The Pathetic Palestinians

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By Olivia Pierson

If ever there were a people who could be described as truly pathetic, it is the Palestinian people.

From go to utter woe, these people have developed no cause, no sense, no decent reason for living – and the victimhood they cling to should make any person with an iota of self-esteem wince.

Too many times have they been offered a nation to call their own, but their leaders have always declined the offer, insisting instead on abject poverty and violence from dogmatic superstitious zeal. Generation after generation has grown up without education and work, without hope, without the will or the intelligence to turn their shabby little lives around, and so the only thing they excel at is crying, screaming and pointing the finger of blame at neighbouring Israel for their miserable condition.

The Palestinians have made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in peaceful co-existence while the Jewish State is allowed to draw breath. How do we know this? Because since 1937 there have been more than a dozen opportunities for Palestinian Arabs to create their own state, yet Palestinian leadership consistently rejected all these opportunities.

Yasir Arafat, who set up an intricate and broad terrorist infrastructure with the sole goal of violently wresting Palestine back from the Israelis, sat down in 1972 with the petite and punchy Italian political interviewer Oriana Fallaci. Fallaci asked him this question:

“You always invoke the unity of the Arab world. But you know very well that not all the Arab states are ready to go to war for Palestine…a peaceful agreement is possible, and can even be expected… If such an agreement should take place, as Russia too expects, what will you do?”

Arafat responded:

“We won’t accept it. Never! We will continue to make war on Israel by ourselves until we get Palestine back. The end of Israel is the goal of our struggle and it allows for neither compromise nor mediation.”

Fallaci pressed him:

“But what does Palestine mean? Even Palestine’s national identity has been lost with time, and its geographical borders have also been lost. The Turks were here before the British Mandate and Israel. So what are the geographical borders of Palestine?”

Arafat answered:

“We don’t bring up the question of borders. We don’t speak of borders in our constitution because those who set up borders were the Western colonialists who invaded us after the Turks. What we want, ever since the catastrophe exploded in 1947, is to free our land and reconstruct the democratic Palestinian state.”

And he meant it.
1972 was a busy year for Palestinian terrorist activities, most notably: the Sabena Flight 571 hijacking en route from Brussels to Tel Aviv; the Lod Airport massacre; the Munich Olympics massacre; the Israeli Embassy bomb in London; and the Israeli Embassy Bangkok hostage crisis.

Under the oversight of the Clinton administration in 2000 Arafat was offered the entirety of Gaza, East Jerusalem and nearly all of the West Bank during the Oslo accords, which culminated with the Camp David summit. Arafat smilingly refused, and then launched the vicious second Intifada against Israel, which brought the Palestinians worldwide sympathy when Israel fought back.

Since the Oslo accords five Israeli prime ministers – Peres, Barak, Sharon, Olmert and Netanyahu – have all thoroughly endorsed a two-state solution.

Abbas, leader of the party Fatah (2008), was offered most of the West Bank (97%), part of East Jerusalem and Gaza, along with Israeli withdrawal from settlements in the Jordan Valley and Eastern Samaria. The offer also included a protected tunnel between Gaza and the West Bank to give Palestinians safe passage between the two territories. Abbas refused out of hand, so Israel ceased all negotiations.

But, as Arafat so bluntly explained, Arabs don’t want to speak about borders when it comes to Israel. They want the whole of Israel without any Jews in it. In other words, they want another Jewish genocide.

This is what the UN Security Council is lending its support to every time it condemns Israel for “attacks” against Palestinians, who never stop waging war and violence on Israel.

So now, with the help of President Trump, Israel has moved its US Embassy to Jerusalem – an important symbolic and practical gesture to state that Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel. The Palestinians have gone mad again (not that there was ever a pause in their wretched insanity). Their violence has been encouraged by Hamas (backed by Iran), who use their people shamelessly in this worthless cause of hate, and the usual suspects like the UN and the European leaders, and all the other ignorant anti-semitic liberals call these deaths “tragic”.

These deaths are not tragic; they are 100% volitional. When I see a horde of mindless, nihilistic, screeching zoo animals that somewhat resemble humans indulging in acts of violent hysteria over the results of their own stubborn refusal to even begin to civilise themselves, I feel not an ounce of sympathy, for they are contemptible.

A proposed UN.statement from Kuwait called for an investigation to see whether the Israeli Defense Forces are in breach of international bans on “wilful killing and wilfully causing great suffering.” After 60 people dead and many hundreds wounded the Palestinians are calling the Israeli response “a massacre,” even though the Palestinians once again initiated the violence.

Nikki Hayley condemned Hamas’ use of…

“maps and social media showing the latest routes to reach Israeli communities in case demonstrators make it through the security fence.”

She also cited media reports that stated they heard:

“Hamas messages over loudspeakers that urge demonstrators to burst through the fence, falsely claiming Israeli soldiers were fleeing, when in fact, they were not.”

Haley praised the Israeli forces’ performance through the protests:

“I ask my colleagues here in the Security Council, who among us would accept this type of activity on your border? No one would. No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has. In fact, the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained.”

Before the Palestinian representative could offer his usual victim-obsessed lies and remarks, Hayley had the good sense to walk out of the UNSC chamber.

If the Palestinians had accepted a two-state solution back in the 1930s they could’ve been building a genuine country long before the “great catastrophe” of Israel’s independence in 1948 ever took place. They would’ve been spared the suffering of exile. If Arafat had accepted one of the many offers he was given to establish a Palestinian state in the 60s and 70s, or the 90s for that matter, the drive of all that aggression in their young men could’ve been channeled toward building a country and forging livelihoods within their own state. If Abbas had accepted the offer given to him during Obama’s administration instead of rejecting it out of hand (as he now admits to doing), the Palestinians would be a decade into building themselves a country.

I believe a two-state solution is now off the table altogether since it has become abundantly clear that the Palestinians love their suffering and victimhood status more than they love the idea of having their own home. There are many reasons now why a two-state solution looks as though it could never work.

The world must stop lavishing the pathetic Palestinians with sympathy and attention in reward for their violence and derangement. This has become a deeply sick and co-dependent arrangement for all concerned.

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Jews with a death wish, and a

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Jews with a death wish, and a head-banging-caterwauler lover with his blood boiling and his head screwed on.

A great piece, Olivia.

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A great piece, Olivia.


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Yes, no two state solution. Had their chances.
Now the savagery runs too deep.

Excellent Liv

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I shared it and learned a few more facts from this great piece. I reckon the Whale might host it too.

edit: Whale already did the good deed.


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Look at the reaction of The Filth. Hahahahaha!

Great piece as always, Lady S. Definitely no two-state solution. "Palestinian" savages have the run of any number of present states. Let them who want something new and separate be subsidised into an Obleftivist Ghated community or North Korea (whom I observed to be joining the anti-Israel chorus. Human Rights Council?! Wotta joke!).

Now here is a brave soul...

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Mossab Hassan Yousef - a Palestinian - speaks out at a United Nations Human Rights Council "Debate".

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