Western Europe's Murder-Suicide & Tommy Robinson's Crucifixion

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Sat, 2018-06-02 01:09

I was reading Douglas Murray's important book The Strange Death of Europe last week when Tommy Robinson was arrested for speaking truth to corrupt power. The book thoroughly documents what Robinson's persecution illustrates, that the death of Europe is the result of a murder-suicide pact. Murray's book focuses on the mass migration of Moslems into Europe in the post-war era and the results of this self-destructive policy.

Murray argues that the damage done to Western Europe's culture and institutions are irreversible. Even if he is wrong on that score, time is running out for the cradle of Western Civilization. He is pessimistic because the European elite remain determined to continue their destructive policies to the bitter end. Although Murray doesn't explicitly say so, it's clear that total destruction is the end point sought by the West's traitorous leaders. As he states his thesis,

"I mean that the civilisation we know as Europe is in the process of committing suicide and that neither Britain nor any other Western European country can avoid that fate because we all appear to suffer the same symptoms and maladies. As a result, by the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive in Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home." (pg. 1)

He is describing a process that if inflicted on anyplace other than white majority counties would be characterized as soft ethnic cleansing. And, anyone who doesn't exhibit the required symptoms of the prescribed malady will be declared an Enemy of the State. I don't agree with him that Europe's suicide is inevitable. Eurabia is not Western Europe's fate. However, to avoid self-immolation, Europe's people are going to have to throw off their betrayers and replace them with leaders like Viktor Orban. Hopefully, Italy has already begun this process.

Murray breaks his argument down into two broad parts: the how and the why of Western Europe's murder-suicide. He provides an insightful history on "how we got here." It begins with the standard argument of open-borders types on the need for labor to do the work the natives won't do. As Murray amply demonstrates, allowing large numbers of Moslem "guests" was a solution to a short-term problem with immense long-term ramifications. When the economic arguments for invasion no longer hold up, its advocates move to the "multicultural" position.

The author spends several chapters describing the situation on the front line Mediterranean countries of Spain, Italy and Greece. These nations were all abandoned by the EU when it came to dealing with the immense pressures of the "migrant" invasion. On the other hand, the EU insisted that these countries must accept whoever washes up on the shores of every island in the Sea. The result has been chaos and growing hostility to the EU from its worst hit victims.

On the question of why the EU and other European elites continue with their suicidal policies, Murray is less cogent. He notes that these elites will jump from argument to argument and from position to position as suits their convenience. He also demonstrates that while talking tough on immigration to their constituents, they just keep the migrants rolling in (much like the USA's bi-partisan traitor class). He gives these destroyers too much of the benefit of the doubt. This is a major blunder for at least two significant reasons. First, it grants a moral sanction - or at least a moral fig leaf - to evil. Such a concession will only benefit evil. Second, it makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to identify the nature of the battle and how to win it. Murray does concede that,

"There are also those of course who so hate Europe - what they are and what they have been - that they are willing for literally anyone to come in and take over. In Berlin during the height of this [2015 migrant] crisis I spoke with a German intellectual who told me that the German people were anti-Semitic and prejudiced and that for this reason if no other they deserved to be replaced." (pg. 270)

He elsewhere observes that, "Today's Australian schoolchildren are taught that whatever its present virtues, their nation was founded on genocide and theft" (pg. 163). This pandemic of hate directed at the West is so widespread and of such enduring duration, that no further proof is required on the evil nature of our current elites. I'm old enough to remember the "celebration" of the 500th anniversary Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World in 1992. It should go without saying that the "liberal" establishment indulged in an orgy of hatred - hatred of Columbus - hatred of America - hatred of Western Civilization. The haters are not some small minority of academic kooks. They have metastasized. They're calling the shots and setting the agenda.

The author briefly discusses the creation of the English Defence League (EDL) in 2009. The EDL was formed in Luton in response to a jihadist group who protested British soldiers parading through town after returning from Afghanistan. The invaders called the soldiers "baby killers" and "murderers." When counter-protesters arrived, the British police took the side of the invading savages, "while al-Muhajiroun had handed out their flyers of protest in mosques with impunity, the locals opposed to the Islamists were prevented by police from handing out any leaflets" (pg. 238).

Tommy Robinson was one of the founding leaders of the EDL. For his "crime" of dissent, he has paid a steep price. The official persecution began almost immediately,

"From the moment Robinson started the organization his bank accounts were frozen. He and all his immediate family had their homes raided by police and files and computers were taken away ... At the same time there were constant threats from Islamist groups. As well as repeated assaults by Muslim gangs on the EDL's leaders, there were also serious efforts to kill them." (pg. 239)

This is how they roll on Airstrip One. As most everyone reading this knows, Robinson was recently arrested for reporting on the latest trial of Moslem rape gangs in Merry Old England. The judge hearing the case decided to revive the old Tudor/Stuart tradition of the Star Chamber. Clearly, Moslems are Britain's new aristocracy. Even the lowest of gang rapist welfare parasites enjoy protection. Of course, these professional rape gangs that created tens-of-thousands of victims had the protection of the state for decades. Even after the British government was shamed into action, the protection remains in force. Robinson is only the latest in a long line of victims on this issue.

In his recent article on Robinson's arrest, Murray hedges with the usual qualifications distancing the writer from the victim's principles. In this case Murray opines, "Robinson wised up slightly [by leaving the EDL], and eventually began to plow his energies into a type of citizen journalism/activism." Further Murray states, "Robinson would not now be in jail if he had not once again accosted defendants in an ongoing trial outside the courthouse." Asking a defendant from a distance what they thought of the verdict is hardly an accost.

There are other examples of such appeasement in the article and many, many others by people attempting to defend Robinson. Such appeasement is a cardinal mistake, as always. Tommy is a hero. He has placed himself at mortal risk in order to expose child rape gangs and speak out on his country's slow motion murder. He is the hero the West now most needs. He is a man who fights. Britain needs one-million Tommys marching on Whitehall in order to dispossess the traitor class of the British government and nation. This view may seem extreme, and I'm not surprised that even someone as knowledgeable as Murray would balk at such a necessity.

The reality is that Britain's ruling class from government, to media, to academia, to law enforcement enabled the rape gangs for decades. There is no doubt on this central fact of the scandal. There are even rumors of the traitor class's active participation in the crimes. They are still covering for such criminal gangs and lone wolves. It is in this context that Tommy Robinson should be judged and not by nitpicking whether he violated the color of some egregiously unjust law designed to protect rapists and murderers.

Paul Weston is a rare man who understands the issues and that time is running out on his country. Weston was famously arrested a few years ago for quoting Winston Churchill on a London street. A few days ago he uploaded a video on his country's plight, Tommy Robinson and what is to be done. Please, take the time to give it a listen.

Original post with links here: https://militaryreviews.blogsp...

Wallowing Bitch

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Street Garbage

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Islamotrash in French streets:


Sickening Bitch

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A true and rare hero

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We need a new MeToo:

I've always said that I would sacrifice myself tomorrow if it would end the Islamic takeover of our beautiful land.

Me too!

Better still, act now so that it never comes to that. In NZ and all semi-free countries that means calling out those who are expediting the advance of Islamosavagery. That includes ARISIS and all its shills, including the two (three?) in Auckland, New Zealand. It includes the sub-humans in the media who masquerade as journalists. And of course, globalist politicians. Name by name by name. Stay tuned.

Letter from Tommy in Prison...

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"I then heard protests were spreading across the globe, I heard politicians, barristers were speaking out. I've heard so many people who have sat on the fence were now speaking out. To hear that 20 or 30 thousand people traveled to Britain to stand in solidarity with me is an amazing feeling. I truly am gobsmacked from the reaction of the public. I feel so loved, loved and appreciated. I received a bag of letters and emails everyday, I read every one, I'm so grateful, I want to say a thank you to every single person who has supported me.

I understand how difficult it is to speak out. I understand the many people have faced a backlash from friends and even from work for standing with me. Free Speech is not free when it has social consequences. I sit here happy, happy that this sentence has backfired on the establishment, happy that the public reaction has sent a message of the consequences if they have me murdered on this sentence. I've said for so long that there will be a moment in our country and none of us knows what that moment will be but it will change the direction of our nation. I think deeply about this, and for a while now I'm sure that I will be murdered for opposing Islam. A scary thought, but not as scary as thinking it will make no difference. Although now I sit here smiling at the thought that my murder would utterly start a revolution. I'm standing laughing out loud - it may seem mad, but knowing this is so satisfying. I've always said that I would sacrifice myself tomorrow if it would end the Islamic takeover of our beautiful land."

Honestly, listen to this letter written and weep! What a brave, brave soul.

Excellent and very in-depth essay by Craig Biddle...

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on Tommy Robinson and why he should be freed immediately.

"Nor is our present concern whether Robinson broke British law. Contrary to the utterly disappointing positions taken by Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage on this matter, the mere fact that someone broke a law says nothing about whether his actions are moral or immoral, rights respecting or rights violating, worthy of support or of condemnation...

...People are not morally required to uphold or obey rights-violating laws. And when someone breaks an egregiously rights-violating law (such as a censorship law) in an effort to expose an important truth (as Robinson has), he deserves praise and moral defense, not excoriation and legal myopics."


Even more disheartening!

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Lindsay Perigo

9s9 seconds ago
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
And you just honored Ramadan in the White House! How is that different from Clinton or Obama? What were you thinking, paying homage to Islamosavages? Who told you to do this? I thought McMaster was gone! Quit appeasing evil. If you really wanted to shut down Mueller, you could.

Soros Candidates Go Down

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ARISIS isn't doing that well either!

Another One: Traitor Trey

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Silver-tongued lawyer low-life:


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This lack of solidarity - only Katie Hopkins has reported on the Tommy case while the gag order to not report would've still been in place.
Yet, even she writes:

Just to be clear, I happen to agree with those of you who have no patience for Tommy. He was on a suspended sentence and he knew the potential repercussions of being near the court – he knew he would be at risk of arrest, yet he failed to have his solicitor with him. And I understand the frustrations of those who say he could have prevented justice being done, that he might have been responsible for enabling the animals accused of raping underage white girls, whom they see as trash, to escape justice.

But let me ask you this:

Where was the swift justice for our girls? Where was the 8-hour sentencing for the monsters who repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl?
Even if you disagree with Tommy’s actions, perhaps we can agree that an historical willingness to turn a blind eye, to look the other way, to follow orders not to see, to fail to hear the truths of these young girls being repeatedly raped – all this is what got us into this mess in the first place.

Everyone in the UK is on tenterhooks over this!


Yes, excellent

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Here's the author's conclusion:

For my part, I cannot for the life of me fathom why not a single prominent or powerful individual in all of the United Kingdom has come forward to challenge the mistreatment of Tommy Robinson – and thereby stand up for freedom of speech.

Is the whole British establishment a bunch of cowards? I suppose we will know the answer to that question soon enough, if we do not know it already.

We do. And we know that foremost among the "bunch of cowards" is Nigel Farage.

Great piece on the Gatestone Institute website...

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by Bruce Bawer:

"Swift Injustice: the Case of Tommy Robinson"

A kangaroo court, then a gag order. In the United Kingdom, where rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however, to Tommy Robinson.


I just posted on YT

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Nigel, you are a disgusting coward and traitor. In part for what you've just said about Tommy, in part because you didn't defy the reporting ban. I was going to attend your NZ event, but you're simply not worth my time. You're a fraud and a weasel.

Angling for a knighthood apparently.

Oh dear, Nigel!

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On the one hand he says Tommy is "not heroic" for his silly choice to be "in contempt of court" by standing way outside the courthouse and asking some of the dirty, disgusting defendant filth "how do you feel about your verdict - got your bags packed for prison?" And on the other Nigel says that the media-ban to report on what happened to Robinson is a nonsense. Can't he see that they are both part of the same problem?


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Even Whale seems to have lifted his blacklisting on this occasion:


Quite a lot of reaction all over. Muriel will be running my Devoy piece, highlighting the call for an International Coalition for Free Speech.

Tommy Robinson is too kind to

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Tommy Robinson is too kind to the "elite". It matters diddly-squat that they don't have a sense of his community. They have brains enough to study Islam, and the eyes to see. It isn't that they don't use them. It's that they evade.

Thanks for the interview

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Thanks for the interview link, Olivia. It was well worth the watch.

Tommy Robinson Explained

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Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to ‘Grooming Gangs.’ Britain Has Persecuted Him.

by Douglas Murray; National Review; May 31, 2018

The latest controversy is maddening for many reasons.

"Tommy Robinson is a British political activist and “citizen journalist” who came to prominence in Britain almost a decade ago when he founded the English Defence League. The EDL was a street-protest movement in Britain whose aims could probably best be summarized as “anti-Islamization.” It emerged in the town of Luton after a group of local Islamists barracked the homecoming parade of a local regiment returning from service in Afghanistan.

"From their earliest protests the EDL’s members sought to highlight issues including sharia law, Islam’s attitudes toward minorities, and the phenomenon that would become euphemistically known as “grooming gangs.” In reality these protests often descended into hooliganism and low-level violence (naturally helped along by self-described “anti-fascists”). The authorities did everything they could to stop the EDL, and the media did everything possible to demonize them. In a foretaste of things to come, very few people made any effort to understand them. And nobody paid any price for (indeed many people benefited from) claiming that the EDL was simply a fascist organization and that anybody who even tried to understand them must be a fascist too. The usual prohibition against sweeping generalizations doesn’t seem to apply if the generalization tilts in that direction.

"I interviewed Tommy Robinson five years ago, after he had left the EDL (having by his own admission failed to keep extremists including actual neo-Nazis away from the movement). As he said then, one of the problems of everyone insisting that a particular movement is campaigning for the Fourth Reich is that the few people who think that sounds like a great idea will show up. Whatever his other faults, there is no evidence that Robinson thinks that way. Indeed he was once charged with assault for head-butting a Nazi sympathizer who wouldn’t leave an EDL protest. Not many people bothered with those details. The assault got reported, but not the cause. So the fact that Robinson had head-butted a Nazi became yet more evidence that he himself must be some kind of Nazi...."

Nice one Linz

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Excellent and to the point. Good to see you're not blacklisted everywhere. And ACT must be the best bet again, the lesser of the evils..

Reason on the airwaves

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Great interview by commander-in-chief of the MOGA Army.

I loved the closing remark!

Nice to have you back on radio...

Olivia's picture

Most excellent discussion on our air-waves!
How nice, and unusual, that the host, Chris Lynch, actually listened.
You got in the most salient points I could ever think of - including to those who don't care about Freedom of Speech to go and live somewhere like Iran, or North Korea, or Zimbabwe, or Cuba, where they mind find things more congenial!! Smiling

Thanks Lady S!

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About time they asked you back on...

Olivia's picture


Lindsay Perigo's picture

ACT leader David Seymour, whom I routinely call Gutless Gormless Goofy, came on after me and called for the scrapping of the Human Wrongs Commissariat, one of my bullet points for what must be done to restore freedom of speech. It's rare for Seymour to have an outbreak of KASS, but I sent him a note of congratulations. I hope he pursues this.

Livestreaming now

Lindsay Perigo's picture


Host is doing a great job.

Bravo Linzio

Bruno's picture

Great news, I hope we get to enjoy a replay on the web!


Funny ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... there I was bitching about being blacklisted—next thing I'm contacted by Newstalk ZB to go on their morning show about free speech, Devoy, etc. I've just been on. Went well.


Bruno's picture

Yawon is pweoccupied by "islamophobia", he has no problem with suicidal islamophilia.

Yeah Yawon, we should be individualist. You know how? By saving the only Civilisation that values the individual.

#DownWithObleftivism #MOGA!

Keep New Zealand New Zealand

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Is New Zealand a colony of the Civilized or is to become a colony of Desert Savagery?

Keep New Zealand New Zealand.

"It's not too late"!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"5% of my country is Muslim. It's not too late."

In NZ, 2% are Islamosavages. These entities have the support of politicians, the MSM, academia, Social Justice Warriors, moronnials and the local shills for ARISIS ("Islam is a mosquito-bite"), all of whom are part of The Filth. I should add, without conceit or moronnial-type solipsism, that I am the only polemicist in NZ aside from Lady Slapper meaningfully confronting Islamofilth—which is why I am blacklisted by such Chamberlainists as Whaleoil, Farrar, et al, as well as predictable blacklisters such as RNZ, TVNZ, TV3 and the usual array of PC Fascists. This is the nature of the battle. All of the aforementioned are militantly, proudly part of The Filth. They recognise Anti-Filth when they see it. At the moment, that's just me and, to an extent, Lady Slapper. Everyone else is a collaborator.

Interview with Tommy...

Olivia's picture

2 days before his arrest.


I urge people to watch this... "It's my duty to fight, not just as a Dad but as an Englishman."

Benedict Interdicts Islamofilth in Londonistan

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"SHERLOCK star Benedict ­Cumberbatch fought off a gang of four muggers as they beat up a defenceless Deliveroo cyclist.The actor, 41, leapt from an Uber car and waded in after spotting the attack near detective Sherlock Holmes’ fictional home in London’s Baker Street. ..."


It's surprising he wasn't arrested and charged with a hate crime.

"Did he convert?"

Jmaurone's picture

Convert to what?

(Also, was going to add to the post, before it was responded to, and no longer able to edit):

Around the 1:23:25 mark: "Close the borders when there's a massive influx of millions of people...I'm against mass migrations..."

And continues that he is not as worried about Muslims in America, and thinks that because America DOES stand up for those values, more than Europe, those Muslim immigrants do assimilate and adopt our values...but then does say "but then, we're fading, too, so..."

Yawon Ali Bwook

Grant Jones's picture

"Brook says he, personally, would "glady decapitate" the child rapists ( at around the 53:00 mark...)"

Did he convert?

Notable sub-topics

Jmaurone's picture

Notable points of discussion:

Around the 47:00 mark, Brook denies a link between the Muslim mayor and the rise of Muslim violence and the rapes, saying it's his "leftism", not his race, and "don't be racist; be individualist." Almost sounded to sound like he was going to defend Islam? (Amy had to step in and say that Islam IS worthy of criticism.)

(Hello, Brook, Muslim is NOT a race.)

Also, the whole "we must be objective and fight in the right way", while stating that he didn't know Tommy Robinson's name because he doesn't follow activists, but mainly intellectuals.

After previously criticizing Tommy Robinson for punching someone, Brook says he, personally, would "glady decapitate" the child rapists ( at around the 53:00 mark...)

Around the 1:20 mark...Peikoff: "my overall theme was 'fearing the worst', meaning, when do you draw kind of the worst conclusions or say I'm justified in fearing this horrible thing? [Regarding freedom of expression in England], there is some danger there, but maybe not as bad, based, at least, on that individual Robinson arrest, as some people have been saying...and then this fear of the "rape gangs", which is a REAL fear, and it still seems to not being handled...not properly..."

Brook follows, (addressing his critics): "I'd add, because I see it on YouTube, and I see it on Facebook...You've gotta put this Islam thing in perspective...the REAL problem here is our silence...our unwillingness to defend Western civilization...And I see changes, I see people waking up, I see movement in the right direction. I have no fear of Islam, qua Islam; I have no fear of Muslims, qua Muslims...what I fear is the silence of the West. So if we...the West stood up for its values, if the West stood up for its values...if the West UNDERSTOOD its values...if the West stood up and declared what was right...if the west was INTOLERANT of Muslims breaking the law in the name of Islam, or in the name of anything!...if there was a certain respect for this civilization, for what it meant, and what it stood for...if there was even an understanding of it...then, I don't think Islam is a threat."

End of Obleftivism?

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Just posted this on the #MOGA thread:

Don't worry, I haven't lost my sanity and begun listening to all of Yawon's videos. The moronnial-type upward-inflecting that he's adopted would be enough to drive me insane quite apart from the Obleftivist content. But someone who does monitor Yawon reports that at 1 hour 2 minutes into the following vid he acknowledges ARISIS is facing "particularly acute financial challenges" right now, that there's been a "significant downsizing" and they've lost a "significant donor." Question: is this related to their descent into Obleftivism or independent of it? If the latter are they so deluded as to think Obleftivism will save them?

In any event, #MOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brook and Peikoff on Robinson, Justice, and Rape Gangs

Jmaurone's picture

At times, it sounds like Brook sounds like he's starting to actually "get it"...questions the integrity of the police and judicial system, even got his blood boiling, for a minute, there...but then, he starts defending the current state of London, based on his recent trip, and calls to "not panic" and "stay objective..."

Thanks, Lindsay

Grant Jones's picture

ARI is run by second handers. Their primary concern is respectability from the Filth.

I have a very low opinion of Obleftivists. Their response to Tommy's arrest has made it even lower, which I didn't think was possible.

The Decline and Fall of Europe

Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

The Moslem and Third World savage immigrants are significantly speeding up the murder/suicide of Europe. But they aren't the key to it.

Europe was glorious when it held the philosophy of Enlightenment liberalism in the 1700s and 1800s. Now it holds the philosophy of post-modernism. I remember when Europe hated America and was eager to surrender to the communists in the 1970s. Now it hates America and is eager to surrender to the Moslems.

The last 2600 years of Western history has been a battle between the philosophical liberals and the illiberals. Between those who champion the intellectual values of the epistemology of reason, the ethics of individualism, and the politics of liberty -- and those who uphold the opposite. Europe is now largely or even mostly on the wrong side of history.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

It's to Douglas Murray's shame that when push comes to shove he buckles to the Respectablists. Heroes are never John Galts. They come with flaws and foibles, mistakes and mis-steps and all manner of baggage which pigmy Respectablists will obsessively exploit for their evil agenda. Exhibit A: Churchill. Exhibit B: Trump, an unimaginably heroic figure, carped at by all and sundry among The Filth, including the unimaginably uncharismatic Yawon Bwook, who is no doubt by Respectablist standards unimpeachable. He just happens to be as evil as he is boring. Not a coincidence.

Fantastic article, Grant. Heroic. I salute you.

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