this way, we can’t just dismiss them as uneducated losers… We have to face up to the fact they are part of the fabric of our society and it’s our collective shame.

Our collective shame. What the hell does that even mean? Where do these busybodies, like Devoy and Hawkesby, get off dictating to New Zealanders that they should individually accept some kind of bizarre unearned guilt? They sound like crusading Catholics flailing around for sins of omission to draw attention to, hoping to load people up with feelings of guilt over something they haven’t even contemplated doing.

Which brings me to my point. If people ever wonder what happened to the neurotic religious habit of searching oneself for faults to confess, it morphed into the social justice conscience of the secular left and right. What was once the congregation, or the body of believers known in Christianity as the ‘body of Christ’, has now become ‘the collective’ – a truly socialist concept if ever I’ve heard one, and one without regard for the fact that, in reality, we can only ever act as individual entities with individual agency. The term collective is just bad Marxist philosophy.

Just as my heart cannot beat for another person, nor my mind do the thinking for another, my conscience cannot be needled on behalf of another’s actions, or inactions. If people write silly notes to immigrant families, especially if the family come from the totalitarian Islamic Republic of Iran, then I say that if that’s the worst thing that happens to them on any given week, they are living a damn good life here in NZ. As for the petty-minded scribe, they are entitled to their view – that’s what free speech is all about. It’s not there to protect nice words being expressed, it’s there to protect offensive ones.

This weak-spirited race obsession that’s currently being pushed through the media channels is creating too many people who, instead of developing a slightly thicker skin in order to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, are more prone to running and telling tales like tiny defenceless children. This will only create a nation of pitiful adult victims; perhaps it has already.

We’ve all had complete strangers call out nasty words to us at one point or another. My personal favourite was a car load of corpulent Maori girls at a gas station on New Year’s Eve a decade ago. They watched me fill up my petrol tank while wearing stilettos and a slim-fitting red evening gown. As I walked past their car to pay, I heard, “Ooooooooo look at you little Miss Hoity-Toity anorexic honky bitch… giggle, giggle, giggle.”

What did I glean from that moment? Absolutely nothing other than girls don’t always appreciate me looking fabulous, or up myself, or whatever it was that elicited that spontaneous remark. Would I want for those girls to have their freedom of expression taken away from them? Hell no! It actually still makes me smile whenever I think of it. This was such a classic human moment in its antagonism, and reminds me now that people aren’t always on my side in this life. That is not a bad conclusion for people to hold somewhere in their overall awareness. The world doesn’t always have to ostensibly be our friend for us to get on and live well within it.

I would bet Aunty Dot’s best Persian rug that the Iranian family who came here 15 years ago have experienced the kindness, or even the understandable indifference, of hundreds and hundreds of Kiwi folks before they met with the vocal rudeness of one. But Devoy and Hawkesby are not paid to tell that story. Frankly, they are the ones who should feel shame for such agenda-pushing nonsense – to create a problem that is not a hallmark of the character of our nation.

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White Cowardice and Submission

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Joe -- When it comes to defeating racism today, your observations are virtually the only ones that count. But they're simply never talked about. My contempt for white people is infinite. You can't beat them hard enough, in my view. You've got to finally and somehow make them stand up for themselves. This submission to raw evil is exceptionally bad for whites, blacks, and white-black relationships.

Philadelphia: "White Knights", Nay, "Black Panthers, YAY

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There's a recent news story in Philadelphia; this time, "White Knights" KKK flyers were found distributed in a nearby suburban neighborhood.


An investigation is underway after fliers from a Ku Klux Klan chapter were found in driveways in a Montgomery County community. 

The leaflets from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were found Saturday morning outside homes in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

“Blacks are taking over your TOWN as you read this, but if you don’t want to fight for yourself at least fight for your children’s future,” the pamphlet reads.

The pamphlet also contains contact information for a KKK national hotline and radio show.


end quote

 The news cycle ran its usual moral panic about this. Say what you will about the KKK. What I don't accept is the hypocrisy of the media and the government, here. All the hollering about "hate speech" vs "free speech", but then, Philadelphia has actively promoted "hate speech" when it's directed at whites:

in all the years I lived downtown, I and the rest of the white population were subjected nearly daily to the Nation of Islam standing out front of stores and on sidewalks, passing out their paper and shouting their news. AND, by the City Hall subway entrance, there was a regular demonstration by ...I don't know what they were called, but they were Islamic, and preaching about the "white devil" and how the blacks were descended from gods in Egypt, or something like that. And they used megaphones so that you couldn't ignore them, and props, etc. They were NEVER shut down, and white people were just supposed to accept it as "part of living in the city."

2003, Philadelphia Magazine ran a cover story on The New Black Panther party, with the text "Fuck Whitey's Christmas", and the question, "Can the Black Panther Party Become a Force Again in Philadelphia?

In 2008, when the same Black Panthers took up a spot in front of voting booths, armed with batons, white people were told they were stupid and racist for if they said something about it.

And now, the Starbucks incident threatens other Philadelphia businesses against protecting their interests, for fear of being called racist. Black-on-white crime is swept under the rug. The message is loud and clear, City Hall. Philadelphia is anti-white. (And they can't win, either; if they improve a black neighborhood, it's "gentrification." If they leave to the burbs, it's called "white flight.") And when blacks promote violence and target whites with hate, it's "free speech", but when whites take offense, it's "hate speech."

And now, people want to panic about white racism. What the fuck did they expect? I don't want to blame decent black people, but I want that same courtesy extended to decent whites, too. And I'm not going to stick around and take unearned guilt, either. And if there is a racial war erupting here, this hypocrisy helped to stoke the flame.

The Usual Phony Racism

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Great article, Olivia! Sounds just like America.

Pathetic small potatoes,

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Pathetic small potatoes, while ignoring real atrocities.

Hoaxes and fallout

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"One would never know if they are hoaxes or not, since Susan Devoy, our race relations commissioner set up an anonymous hotline in a bid to push the narrative of how racist NZers are. Most complaints come from there so are seldom verified."

That is insane.

Here's an example hitting the news, today...fortunately, it was NOT anonymous, and it's getting called out, thanks to video footage:

Meanwhile, in the Philadelphia Starbucks (now known as "Starcucks") case, Starbucks has completely caved:

"Schultz continued, 'This is a time, as we face this crucible, for cooperation. This is not a time to build walls. This is a time to build bridges.'"

"Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz now says Starbucks stores will open their bathrooms to everyone, regardless if they’ve made a purchase.

'Schultz said the company is changing its policy because it wants everyone to feel welcome. He went on to say, however, that Starbucks does not want to become a public restroom."

Let me just tell you that, having worked in downtown Philly for several years in the past, that's EXACTLY what it will become. (And that when we shut down our bathrooms, people would just use um...the elevator..the chairs....or, the sales floor...)

They already call it "Philthadelphia", it's about to become a LITERAL shithole.


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One would never know if they are hoaxes or not, since Susan Devoy, our race relations commissioner set up an anonymous hotline in a bid to push the narrative of how racist NZers are. Most complaints come from there so are seldom verified.

The other example I didn't cite was a pissed old Maori man telling some young lads, from either India, or maybe China, to "go home". Big deal! As if anyone should care what some bus riding old alcoholic in a cowboy hat thinks (there's cultural appropriation right there). Eye

It's always such pathetic small potatoes.

Asians claim that the most vocal "racist" comments come at them from Maoris, which doesn't surprise me. That of course is never acknowledged by the busy bodies, because they're brown and therefore more precious.

Same here

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"Apparently, moments such as these should provoke feelings of “collective shame” according to Hawkesby, who writes:

People who write notes like this, people who feel this way, we can’t just dismiss them as uneducated losers… We have to face up to the fact they are part of the fabric of our society and it’s our collective shame. "

Olivia, have any of those incidents turned out to be hoaxes?

The same thing has happened here, in Philadelphia, PA. When it happens, it's all over the local news, and all the guilt-inducing finger-waggers come out. And so far, most of these incidents have turned out to be hoaxes, and the story is quickly forgotten. So, not only do I NOT feel some "collective guilt", but now, resentment and hostility. But even if they were true, the news never reports on the opposite occurrences of black-on-white incidents, which are common and often.

It's just one more reason I got out of there.

(The recent Starbucks controversy, here, is another example. Local businesses are unable to enforce policies for fear of being called racist. (In this case, non-paying customers requesting to use the restroom, and refused to leave, and now are claiming it was racism. Then there's the "Meek Mill" case, a "rapper" who was found guilty of assault, violated parole, and went to jail, turned into a martyr and now released.)

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