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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2018-06-30 19:43

Our social world today is immensely irrational, illiberal, unnatural, and unhealthy. Hence, it's considerably unhappy.

But just about without exception people want to fight on, and survive anyway, because life still has great value. Thus, socially, you tough it out. Without expecting sheer wonderfulness, you do the best you can do in your family, friend, and sex life.

But almost invariably you compromise a lot of yourself in the process. In order to get along with people, you end up surrendering a great deal of your virtue, integrity, idealism, and even character. You live as a hypocrite -- someone who is rather disloyal to himself, whose thoughts, words, and deeds don't match. Hence, everyone alive today is at least some version of a lowlife.

But everyone still has need of family, friends, and sex partners. These people vastly enhance your enjoyment of life and yourself. So you tolerate and accept the best ones you can find, win, and hold. Like life itself, they too have great value.

However, these guys of yours are only relatively good. They don't meet your objectively high standards. So they're always going to be a pretty big disappointment to you.

But hopefully they're hypocrites and human failures of a type similar to yourself. You can actively seek those whose social and personal betrayal is of a quality and quantity like you own. These are the types which make for the best companions, seemingly.

Or maybe you can try for those who are intellectually, morally, and spiritually superior. But not so much as to make you feel uncomfortable. You don't want your pals to constantly remind you of your own smallness and lack of life.

And you definitely don't want them to remind you of your treason to reality, life, society, and yourself. No-one wants to look in the mirror and understand clearly just how irrational, illiberal, unnatural, unhealthy, and unhappy he really is.