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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2018-05-26 12:54

Dim Dung-coon, the Fat-Boy Geek, Stalin's Mini-Me, and the Gook Hitler, is holding all of Western Civilization hostage, especially South Korea, Japan, and America. In negotiating with the West, he says, in effect: "Let me enslave and brutalize 25 million helpless innocents, while I live like the most corrupt, disgusting, and decadent King ever, or I'll nuke your pitiful major cities, and gleefully slaughter you by the millions!"

The "deal" this loathsome insect and clownish psychopath always and only wants is this: "Don't assassinate or overthrow me, and I solemnly promise (he-he-he!) not to nuke you." But this is an act of appeasement, and submission, to raw evil which the West can properly never make.

On the one hand, we desperately don't want to glow. On the other hand, we virtually don't give a tinker's damn about the beyond-miserable 25 million North Koreans living in their unspeakable dictatorship. So, on the surface, it seems like we should make a deal with this admittedly hideous, despicable, soulless monster.

But such a choice would be a stunning personal humiliation for the West, as well as a freely-chosen, unforgivable act of pure evil. And we all know this.

Plus we also know that Needledick, Lardass, Demonseed Tom Thumb is just like his hyper-evil poppa and grand-poppa: He breaks every promise and deal he ever makes. So even if we wanted to betray and sell-out 25 million semi-innocents in North Korea, in order to save our own sorry, sissified, submissive asses, we couldn't do it.

But the question still arises: What do we do now? And how in the hell is it someone so ineffably weak and universally hated -- just one against 25 million, or even a billion -- can hold off, and even rather dominate, something so seemingly strong, powerful, magnificent, and beloved as all of Western Civilization?

Nth Korea has someone new at

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Nth Korea has someone new at the helm. It remains to be seen what he will do.

Trump is not infinitely gullible.

100% Consistency

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North Korea has broken 100% of its promises to denuclearize since 1985. What else is there to know?


Fooling the Infinitely Gullible

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Altho' North Korea may suspend its nuclear missile and bomb tests for a time -- after an utter barrage of them these past few years -- I think a reasonable person would conclude that the overall nuclear program is continuing full speed ahead. And after economic sanctions are lifted and foreign aid flows in, North Korea will probably redouble its nuclear efforts. There's no reason to think otherwise. There's zero historical precedent for appeasement of dictatorships working.


They came to the table

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They came to the table because they had been forced to the table. They are already dismantling some nuclear facilities. If that turns out to be a ploy of empty promises, do you really think that President Trump will sit back and do nothing? Given that he has clearly shown himself to not be afraid of using military action when necessary, I think it is unlikely. It was Obama who drew red lines then did nothing when they were crossed.


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North Korea never promised to get rid of its nuclear weapons. And it never will, until absolutely forced. North Korea merely said it would make efforts to work toward that goal. Their slippery empty promise is meaningless. Even if their promise was iron-clad and written in a formal treaty it would still be meaningless. It would be just another of their countless lies. The Western capacity for self-deception is limitless.


I guess it was a bit flaky,

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I guess it was a bit flaky, but I was thinking more of my own potential for fallibility than of them being anywhere near right. I know they are not. I listened to Yawon for the first time ever yesterday in order to check out what I've been missing. I learned that the problem with Islam in Europe isn't dire, because Yawon stayed there recently, and Amy had fun at a festival in Amsterdam, and neither of them experienced anything untoward from the Muslims. I learned that Trump hates Mexicans and whips up fear of them in order to gain power. And other things that are so far from the facts, and at times an injustice to a good man, that I wouldn't take them seriously other than to attempt a persuasive rebuttal.

Oh for Christ's sake!

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The only one fickle here Richard is you. Not Kyrel, since he's been flaky for ever and can't pay attention. He already just admitted he didn't know de-nuking is part of the deal. Not Amy and Yawon either, since they're predictably leaping upon Trump's lack of Galtness in order to deflect from their appeasement of Islam, China and IslamoMarxism generally. It's your giving them credence for one second that is flaky.

In case this is news to anyone, I paraphrase/repeat what Olivia said earlier, that shouldn't pose any difficulty for anyone with a modicum of a brain or heart: the fact that this agreement doesn't create Galt's Gulch in North Korea tomorrow is not a reason to oppose it. For fuck's sake, what is wrong with people that that has to be explained?!

I have a much better reason for opposing the deal: that the nuking of California is now much less likely. That's very very sad.

I fully admit I could be

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I fully admit I could be wrong, Kyrel, but only time will tell. It can't be said that President Trump is predictable. I listened to Amy and Yaron today, and they are chilled by his comments about Kim Jong-un. Rightly so if Trump is that fickle and evil. But I think he is playing the man, so I'm willing to wait and see. You say it is the same as in the past, but I don't see it. In the past, Nth Korea made threats, the West caved, sent aid, then Nth Korea would continue its nuclear program until it needed aid again at which point it would make new threats. Wash, rinse, repeat. What we have this time is entirely different. Any support for Nth Korea is totally dependent upon them taking concrete steps to denuclearise. If they renege, then I'd expect the military option to be back on the table in a flash. It is lurking in the background ever-present and the geek-monster knows it.

Trump's Failure

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Olivia -- You write: "It is an extraordinary start". Seems utterly familiar and banal to me. Exactly like Bush, Clinton, and Bush. You write: "...you may not have noticed but they have agreed to denuke." You're exactly right. I have failed to notice that. You write: "[Trump]'s done his best." Indeed. That's the problem. As I stated well before he became president, Trump has essentially no knowledge of politics, and no desire to even acquire any.

You write: "Reagan did not raise the Soviet Union's human rights abuses until his fourth summit with Gorbachov." That's news to me. I thought he publicly and privately spoke of it all along. You write: "This is so typical of naysayers, they want NK to look like Galt's Gulch after one summit and when it doesn't, they bitch that it was failure." I and everyone else somewhat reasonable at least want North Korean to be slightly freer and its threat to the West to be slightly less. Hasn't happened. You write: "Get real! You can start by taking your girl's frilly panties off!" No idea what that means. You and the other excusers and appeasers of tyranny and evil seem to be infinitely ahead on that score!

Pure Failure So Far

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Richard -- You say: "I don't think that Trump has in any way appeased Nth Korea." I think he did it utterly. You say: "I think it is very different this time around." I think it's completely the same.

The status quo is massively unacceptable. The South Koreans, Japanese, and Americans have a right not to live in nuclear terror. Or, at least, in general they do. Admittedly, all three nations are nightmare welfare states filled with pro-tyranny lowlifes. So you can make the case that all three nations got it coming.

But I still think that overall this North Korea nuclear-threat situation is intolerable. Every time the hyper-evil regime test-fires a missile it should be shot down. And its launching pad and missile control area should be obliterated. So should all nuclear science areas whatsoever. And all the homes, offices, and clubs of the top leaders, while we're at it.

There also needs to be non-stop propaganda pumped into North Korea telling of the goodness and practicality of capitalism and political liberty. And of the badness of socialism, tyranny, and the Monsterboy's gov't. The radio, t'v', internet, and leaflets should also warn of what will happen if American soldiers are hurt or threatened.

Of course -- America, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, etc. blew it when Russia, China, and Pakistan nuclearized. We chose the path of sissy-boy weakness and appeasement. So I guess our path is clear, and our fate is sealed, here in North Korea too. It's basically a done deal. America and Trump have failed 100% so far, and are virtually guaranteed to continue.

You need to have at least a primitive and childish understanding of philosophy and politics in order to achieve victory in this situation. America, the other Western nations, and Trump lack this.

Oh Kyrel...

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The North Korean and American summit was an utter failure. The hideous dictator was morally sanctioned on a high level and emerged with far more prestige.


It is an extraordinary start - and you may not have noticed but they have agreed to denuke... now Trump can act aggressively if that doesn't happen without everyone wondering what a diplomatic option may have looked like. He's done his best. Kim wants a new daddy and I think Trump will inspire the little closet Americaphile that lurks in him.

Reagan did not raise the Soviet Union's human rights abuses until his fourth summit with Gorbachov. This is so typical of naysayers, they want NK to look like Galt's Gulch after one summit and when it doesn't, they bitch that it was failure. Get real! You can start by taking your girl's frilly panties off!

There is no moral obligation

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There is no moral obligation to do so. It comes down to benevolence measured against the cost. As much as I'd relish seeing the regime obliterated from the face of the earth tomorrow, it's easy to say it from my computer screen. If the cost is going to be a nuke lobbed into Sth Korea or Japan, then it just might not be worth the cost. I don't think that Trump has in any way appeased Nth Korea. I think it is very different this time around. Trump gave the Fat-Boy Geek an ultimatum, and the geek-boy knows that he means it. The lifting of sanctions is totally dependent upon a clear commitment to denuclearise, so the military option is not off the table. It is still there waiting to be fired up if it has to come to that.


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The North Korean and American summit was an utter failure. The hideous dictator was morally sanctioned on a high level and emerged with far more prestige. It will now be much harder to liberate his 25 million slaves, both from within and from without. There's no chance in hell this nightmare dictatorship will give up its nukes. The intellectually ignorant and morally low people of South Korea, Japan, and America are in more danger from North Korea than ever -- as they deserve.

Here's another perspective on Trump's appeasement of evil and tyranny: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/0...


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It will certainly be interesting to see how the talks between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump go over the next few days in Singapore. But I really don't see what these two political leaders have to talk about. I don't know what they can make a deal about, or even legitimately discuss. Will they discuss or debate the 25 million semi-innocents this tyrant has hideously enslaved? Jong-un is arguable the biggest monster on the planet. He needs to be killed -- not negotiated with.

Jong-un's nuclear weapons need to be taken away and his dictatorship terminated. But why would he ever agree to that? Is he suddenly going to become semi-civilized? I don't see that happening at all. But...at least the next few days should be interesting.

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