Free Speech Is All that Matters

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2018-07-15 03:35

My speech to Free Speech rally at Parliament, Wellington, New Zealand, July 14, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Stefan Molyneux, one of the reasons we're here today, has a video on YouTube titled Why Free Speech Is All that Matters. In it, he argues that all the great moral advances of civilisation, such as the abolition of slavery, were made possible only by the existence of free speech and vigorous debate of the matter at hand. Without a free marketplace of competing ideas, Stefan says, we'd be locked into stagnation and tyranny.

Clearly any man who could say such things as that is a racist and a bigot who should not be allowed into New Zealand!

Neither should his compatriot Lauren Southern, who likes to tease Muslims that Allah is gay—a matter on which they are eminently unteasable.

So now the Muslims, along with the Mayor of Auckland—Phil the Fascist—and sundry Marxists—fascists of the left—have succeeded at least for the moment in having the pair banned.

For the Muslims, Hazim Arafeh [president of Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand] says they were only ever coming to insult Muslims:

"I don't think insulting Muslims comes under free speech."

Well, I hate to break it to him, but yes, it does. Insulting Muslims does come under free speech. So does insulting Christians or Buddhists or Rastafarians or libertarians or atheists. Insults might not be the ideal mode of argument, but they are most assuredly allowed under free speech. Muslims should grow up and get over it. Stop treating all criticism as insulting in the first place. This is New Zealand, not New Zealistan. As Salman Rusdie, himself the object of a Muslim fatwa has put it, "There's no such thing as a right not to be offended."

For the Marxists, Peace Action—"Peace" in this instance being Orwellian Doublespeak for "violence" straight out of 1984— threatened:

"If they come here [Stefan and Lauren], we will confront them on the streets. If they come, we will blockade entry to their speaking venue."

For long-suffering lovers of free speech across the political spectrum, this was the last straw. We might disagree on everything else, but on this we are united: the right to state our view is sacrosanct. The newly-formed Free Speech Coalition has founding members as "diverse" as Rachael [Poulain, self-described "progressive" and animal rights activist], my libertarian self and my old socialist sparring partner Chris Trotter, who has fronted for the group. In our opening salvo Chris said:

"Truth is not afraid of trigger-words. Truth does not need a safe space. Truth is not a snowflake. Truth can take the heat and most certainly should not be forced to vacate the kitchen in the face of a couple of Alt-Right populists and a politically-correct Mayor."


Ladies and gentlemen, Article 14 of New Zealand's Bill of Rights says:

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

That is the standard to which we must now repair, and we must work for the repeal of any legislation that negates it—such as Section 61 of the Human Rights Act under which it is a crime to insult someone on the grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origin. No Irish jokes allowed!

We must make sure New Zealand doesn't go the way of Britain: no longer great, no longer free, polluted by no-go zones and pockets of Sharia Law, where one can be jailed for one's opinions.

To the Islamo-Marxists, to Phil the Fascist, to politicians like Simon Bridges and David Seymour who've been utterly gutless and useless on this issue, I commend the spirit of Voltaire:

I disagree with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it.

Let Lauren and Stefan in! Let Tommy out! Long live freedom of speech!

Lefty Chomsky Gets It!

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"Creeping censoriousness"

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Rowan Atkinson right on the money. Catastrophically, the creep has become a gallop:

Has Jihadi Jacinda Had an Epihany?

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Government right to protect free speech from foreign actors

7 August 2019


The Government deserves praise for taking proactive and public steps against the Chinese Consulate’s attempt to interfere with speech at universities, says the Free Speech Coalition.

Free Speech Coalition spokesperson Dr David Cumin says, “It would have been easy for the Government to do nothing, for fear of offending a key trading partner. Instead, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reminded the Chinese Government that free speech is a fundamental New Zealand value. Even more importantly, the Prime Minister has publicly confirmed this action, drawing attention to illiberal and surreptitious interference that the Chinese state would rather keep quiet.”

“Obviously, it never should have come to this. AUT shouldn’t have even considered scrapping an event based on pressure from a foreign government, peaceful protests at the University of Auckland must be allowed, and violence should never by encouraged. The silver lining to this issue is that Universities can now have confidence in hosting contentious speech with the backing of the Prime Minister. Well done to her.”


Media enquiries:
Dr David Cumin
021 369282

Islamo-Marxists Shut Down Pam Geller

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Here's where it gets heartbreaking: yes, the screeching Muslim in the bodybag is odious, but she's not committing a crime. At least, what she's doing should not be deemed a crime. But in Londonistan it is! Like Ezra I imagine she'll get off because she is a Muslim, but those laws against free speech shouldn't be on the books to begin with, just as migrants committed to the destruction of free speech should not be accepted into free speech countries to begin with:

FSC Podcast: Garrick Tremain

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FSC Press Release on Whangarei Preacher

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Council screening of religious material is not free speech
5 August 2019


The use of bylaws to prohibit a Whangarei street preacher from pamphleteering sends a dark message to religious New Zealanders.

“Preachers have the right to share views in public squares, as they have done for thousands of years,” says Rachel Poulain, spokesperson for the Free Speech Coalition.

“Now a Whangarei street preacher is told he must obtain a permit to distribute pamphlets in public [1], and this involves submitting his material to the Whangarei District Council which will screen for ‘objectionable’ content. This is the sort of censorship we would expect in the USSR, not liberal New Zealand.”

“Some councils have busking laws that prohibit public performances, but this case goes above and beyond to the point of silencing particular views. Preaching is not entertainment; it is not commercial activity; it is speech.”

“Whangarei District Council’s bylaw requiring written consent for the distribution of printed materials is an abysmal violation of speech [2], as is the Council’s insistence on screening the content of the man’s material.”

“Regardless of how offensive preaching may be to some, it ought to be protected by the law, not shut down.”

The Council’s use of a bylaw to restrict the distribution of written materials comes in addition to the attempt to evoke a ‘public disorder’ argument to prevent spoken word preaching. The Free Speech Coalition sees both approaches as opportunistic attempts to silence unpopular speech.

Media enquiries:
Rachel Poulain
022 357 1886

New Free Speech Coalition Press Release

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Foreign influence on AUT chills free speech
30 July 2019

AUT University’s cancellation of a commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre betrays the freedoms of students and contradicts the purpose of a university.

“AUT’s claim that the cancellation of the peaceful commemorative event was due to the Queen’s Birthday Holiday is a poor excuse,” says Free Speech Coalition spokesperson Dr David Cumin.

“OIA requests have shown that the Chinese consulate commended the University for its decision to cancel the booking. Many AUT students will be appalled to see the university play lapdog to a foreign regime.”

“The participants of the Tiananmen Square protest were students peacefully protesting a violent regime. AUT dishonours their memory by silencing another protest focused on the same illiberal government.”

“Like all publicly-funded universities, AUT has a purpose ‘to question and test received wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions’, as per sections 161 of the Education Act 1989. Instead, AUT’s attitude towards free speech is beginning to look like that of the Chinese state. These are not New Zealand values; these are despotic values.”

“It is suspicious that these events are similar to the University of Auckland's cancellation of screenings of a documentary critical of the Confucius Institute after the consulate’s outcry. New Zealand university students and patrons deserve better.”


Media enquiries:
Dr David Cumin
021 369 282

Breitbart on Tommy

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"With what might strike some observers as the most extraordinary double standards, the prosecution lawyer laid into Robinson for causing distress to the rape gang trial defendants — while pointedly overlooking the appalling nature of the crimes which had landed them in court in the first place."

More Low-IQ Screeching Profa Filth

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Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Filth [D], Florida, wants to criminalise criticism of Congress:

For Tommy

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His friend Avi takes stock:

Screw Socrates, dump the hemlock

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Screw Socrates, and dump the hemlock. Tommy Robinson needs to pull a Hank Rearden.

Britonistan Is Lost

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Tommy has already served jail time for this "offence": asking Islamosavages found guilty of child rape how they were feeling outside court. The allegation was that he made these monsters feel "anxious."

The fact that he's been re-charged (double jeopardy?!) and found guilty is incontrovertible evidence that the Britonistan establishment is rotten to the core. The Filth rule.

Ezra says in the link that Britain is now only "partly free." It's not even that.

Here's what one friend in England tells me:

"Some English towns are now over 50% Muslim. The worst problem is Khan, the Mayor of London, who has 100s of cops looking for ‘hate speech’ online, while the streets are almost running with blood from stabbings. He has just spent £1 million to root out ‘right wing terrorism’ when there isn’t any. He is trying to deflect attention from the obvious fact that the only terrorists in the UK are Muslims. One hopes that his labour backers will have the wit to vote him out next time. A truly dangerous, evil little man. It’s really scary."

Of course, publishing anything like this is exactly what The Filth in New Zealistan, e.g., Peters and Ardern, want to criminalise with their proposed "hate" speech laws.

This is really bad news...

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and I hate to report it but Tommy Robinson has been found guilty of contempt of court again.

Since he needs the best legal counsel that money can buy, you can click here to help him fight it:

Ugly Wimmin Professor ...

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... touts the view that speech = violence (hers is: upward inflecting fry-quacking is an act of aggression!:

Petition Against "Hate Speech" Laws

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Here It Comes!

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Comrade Jacinda's odious regime is coming after freedom of speech at break-neck speed:

Justice Minister Andew Little says he's fast-tracking a law review which could see hate crimes made a new legal offence.

He said the current law on hate speech was not thorough and strong enough and needed to change.

Mr Little said the Christchurch shootings highlighted the need for a better mechanism to deal with incidents of hate speech and other hateful deeds.

He has asked justice officials to look at the laws and he was also fast-tracking a scheduled Human Rights Act review. "The conclusion I've drawn as the minister is that the laws are inadequate and I think we need to do better," Mr Little said.

Mr Little said the current laws dealing with hate speech and complaints about hate speech and discriminatory action that relate to hateful expression were lacking. ...

Trotter Sells Out

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I gather Trotter, in his latest column, has capitulated to the demands from his fellow-Lefties that NZ be declared a "safe space":

What we can do, is use the legislation already on the statute books to curtail the expression of sentiments intended to inflict harm. New Zealanders can thus be made more clearly aware of the distinctions to be drawn between the fair and reasonable expression of political and religious opinion, and communication intended to achieve no higher purpose than gratuitous vilification and insult. Will a proactive Human Rights Commission, dedicated to enforcing Section 61 of the Human Rights Act, prevent another massacre? Sadly, no, it won’t. Will it make New Zealand a better country to live in? Yes, it will.

Whatever happened to: "Truth is not afraid of trigger-words. Truth does not need a safe space. Truth is not a snowflake. Truth can take the heat and most certainly should not be forced to vacate the kitchen in the face of a couple of Alt-Right populists and a politically-correct Mayor"?!

"There is no such thing as a right not to be offended"—Salman Rushdie

Next They Came for Jordan Peterson

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"Clean your room" is now hateful and Islamophobic and has been pulled from the shelves:

We Must Hold Them to This!

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Then-Acting Chief Human Rights Commissioner in June of last year when the free speech debate first flared up:

Paula Tesoriero: We strongly support right to freedom of speech

I am concerned at recurring speculation that the Human Rights Commission is campaigning to limit free speech. Those who hold this view say we want to ban "disharmonious" or hate speech aimed at certain religions, and to make such comments an offence.

They say we intend to do this in a way that specifically advantages Muslims while disadvantaging other members of our community, particularly those who practise different religions.

Let me be quite clear. There is no such campaign. We do not want, and are not calling for, a ban on speech directed at those who are Muslim. ...

We have also been criticised in some quarters for arguing in a recent legal case that a very high threshold should be applied when the court is considering potential breaches of existing racial disharmony laws.

The reason the commission took this stance is that we strongly support the right to freedom of speech and expression and believe that there should be legal consequences only for cases at the most serious end of the spectrum. Words or conduct that offend, upset or hurt people's feelings are not of themselves going to fall into this category. ...

This is what we need from ARI!!

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Pat Condell nails it in three minutes!

Now here’s someone who took free speech too far...

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... and made up his own stories for Germany’s Spiegel paper...

Pure Fake News!


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has treated Tommy contemptibly right across the board.
He owes him one hell of an apology.

Fuck the UN

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It is ran by the worst human rights violators on the planet and THEY want to dictate who we allow into our countries?  Fuckkkkk themmmm.

Snake Farage's Producer Hangs up on Tommy

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ACT's Stephen Berry on UN Abomination

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ACT’s Human Rights Spokesman Stephen Berry says the UN Global Compact for Migration will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression and the freedom of the press.

“ACT has always been an unabashed defender of free speech and a free press. This treaty has grave implications for both.

“The darkest aspect of the Compact is Objective 17 which deals with shaping public perceptions on migration through childhood education, the media, and public information campaigns.

“It implores nations to use ‘awareness-raising campaigns’ to ‘inform public perceptions regarding the positive contributions of safe, orderly and regular migration.’ This provides the perfect opportunity for propagandists at the Human Rights Commission to tell New Zealanders what to do and think.

“The Compact would require New Zealand to ‘enact, implement or maintain legislation that penalises hate crimes’ without specifying exactly what constitutes a hate crime. Countries that have enacted hate speech laws show they are used to silence and bully political opponents. Those who define intolerance are always the last people you would ever want to have such power.

“The UN also wants tougher media regulation including by: ‘sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance’. Journalists who report inconvenient facts about migration could find themselves persona non grata.

Mr Berry stresses that ACT’s long-standing support for immigration isn’t changed by his party’s opposition to signing the UN pact.

“With labour shortages in construction, dairy, and seasonal industries, New Zealand needs migrants in the right areas. However, we must reserve the right to welcome those who maintain their financial independence, contribute to national prosperity and respect New Zealand values of free speech, free association and property rights.

“The UN Global Compact for Migration strips New Zealand of control over its own borders, public policy direction and presents a genuine danger to the preservation of New Zealand’s values of free speech and individual liberty. ACT is opposed to signing and implementing this agreement.”

Media Contact: Andrew Ketels (021 894 284)
or Brooke van Velden (021 193 5265)

ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
This email was sent to To stop receiving emails, click here.

Authorised by D Smith, Suite 2.5, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

Tommy Case Referred to Attorney-General

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A judge retrying the former far-right leader Tommy Robinson for contempt of court has referred the case to the attorney general.

Robinson, 35, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, appeared before Nicholas Hilliard, the recorder of London, for a contempt hearing at the Old Bailey.

Hilliard said the decision to refer the case to the attorney general would allow Robinson’s contempt charges to be heard in a proper adversarial setting, in which a lawyer could present evidence and question witnesses to make the case.

He said he had made the decision after receiving a statement from Robinson on Monday in which he proposed to give evidence in his own defence. The court heard that in the current setting lawyers would not be able to perform an appropriate cross-examination of the evidence.

“It is sufficient for present purposes to say that the nature and extent of the controversy to be considered emerged far more clearly from that statement [provided by Robinson] than ever before,” Hilliard said.

“It may be necessary to look at quite a lot of the detail of what Mr Yaxley-Lennon said in the broadcast [featuring the alleged contempt] as to come to the overall picture as to what happened,” Hilliard said.

“I’m satisfied in the light of the issues as they now appear, as they emerged from the statement of yesterday, that cross-examination of Mr Yaxley-Lennon is necessary for a proper and thorough examination and resolution of the case that is in the public interest.”

Robinson was released on bail on the same conditions as before, barring him from coming within 400 yards of Leeds crown court. He had been serving a 13-month sentence on the same charges until the court of appeal quashed the sentence and ordered a retrial.

The former leader of the English Defence League could have been sent back to jail if he had been found in contempt for filming people in a criminal trial in Leeds and broadcasting the footage on social media.

Robinson argued in his statement that he had not intended to interfere with the administration of justice, that he was unable to access specific details of the reporting restriction in place that day, that the information relating to the trial under way at Leeds was already in the public domain, and that he had relied on guidance from the judiciary website that courts have no power to prevent publication of material that is already in the public domain.

The latest hearing came after Robinson appeared at the Old Bailey in September, when the case was adjourned. Among Robinson’s supporters in court was Ezra Levant, the founder of the Canadian rightwing news website The Rebel Media. He brought with him several “honest journalists” crowdfunded by supporters to provide alternative coverage of the hearing after claiming that traditional media were biased.

Speaking to supporters outside the Old Bailey, Robinson said the campaign to free him from prison had been funded by the Middle East Forum, an American anti-Islam thinktank.

“The intention of this imprisonment was to prevent the public having knowledge,” he said. “I want to spend the next six months travelling to towns that have been blighted by these problems. By next summer the entire world is going to learn the true extent of the rape of Britain.”

Islamosavages at Speakers' Corner

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Three Great Warriors!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Pam nicks my term "moronnials"!!

Seig Heil!

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Lindsay -- Good for New Zealand! American college lecture halls are currently run by the Gestapo. Sad


Lindsay Perigo's picture

I think New Zealand is leading the world in that regard right now, notwithstanding the opposition of Obleftivists!! Our Free Speech Coalition is doing really well. It has runs on the board. You Americans, by contrast, are useless. All bloviation, no results. The ACLU has sold free speech down the river long since. Obleftivist ARISIS says freedom of speech matters only when it comes to CNN. Blah, blah, blah.

Take an Ultra-Hard Line on Liberty

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If attempts to squash free speech via physical threats are met instantly and overwhelmingly, then the time and effort needed by the gov't and private security to prevent censorship will quickly become miniscule. There needs to be an almost hyper-aggressive intolerance of intolerance, i.e., people and gov't need to defend the right to free speech ferociously!

Victory—for the Moment!

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Victory for free speech as Brash speech goes ahead
17 October 2018

The Free Speech Coalition responds to the appearance of Dr Don Brash at Massey University, two months after his original scheduled appearance was cancelled by the Vice-Chancellor:

Coalition spokesman Dr David Cumin says, “Today’s speech was a welcome, if belated, victory for free speech on campus. As expected, Dr Brash’s speech went ahead without incident. Massey University served its role, providing a platform for the peaceful exchange of controversial ideas.”

“Massey University cannot afford to repeat the saga that delayed Dr Brash’s speech by weeks, and made the Vice-Chancellor the subject of ridicule across New Zealand.”

“The Free Speech Coalition hopes Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas, the Massey Board and Council will not delay future speakers for months because public scrutiny finally forces their hand. University leaders must respect the rights of both audiences and any protestors and ensure that the campus is a place where ideas can be openly and rigorously challenged. If students or staff invite upcoming speakers, such as Pauline Hanson or Jordan Peterson for example, we hope there will not be concerted efforts from those in power to shut down debate or speech. Universities, of all places, must be where ideas are struggled with and challenged; not where students and staff are forced to submit to the ideology of those in charge.”


Dr David Cumin
021 369 282

Hilarious Piss-Take of Christine Ford Filth!

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Sign the Petition Now!

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Do not let Islamofilth in Britonistan triumph!!

Britonistan's Army Top Brass Infested with PC

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First They Came for the Clappers

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It's been reported that the Manchester University student's union has voted to ban clapping at the student union's events to avoid triggering issues for students and improve accessibility.

Students will instead be encouraged to use British Sign Language in a silent display of appreciation.

However political commentator Lindsay Perigo believes it is all just "virtue signaling".

Mr Perigo told Chris Lynch "They dress it up in all this talk about being inclusive and diverse, and appropriate and respectful. It's none of that, these people are just bigots who have acquired authority and this is their means of exercising it."

Tommy's In Peril Again

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The theocracy in Britonistan is doubling down against Tommy. Tommy—horreurs!—is angry. Dirty filthy rotten sub-human low-life slugs within OrgOism, such as Yawon Bwook, support the theocracy and ask "Who is Tommy Robinson?" while proclaiming "Islam is a mosquito-bite." Other fat-assed dirty filthy rotten low-life slugs within OrgOism affect to be outwaged by Bwook but say nothing in public while condemning me for my "anger" in private. The unspeakable skunks! Utter filth! And that's being unfair to skunks and filth. Well, here's anger for you. Long may it reign among humans:

And another

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TEU coat-tailing to Massey Vice-Chancellor ‘sad’

The Free Speech Coalition is labelling the Tertiary Education Union "sad" for not following the leadership of the student unions in expressing no confidence in Massey Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas for her ban of Dr Don Brash from campus and attempts to defund the student group for inviting a speaker she does not agree with.

“Here we have an instance where the student unions understand the value in academic ideas and debate while the so-called experts’ union could not be further from their mission as educators.”, says Patrick Corish, a member of the Free Speech Coalition and current university student.

“As a student, I must worry that my educators are keeping ideas from my classmates and me because they deem them too dangerous for our consumption. We are adults. We can make up our own minds.”

“Who wants to go to a university of safe spaces and unions banning what they don’t want me to hear? That’s not a university at all."

"The TEU are normally strong on academic freedom, but apparently are letting their dislike of Dr Brash get in the way of principle."

“Academic freedom is no freedom if it only applies when the Vice-Chancellor agrees with it. Free speech is not free speech when it only applies when the Vice-Chancellor agrees with it.”

“The whole idea of higher education is the challenge of existing ideas and knowledge. Political and moral debate is at the very heart of university. By supporting the Vice-Chancellor’s decision, the TEU has sided with book burners and authoritarians.”

“New Zealand’s tertiary students have lost an ally in freedom of speech. But if we must battle on for our basic rights alone, then so be it.”


Patrick Corish

Free Speech Coalition Press Release

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Massey University must front-up and explain Jan Thomas correspondence

Massey University must front up and explain why the Vice Chancellor’s public statements that it was her concerns about security that prompted her to deplatform former Reserve Bank Governor and Leader of the Opposition Dr. Don Brash from speaking at the University when documents obtained under the Official Information Act appear to demonstrate otherwise.

Free Speech Coalition spokesman Dr David Cumin, says, “These documents call into question many of the Vice Chancellor’s public statements about respecting free speech. To the contrary, it appears Professor Thomas was keen to ‘ban’ Dr Brash on the basis of his views.”

“On the face of them, these documents even suggest Professor Thomas mislead Massey’s Academic Board Chair. We are calling on Massey University to investigate these matters, which if proven, obviously warrant dismissal.”

“In western societies, universities enjoy a privileged status on the basis of their commitment to academic freedom. When they come under assault from populist governments or anti-intellectual movements who want to dismantle that status, the academic elite rightly argue that they are the critic and conscience of society. Professor Thomas’ actions imply Massey has abandoned those principles.”

"In terms of our legal action - these documents are very significant. Our legal action against Phil Goff showed that he had lied in relation to his purported decision to 'ban' two Canadian speakers from Council-owned venues, when the truth was it was a decision made totally by officials relation to specific security concerns. Here, the Vice-Chancellor claimed her decision related to security concerns, but in-fact it is very clear it was based on her personal dislike of Dr Brash and his views."

"On the basis of these documents, we think the Vice Chancellor has gone out to attack Dr Brash, and the Free Speech Coalition, in relation to her media statement that Dr Brash 'is a supporter' of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. Of course the Free Speech Coalition are not supporters of the Canadians, but formed to protect their rights to speak - and New Zealanders right to hear them. The Vice Chancellor would certainly know there was a difference, but maliciously made the slur anyway."

Media enquiries:
David Cumin
021 369 282‬

Ugly Wymmin explain white supremacy

Bruno's picture

Is Australia a white supremacist country? Ugly Wimmyn, interviewed by philosopher Stefan Molyneux, answer:

Simple Answer

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Where is the common sense on all these attacks upon free speech? It seems self-evident -- to me at least! -- that no matter how expensive it is to stop the pro-censorship intimidators and criminals from triumphing, that this is a price society should be very willing to pay.

Never should any speech be cancelled for "security reasons" or because the cost of police protection is exorbitant. Allowing such an outrage is a kind of "fascists' veto". The price of defending free expression is always, and by definition, worth it.

Moreover, once it becomes clear that the police will protect free speech no matter what, the price of that protection will go way down. The pro-censorship intimidators and criminals will quickly become discouraged and show up in far smaller numbers, if at all. Problem solved! Cool

Tommy Readied for Execution Again

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The Globalists are readying the return of Tommy to prison, replete with solitary confinement and Islamosavages pushing their excrement down his food chute.

The reason for the complicity of the Britonistan Govt in all of this is becoming clear: pedophilia. Tommy was aggressively prosecuted because he was publicising the trial of Islamosavage child-grooming gangs. The reality is that it's not just Islamosavages involved in such gangs but pillars of the respectable non-Muslim establishment as well. Police, politicians, judges, media celebrities ... all working together on their heinous project and happy to accept the collaboration of Islamosavages. Poor Tommy doesn't stand a chance. In fact, I guess that's been clear since the time of Edward Heath.

Journalism Is Dead

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Look at this bimbo airhead "journalist," purportedly presenting non-partisan reportage, claiming that The Filth, in attempting to shut Don down, were exercising their free speech rights! On a par with what we'd expect from the ARISIS shills at Did the anti-conceptual mentality ever get any more 7th century than this?!

"Free speech advocate Don Brash has labelled protesters exercising their own free speech during an Auckland University debate as 'puerile' and says it proves it is under threat."

Take one look at it and you know it's a fryquacker as well. This is what rules the world now. Galt help us!!


Grant Jones's picture

Cresswell is the losertarian Ayn Rand warned us about.

Lady S...

Olivia's picture

is back home safe and sound. What a rowdy evening! Wink

As Linz says, the Filth were out in force - gender queer, ugly shaven-haired freaks, shaking like leaves as they yelled down their piercing megaphones, barely any of it in English.

It was actually quite entertaining, the whole thing, the support for Don Brash was overwhelming - even Fran O'Sullivan, who was negating the moot "has PC Culture gone too far and limiting Freedom of Speech," seemed to be batting for the other side, and made clear how much respect she holds for Don.

As Don says, after those with megaphones indoors tried to shut him down, they were the perfect example of how PC culture does limit free speech! But we all chanted loudly and clapped and stamped our feet: "Don Brash, Don Brash, Don Brash," which worked, for he addressed us. The Filth went relatively quiet for a spell, despite a fair bit of heckling. They left straight after Don finished up. It was 8.30 and past their bed time.

Don was very brave, referencing Islam as those who would execute gays having no place in NZ society.

You can see the whole debate for yourself here:

Or for a quick overview of how rowdy it all was, go here:

Hilarious Debate!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Debate tonight at Auckland Uni, with teams debating the moot that PC culture has inhibited free speech. Don Brash was among the affirmative speakers. The Filth was out in force, including the Auckland shills for ARISIS from Tried to shut Don down but didn't succeed. Don was great. This was a watershed event. Yooooge defeat for The Filth, who with their screaming and tantrums (how is it they were allowed in with megaphones?) were renounced even by the team affirming the negative. I'll furnish a link when I find one. The livestream got cut off a bit prematurely. Lady Slapper was there and is under strict instructions to report as soon as possible.

Here's the link:

Here's a shorter version of The Filth in action:

FSC Press Release

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Free Speech Coalition raising funds for legal action against Massey University Vice-Chancellor
9 AUGUST 2018

The Free Speech Coalition has resolved that, contingent on raising sufficient funds, it will be issuing legal proceedings against the Vice-Chancellor of Massey University.

Free Speech Coalition member Melissa Derby says, “Massey University’s action in barring Don Brash raises very similar legal and ethical issues as Auckland Council’s ban on Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from Council-owned venues. In both bases, an authority has used threats of disruptive protest as an excuse to shut down contentious speech. This is the thug’s veto in action.”

“Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas’ ‘security concerns’ appear to be a ruse to obscure her real motivation – her personal distaste for Don Brash’s opposition to Maori wards on councils, a view she describes as ‘dangerously close to hate speech’, in addition to his support of the speech rights of the recent Canadian visitors.”

“This is a disgraceful breach of the University’s own charter and mission to "promote free and rational inquiry", and sets a dangerously low bar for ‘hate speech’.”

“At the same time, we continue to engage Auckland Council in the High Court for their capitulation to the thugs. We face significant legal costs, but are advised that the marginal cost of bringing Massey into our case will be lower than for someone launching independent action.”

Dr David Cumin, another member of the Free Speech Coalition, says, “With Massey University refusing to back down on barring Don Brash from speaking on campus, it is clear that free speech issues are not going away. Many supporters of the cause have contacted us to urge the Free Speech Coalition to become permanent. We have now resolved to incorporate as a permanent group.”

“New Zealanders are welcome to join and donate to the coalition at”


Media enquiries (for background):

Jordan Williams
021 762 542

David Cumin
021 369 282

Seymour gets his ACT together

Lindsay Perigo's picture


"Massey Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas has cost the University hundreds of enrolments with her position on free speech, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

In a Facebook poll of about 850 young people, 90 per cent of respondents believed Massey University’s restriction on free speech made it a less attractive place to study.

“It is around this time of year secondary school pupils decide what university they want to go to. The Vice-Chancellor should go on to Facebook and see how young people are turned off going to Massey.

"Jan Thomas has made Massey the least attractive university in New Zealand. She is now a liability for the University, being prevented from speaking to media.

"Massey is already struggling to attract students and top academics.

"The Council of the University has a choice. They can make a stand for free speech and require Jan Thomas to extend an invitation to Dr Brash to speak, or next year the University Council can fire dozens of staff as student numbers and funding plummet.

"When even our Prime Minister believes Massey is wrong to curtail free speech, the University has a serious student recruitment crisis.

"Massey’s image problems will only get worse until Jan Thomas admits she is wrong to restrict free speech, apologises, and invites Dr Brash to speak at the University", says Mr Seymour.

Media Contact: David Seymour, Leader, 021 678 999
Unsubscribe from THIS newsletter | Unsubscribe from ALL of our Newsletters Private Bag 18041 Parliament Buildings Wellington 6160 New Zealand ACT New Zealand Address:
Suite 2.5, Level 2, 27 Gillies AvenueNewmarket
New Zealand

Fair and balanced

Jmaurone's picture

Amy Peikoff tweets: "Censorship as to 'Censorship'? Not very American."
Amy's referring to this: New Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

"Freedom of the press may be guaranteed in the Constitution. But a plurality of Republicans want to give President Trump the authority to close down certain news outlets, according to a new public opinion survey conducted by Ipsos and provided exclusively to The Daily Beast."

For one thing, it's the Daily Beast, which is a communist rag, and I don't trust their reporting. And it's a poll, not legislation. (And I wonder if how the Beast is presenting this is accurate.) But if true, of course, it's just as wrong as when the left does it. But it's the leftists, right now, who are actively engaged in violence. Where are Amy and Yaron on that? Why aren't they also calling out the democrat's attempts to nationalize the internet? Or Antifa violence against people like Candace Owens? Or the anti-white journalist sanctioned by the New York Times? etc., etc...etc.. No, their TSD blinds them to that.


Another Attempt to Control All the Platforms

Jmaurone's picture

Sen. Chris Murphy calls for more Silicon Valley censorship: 'Survival of our democracy depends on it'

"Sen. Chris Murphy thinks tech giants banning Alex Jones’ Infowars is a good start, but says the 'survival of our democracy' depends on sites like Facebook and YouTube removing additional content.

“'Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it,' Murphy, D-Conn., tweeted on Monday."

Blood boiling, yet?

(Oh, and as has been pointed out, notice INFOWARS was shut down as midterm elections are heating up?)

No longer playing by "the rules"...

Jmaurone's picture

This is the current idea going around. Originally saw it on Twitter, can't find the original link, but this is the attitude, now:

We can talk about how to properly respond, in principle, all we want. But they've already announced, and demonstrated, that their principle is "by any means necessary"; that the ends justify the means.

They are advocating, and engaging in, the initiation of force.

"All politics in this country now is simply dress rehearsal for civil war." -Billy Beck, 2009

The brownshirts are rising up to replace "democratic socialists". Antifa is now the violence wing of the Democratic party. "Ominous Parallels", indeeed.

In practice?

Jmaurone's picture

Like you and Bruno said, "It's later than you thought."

"We humans have to come up with our own platforms. Doesn't mean Silicon Valley aren't The Filth. Did you every see a more robotic Roid than Zuckerberg?! But we have to beat them at their own game, not force them to surrender their consensually acquired data."

Right...but that's not the game the Dems are playing... Those who ARE following the right principle of starting their own platform are being harrassed, and the government is NOT doing its job to protect them, but actively working AGAINST them. They are obstructing the pursuit of an alternative platform.

Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet: Reason Roundup

"All your base are belong to us. A leaked memo circulating among Senate Democrats contains a host of bonkers authoritarian proposals for regulating digital platforms, purportedly as a way to get tough on Russian bots and fake news. To save American trust in "our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets," it suggests, we need unprecedented and undemocratic government intervention into online press and markets, including "comprehensive (GDPR-like) data protection legislation" of the sort enacted in the E.U.."

So, yes, in a free market, starting one's one platform is the way to go. But they're not going to be roll over and let people do that. People who are trying/currently doing that now are already being harrassed for it, as well as the web hosts, crowdfunding sites that are hosting them, etc. Ethan Van Sciver, a veteran comic book artist, was chased out of DC by SJW's for being a conservative. He DID start his own platform, via an indiegogo campaign. And quite successfully, I might add; over half-a-million dollars raised. And the SJW's are STILL trying to shut him down by harrassment of him, Indiegogo, the fans, etc.

Those who ARE following the right principle of starting their own platform are being harrassed, and the government is NOT doing its job to protect them, but actively working AGAINST them. They are obstructing the pursuit of an alternative platform.

It's not just in cyberspace, either. Just recently, there's an incident here at a gaming convention called GenCon where a leftist assaulted a conservative YouTube pop culture personality in a bar, and the convention not only ignored it, but promoted the assaulter, afterward. And the bar, despite the assaulter breaking a window, would not come forward to assist willingly. The police have been useless in catching the guy, despite his continued presence at the convention. (THE POLICE, in fact, in places like Portland, are being instructed to stand down during Antifa riots!) The producer of The Nerdist website, in response, celebrated the violence on Twitter and called for more.

And you've probably heard, by now, about the incident in Philadelphia, yesterday, where Antifa harrassed Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk while they were out in public eating breakfast, in a private establishment. They were also spitting on black and latino police officers, calling them "racist", etc...

It's on us ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... to get alternative platforms. YouTube, Faecesbook, Google, Apple and Twit-Witter are all undeniably part of The Filth, but they're not taxpayer-funded and thus not obligated to provide their platforms to humans, as opposed to the sub-humans they are and they emplatform (like that new term?!). This guy has great tits, but he's wrong:

We humans have to come up with our own platforms. Doesn't mean Silicon Valley aren't The Filth. Did you every see a more robotic Roid than Zuckerberg?! But we have to beat them at their own game, not force them to surrender their consensually acquired data.

Seymour Follow-Up

Lindsay Perigo's picture


"The Prime Minister has completely contradicted herself on the Massey University free speech issue", says ACT Leader David Seymour.

"Ms Ardern has said she disapproves of Massey’s decision to ban Dr Brash but she will keep giving the University taxpayer money to do it.

In Parliament this afternoon, the Prime Minister said she believed Massey University’s decision was an ‘overreaction’ but went on to confirm that she would do nothing about it.

"What message does it send to publicly-funded institutions that they can shut down political views they don’t like without facing any consequences?

"What is the point of being Prime Minister if you can’t show leadership?

"The Prime Minister should be sending a strong message to universities that if they undermine freedom of expression they will be defunded.

Media Contact: David Seymour, Leader, 021 678 999

Don Brash Statement

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Dear Supporter,

Tomorrow I was due to speak to members of Massey University’s Politics Society in Palmerston North. I was invited by the group two and a half months ago to speak about my experience as Leader of the National Party.

This morning, the University’s Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas announced the University has cancelled the booking due to “security concerns”, my involvement with Hobson’s Pledge, and my views on Māori wards on councils, which she says “come dangerously close to hate speech” and fail to recognise “the values of a Tiriti o Waitangi-led organisation”.

She also references my “support” of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux (which was in fact merely support of their right to speak, not an endorsement of their views).

I believe the Vice-Chancellor’s position is a disgraceful contradiction of publicly-funded universities’ role in hosting robust debate and the free exchange of ideas.

On Thursday night I am scheduled to take part in a debate at the University of Auckland. We now fear that the University of Auckland too will give in to the vocal minority. The University must commit to providing a secure environment for free speech, lest it spark a domino effect that will wipe away the long-standing tradition of free expression on university campuses.

These issues are not going away, and nor are they limited to university campuses. The following visits from international speakers are now all vulnerable to the “thug’s veto”, by which anyone can shut down speech they disagree with by threatening violent protest:

Douglas Murray, Aotea Centre, August 17
Nigel Farage, SkyCity, September 4
Pauline Hanson, venue TBC, November
Jordan Peterson, venue TBC, February

It is clear that the thugs have been emboldened by Auckland Council’s capitulation to protesters of the Southern/Molyneux event. This is why we are continuing our fight to defend free speech.

Thank you for your support,

Don Brash
Free Speech Coalition

PS, if you feel as strongly as I do on these matters, please feel free to email Professor Jan Thomas via

At last!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Finally GGG (Gutless Gormless Goofy) Seymour speaks up:


"In barring Don Brash from speaking tomorrow, Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas has acted contrary to her own institution’s charter, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

"The Massey University Charter says that its mission is to "promote free and rational inquiry".

"Jan Thomas has been derelict in her duty to uphold rights of students to debate political issues.

"She has run for hills at the first sign of trouble.

"We all pay taxes to fund universities so they can be a place where ideas are openly and honestly discussed.

"If the Vice-Chancellor can’t do the most basic part of her job, she should find new employment.

"The University Council must tell Jan Thomas to uphold the University’s Charter.

"If they will not, the Minister of Education needs to tell them what the British Minister for Universities has told universities there: no more money until you uphold freedom of speech.

Media Contact: David Seymour, Leader, 021 678 999
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Suite 2.5, Level 2, 27 Gillies AvenueNewmarket
New Zealand

Stefan & Lauren...

Olivia's picture

had a much better interview in NZ than the Gower monstrosity.

FSC Media Release

Lindsay Perigo's picture


Massey University disgraces free speech tradition

7 AUGUST 2018

In blocking former Leader of the Opposition and Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash from speaking on campus tomorrow, Massey University disgraces an important tradition of free speech on university campuses and a fundamental tenet of a liberal democracy.

Massey University’s Vice-Chancellor appears to have capitulated to the veiled threats of protesters, cancelling the event for ‘security’ reasons.

Free Speech Coalition spokesman Dr David Cumin says, “Publicly-funded universities in New Zealand and across the western world have a proud tradition of upholding freedom of speech. If we allow the ‘heckler’s veto’ to shut down contentious speech at a university, a place that should be a bastion of free expression, what hope can we have for free speech anywhere else?”

“Hecklers and thugs have been emboldened by Auckland Council’s recent capitulation on similar grounds. That’s why the Free Speech Coalition is pressing ahead with court action to prevent a dangerous precedent where a minority can shut down any speech by threatening violent protest.”

“The Police need to put their hands up and restate their commitment to protecting freedom of speech from would-be violent protesters.”

“Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas must reverse her decision *and ensure that she works with authorities to provide a safe environment for the expression of ideas on her campus. The fundamental role of universities is to foster dissenting views, debate, throw light on and challenge the establishment, but certainly not shut down speech. This is a disgraceful act from a university leader.”

YouTube Bans Alex

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Note, the video I linked to below has been removed, as has the entire Alex Jones channel. This is now an all-out war on free speech by the "globalists," who include vile ARISIS. As Bruno has just said to me, "It's later than we thought."


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Here are some more sub-humans like Gower. These are fellow-members of The Filth in Aotea Square on Saturday. Oooops, sorry, Austin, Texas. Easy mistake to make when they're all so ferally indistinguishable from each other:

Gower is an utterly disgusting human being...

Olivia's picture

and an even worse interviewer - ugly, sloppy, offensive to the ear, uneducated and dictatorial in the worst of ways. A total disgrace to journalism; that's where we're at, and it's truly horrible. NZ media are unwatchable and Gower is the very worst example of why.

Lauren struggles to keep a straight face throughout this abomination of an "interview" - probably had to take a shower afterward too.

Gower would be terrified of someone like Lindsay, he'd shit his pants at the very thought of interviewing him. He knows he'd be savaged by sheer ability, thought and the art of actual self-expression. As Linz said, he's not an interviewer's anus.

Already posted here

Lindsay Perigo's picture

And this was my tweet to that particular member of The Filth:


Replying to @NewshubFeatures @patrickgowernz

Patrick, that interview was awful in its unprofessionalism. You can't speak, can't think, can't listen (like most of the world right now), can't keep your own (moronic) opinions out of it. You're a Fascist of the Left. Interview *me* on Newshub!

Needless to say, no response to my challenge.

"I'm not going to let you finish"

Grant Jones's picture

The Filth "interviews" Lauren and Stefan on NZ television.

Stefan's Latest

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"The Bible as the objective standard"

gregster's picture

I see at around 17 min in the 3rd video a deluded individual attributing his standards to a goblin!

Where It All Began

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Faces of The Filth

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The pro-free speech group Right Minds held a demonstration in Auckland today in the wake of the cancellation. Members of The Filth went along to shut them down, replete with headbanging caterwauling and humungous amplification thereof. Seemingly well-funded. Soros in NZ?

Note here in Pt 2 at about 15' 00" in the unassailable connection between liking mindless garbage in "music" and being mindless garbage.

Stefan and Lauren..

Bruno's picture

..speak after the NZ cancellation:

Downvote the Obleftivists

Jmaurone's picture

And I KNOW Amy knows this argument, because I've seen others argue the same to her on Facebook, Twitter, etc, and she rationalizes them away. She's not ignorant of Rand's view on this matter; she's actively working against this view. Her response to the release of Tommy Robinson is logically consistent, then.

"Get 'Woke', Go Broke.' Downvote the Obleftivests. Let the ARI dry up like dust in the wind.

"Government by Intimidation", or, Free Speech on the Brink

Jmaurone's picture

"Government by Intimidation", or, Free Speech on the Brink

 As I pointed out, in the blog link above, Rand was wise to backdoor censorship via private companies:

"No, the government would not establish any censorship; it would not need to."

She was writing this decades ago, but change the details, and it could have been written today:

"Doesn't this mean that the owner of a newspaper has no right to hold 'consistent' political convictions and that a newspaper is not entitled to a 'consistent' editorial policy? If the owner of one newspaper posses the right of free speech, does he lose it if he acquires two newspapers? Who determines what is 'slanted' and which political views are 'prejudice or idiosyncracies'? The government?"

"...we are interested in seeing whether or to what extent the columnists might be drying up local talent in assaying the news of the day." She responds, "Well, it is incontestably certain that the talents of the local 'High School Bugle' could not possibly compete with nationally syndicated columnists."

"Here we see the essence of the antitrust doctrines...If it is right to sacrifice ability to imcompetence, or success to failure, or achievement to envy-then it is right to silence every man who has acquired a national audience and clear the field for those whose audience will never grown beyond the corner drugstore."

Rand, anticipating the arguments today: "Freedom of speech? 'Why, we don't deprive any man of his freedom of speech,' the trustbusters would chorus, 'provided he is not heard beyond the boundaries of his township or his city block.'"

"No, the government would not establish any censorship; it would not need to. The threat of antitrust prosecutions will be sufficient. We have seen what it did to the steel industry. Rule by hidden, unprovable intimidation relies on the victim's 'voluntary' self-enslavement. The result is worse than a censored press; it is a servile press."

"Consider the signifance of a curious contradiction. On the one hand, the government hails the launching of Telstar as a means of uniting the whole world in a single network of global communication. On the other hand, the government proposes to distintegrate national communications into local atoms, forbidding any private individual to acquire the means of addressing the nation, and forbidding the separate atoms to know what the rest of the world is thinking.

" Do you grasp the possibilities?

"President Kennedy is to broadcast his news conferences via Telstar. Which one of us will obtain equal time on that global medium? And if we do not, how will we make ourselves heard? It is not by means of the 'High School Bugle' that one cant protect one's rights or compete with a monopoly of that kind.

"Gentleman of the press, if any, now is the time to speak up."

I wanted the earth open up

J Cuttance's picture

I wanted the earth open up and swallow me listening to Gower. Does it get any worse?

In most cases ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... it's willful evil. In Patrick's, it's a combination of willful evil and stupidity. Did you ever hear someone, even a Fox News bimbo, sound so dumb?

He used to be my Exhibit A in denouncing the abandonment of speech standards by TV bosses here. Of course, he's not actually half as bad as the wimmin, whose sub-human quacking is beyond unendurable to any human.


Bruno's picture

Stefan and Lauren handled that very well. But I just have to ask, is that kind of "interviewing" normal now?

What is wrong with these mealy-mouthed fascists in the press? Brain virus? Demonic possession? Willfull evil? Base corruption by greed? Envy? Or simple stupidity?

Gower ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... is not an interviewer's anus. He can't speak, can't think, can't listen (like most of the world right now), can't keep his own (moronic) opinions out of it. Truly hideous. Stefan and Lauren were terrific here in their grace and intellect. Really showed that fuckwit up. What an embarrassing day for New Zealistan all round!

Watch little Pattie Gower get educated

gregster's picture

Koch-funded = Filth

Bruno's picture

Any organization that is funded by Koch is part of the Filth, and all non-Filth who is misguidedly supporting them must wake the duck up, and stop supporting the Open Invasion of America and the Sacrificism towards Communist China, and other moochers and looters. #AmericaFirst


Tommy and Trump

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The inexcusable breaches of the 4th Amendment perpetrated by Mueller and the FBI in pursuit of Manafort and Cohen (i.e., in pursuit of Trump) are in the same category. Get Tommy by any means. Get Trump by any means. Why Trump allows it to continue in his case I can't comprehend, though at least we know because of it what we'd never have known otherwise—the utter evil of those at the top of what has become known as the "elite": the Clintons, the Bushes, Soros, the Kochs, the Obamas, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Schumer, RINOs et al. We also know that the Ayn Rand Institute has become part—a ludicwous yapping bit-player—of this diabolical conspiracy of sub-humans, who have become known as "The Filth."

Why the Right is STUPID

Bruno's picture

The Left does NOT play according to the rules, and doesn't apologize for it either. The Right plays by rules which DO NOT APPLY any longer, and attacks viciously their own people when they fight back against the Left.

In other words, true Freedom fighters must ostracize and shun Fake Right Filth such as ObLeftivists, Libertardians, etc... Who attack Patriots, and make excuses for islamomarxists.

I am no lawyer and have exactly zero interest in becoming one. I don't need to have a law degree to see the OBVIOUS staring right in front of me: they want Tommy crushed, they want him to shut up or else, and they will use "the law" any way they damn well please in order to do so. This has nothing to do with "proper procedures" and whatever other nonsensical excuse to have Tommy tortured, and at risk of death, for his patriotic service to truth and justice. For trying to protect underaged British girls from being tortured and enslaved by islamosavages. For trying to protect the realm from an invasion of the most evil religion the world has ever seen. For exposing the lies, corruption, evil, of the media, politicians, state apparatus, who put up with and encourage this situation to go on.

PS. Never forget the #NeverTrumpers. Those who have not atoned or apologized for being #AlwaysHillary are still part of the Filth, however much they attempt to weasel themselves back into the patriot camp. The same goes for the antiBrexit proEuroSoviets.


Bruno's picture

He who is not anti-ObLeftivist in public is not anti-ObLeftivist at all. Especially when attacking those who are!! Filthy cowards! One can be excused if and only if he supports those who are.

Making excuses for ObLeftivists = making excuses for islamomarxist apologists


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Obleftivists are part of The Filth. If it's taken Tommy to make genuine reason-and-freedom-lovers realise this, then perhaps his having shit and spit shoved at him in jail by Islamofilth of the kind beloved of Obleftifilth was not in vain.

I trust I'll hear no more about the "inappropriateness" of my "anger" as tut-tutted about by fat cowards on secret Faecesbook sites. He who is not incandescently angry about this is also part of The Filth.

ObLeftivists = FILTH

Bruno's picture

ObLeftivists for reimprisonment = ObLeftivists for islamomarxist oppression:

~"My prison cell was on the ground level, which it didn't have to be. Every prisoner would walk past my window. My cell was directly opposite to the prison mosque. I had excrement and spit thrown through the windows."

He was moved from a 7% islamosavage mosque to the most muslim mosque in Britain, and put in solitary confinement, closed in a stinking cell for 23 hrs/day.

ObLeftivists = FILTH. "Rule of law" in Britain? What rule of law?

Time to take the not-so-deep Deep State of Britain out, remove the Filth from top to bottom. And most importantly re-conquer the conquered territories within the country. #ReconquistaBritannica

#MakeObjectivismGreatAgain #RepudiateObLeftivism


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Watch the interview at the link with that Robertson boy who's fronted for Tommy many times. The venue came under "immense pressure" as soon as it was announced.

Victory for pure, unadulterated evil. The Filth.


Olivia's picture

I'm so disgusted. I wonder if this was a tactic by the venue - last minute cancellation.

Last-Minute Victory for The Filth in New Zealistan

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux's speaking event cancelled

An organiser behind the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event says "powerful forces" were behind the cancellation - and is threatening retaliation.

The event was due to be held at Auckland's Powerstation on Friday, but owner Peter Campbell told Newshub he cancelled the event shortly after it was revealed on social media they would be speaking there.

He says "powerful forces" were opposed to the event. Credits: Newshub

An organiser behind the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event says "powerful forces" were behind the cancellation - and is threatening retaliation.

The event was due to be held at Auckland's Powerstation on Friday, but owner Peter Campbell told Newshub he cancelled the event shortly after it was revealed on social media they would be speaking there.

"We can't fix the event in the next 24 hours, there's no other venues that are going to do it because of the massive pressure from the far-left in this country," he told Newshub.

And he's threatening retaliation against those who forced the cancellation of the event.

"We're going to go after the venue, we're going to go after the media, we're going to go after all the people who've decided to slander it," he told Newshub.

"It's basically the whole media in this country who have written hit pieces constantly saying that Lauren's racist and a white supremacist."

Tommy with Tucker

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Sub-humans in Britonistan should be charged and jailed for the way Tommy was treated. Where, one wonders, is Amnesty International? Has that gone the way of the American Civil Liberties Union, a shill for The Filth?


Jefferson can speak for himself

Bruno's picture

This is the very American, not ObLeftivist, Founding Father who spoke of "all men are created equal". Amy Rambach is an ideologue for Open Invasion, i.e. she is against the very concept of nation.

"Among the Founders, Thomas Jefferson wrote about race at greatest length. He thought blacks were mentally inferior to whites and biologically distinct: “[They] secrete less by the kidnies [sic], and more by the glands of the skin, which gives them a strong and disagreeable odor.”1 He hoped slavery would be abolished, but he did not want free blacks to remain in America: “When freed, [the Negro] is to be removed from beyond the reach of mixture.”2 Jefferson was one of the first and most influential advocates of “colonization,” or returning blacks to Africa.

He also believed in the destiny of whites as a racially distinct people. In 1786 he wrote, “Our Confederacy [the United States] must be viewed as the nest from which all America, North and South, is to be peopled.”3 In 1801 he looked forward to the day “when our rapid multiplication will expand itself . . . over the whole northern, if not the southern continent, with a people speaking the same language, governed in similar forms, and by similar laws; nor can we contemplate with satisfaction either blot or mixture on that surface.”4

Jefferson studied his Saxon forebears and learned that they were said to have originated in the Cimbric Chersonesus of Jutland. When he proposed the name Cherronesus [sic] for the area between Lakes Huron and Michigan he was thinking in terms of the steady westward expansion of the Germanic peoples.5

Jefferson was nevertheless far too liberal in the eyes of many, who were suspicious of the implications of the “all men are created equal” phrase of the Declaration; Federalists attacked him repeatedly for egalitarian leanings. They also circulated rumors that he had had children with his black slave, Sally Hemings, charging that for a self-proclaimed separatist, such a liaison was intensely hypocritical.6*

Benjamin Franklin wrote little about race, but had a sense of racial loyalty. “[T]he Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably [sic] very small,” he observed. “ . . . I could wish their Numbers were increased.”7

James Madison, like Jefferson, believed the only solution to the problem of racial friction was to free the slaves and send them away ..."

- White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, Jared Taylor

Now explain to me how men who thought this way would condone the Open Invasion of America by everyone, from everywhere, with no restrictions, no ideological or cultural compatibility, nothing. The idea that Open Invasion is an "American" ideal is simply a big fat lie.

A country run by traitors

Bruno's picture

Those evil bastards who did this to Tommy were not thinking about how he is "endowed with rights", that's for sure!

ObLeftivists and whoever else is justifying what has been done to Tommy... Watch that video and tell me how you feel. Do you have a conscience at all? Or are you corrupted beyond possibility of redemption?

I really hope England will survive and do what is necessary to take their country back from the traitorous scum that is running their country into submission to Islamosavages.

#FreeTommy #FreeEngland

"America First" vs. "oreigners First"

Jmaurone's picture

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