The Engines of Progress

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Mon, 2018-06-11 03:43

Think of the glory of capitalism, free enterprise, free trade, and freedom generally. Think of the concomitant marvelousness of economic, social, and personal liberty.

In the modern, magnificent world of blue-collar factories and white-collar office buildings, there is at least some important division between management and labor. Between bosses and hired hands. Between employers and employees. Between magnates/entrepreneurs and peon/peasant workers.

But despite what virtually everybody thinks today, it's generally the owners and managers which are the "wage-slaves"; and it's the laborers and workers which are the "exploiters" and "oppressors". This is because it's the latter which takes advantage of the brain-power and creative genius of the former, and then generally profiteers off their expertise.

In a successful business enterprise both contrasting groups benefit, yes. But it's the employees who gain far more than the employers. Without their company to work at, the owners and managers could almost always easily live and thrive on their own. But on their own, the hourly laborers and workers would mostly stagnate, suffer, starve, and die.

Altho' few realize it today, it's the "selfish, greedy capitalist" 1% which essentially makes the world go round. They create virtually all of the intellectual, technological, financial, and spiritual wealth of the planet. They are the mighty drivers of progress. Their ability, insight, and virtue are responsible for virtually all of the ascent of man. The "poor and working class" 99% are mostly merely along for the ride. They do little but parasite off their far betters.

Current Western civilization and our post-Industrial Revolution society are much more wealthy, healthy, safe, secure, comfortable, taken care of, pleasure filled, and happy today than during the pre-classical tribalist era. This is due to such geniuses and heroes as: Aristotle, Epicurus, Cicero, and Lucretius; Locke, Smith, Voltaire, and Jeffeson; Bastiat, Mises, Hayek, and Rand; Pasteur, Marconi, Pauling, and Einstein; de Vinci, Edison, Ford, and Jobs. It isn't due to "the average Joe" or "the man in the street", no matter how numerous and hard-working he is.

The society, culture, and lifestyle of the West today is not better and sweeter due to "the workers" or "the people". These pretty much worthless folk basically didn't help out a bit. Instead, these mediocrities and non-entities -- if not disgusting insects and menacing predators -- have mostly slowed progress down. These 99% have virtually always stood in the way of mankind rising, while still taking time out to financially, socially, personally, and spiritually rape their superiors, to whom humanity owes virtually all or our goodness and greatness.