Update: Yawon Bwook Hates Hungary

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Sat, 2018-05-26 00:43

The British government's vicious repression of Tommy Robinson and those associated with the British Defence League is particularly appalling. On 25 May 2018, Robinson was again arrested for livestreaming in front of the Leeds courthouse. Inside the courthouse many members of a Moslem rape gang are on trial. He was arrested for "breaching the peace," which means in Airstrip One reporting on a story that has been officially blacked-out by the authorities.

There is a good chance that Robinson will be murdered in prison by members of the Religion of Peace. This is called judicial murder in order to silence all dissent on Britian's slow motion suicide. Don't hold your breath for the hypocrite Yaron Brook, or the rest of his ilk at the Ayn Rand Institute, to speak out in Robinson's defense. Although Brook said he opposes "mass migration," he only supports the free speech rights of those like George Soros who tirelessly work for Europe's population replacement with savages.


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The place where Great Britain used to be.

It's Britonistan Now

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Tommy has just been sentenced to 13 months, and there's a gagging order on all reportage. This is the end.

War on Islam! War on Obleftivism!


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