Heart of Darkness

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Recovering gradually from an attack of something that left my legs useless and my mind in a hallucinatory realm for four days, an experience I would be hard put to describe even as a fairy tale (no, I do not use cannabis or any other brand of recreational drug), I am beginning to catch up with my emails and grasp the state of the world – where the Congressional hearings stand and how far Islam has progressed in the West (Islam, the West, and “progress” being mutually contradictory terms). To myself, I jokingly blame the Democrats for somehow poisoning my food and sending me on a hellish roller coaster ride in Wonderland. The doctors in the hospital where I spent a few days could not explain my condition. I could not enlighten them, either. All they could conclude was that it was a combination of dehydration and hypertension. But what triggered the experience is still a mystery.

There were a few items which captured my attention in the Niagara Falls of information that washed over my head, such as President Trump’s visit to Prime Minister Theresa May and the Turnberry paraglider incident in Scotland. Next of interest has been the grilling of FBI investigator Peter Strzok over, among other things, what he meant when he told Lisa Page he “will stop it” (that is, that he will scuttle Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office with some hopeful evidence that Trump colluded with Russians to win the presidency.) Trey Gowdy gave it the best he could against this deeply planted evas ive scumbag as he worked to get straight answers from the smarmy Strzok, as George Neumayr relates in his July 13 Spectator article “A Cocky Liar to the End.” It was in that article that I learned first of the SES – or the Senior Executive Service – a “civil service” organization established to protect high level career bureaucrats as they grow rich ripping off tax revenues and render themselves immune from prosecution even if there is evidence of a crime, which in Strzok’s case there is ample evidence of. The SES even has its own flag and a symbol (a harp?).

As Neumayr explains:

The Peter Strzok hearing was a travesty, starting with the fact that he testified as a cocooned, lawyered-up government employee still working for the FBI. It is outrageous that he hasn’t been fired yet. He even still has a security clearance! That alone is proof of the deep state’s hold on certain executive branch agencies. If the FBI keeps its so-so employees close, it keeps its worst employees even closer. That Strzok could huddle with FBI lawyers while stonewalling a Republican-led committee speaks to the corruption of official Washington and the comparative impotence of Republican administrations. Does anybody think an FBI agent who had vowed to “stop” the candidacy of Barack Obama would have lasted a week at his job, let alone over a year, after the discovery of his bias?

The cockiness of Strzok at Thursday’s hearing is a reflection of the immunity that ruling-class mandarins enjoy in liberal Washington. He was testifying from the safety of the deep state and thus knew that he could lie his head off without consequence. How else to explain his unrepentant opening statement, with its blatant anti-Trump special pleading? The statement sounded like it had been written by Rachel Maddow, resting on the lamest and hackiest of MSNBC-style talking points, that “today’s hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart.”

My own disgust with Strzok is that he should be frog-marched to the nearest penitentiary, measured for stripes, tossed into a drafty cell, and sustained on bread and water for the rest of his life. It’s a wonder that Gowdy did not leave his seat and slap Strzok silly for being such a low, dishonest creature.

Evil Peter Strzok, who wears his dank malice on his sleeve, is an elitist, a globalist, and a “civil servant,” that is, a Federal government employee, protected by the SES and his FBI counselors.

Yes, black is white, depending what "is" is

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I've been watching all of the lengthy youtube broadcasts of Trump's travels, and these Strzok interrogations. Most amusing. I thought the Queen put on a great welcome and steered Trump about the troops. Fake news repeaters used certain strategically placed camera angles to attempt to criticise Trump. Ridiculous own goals. His press q & a session with Theresa May at Chequers was frank and transparent. I'd like to see how his chat with Putin went. Putin of course has said with a proud smile that Russian prostitutes are the best in the world but he didn't think Trump would've required one to urinate upon him. Putin knows how transparently fake much of mainstream Western news is too. And claims of collusion with Russia are true--true for the DemocRat Clintons. Anything McCain says is wrong and he is an evil bastard, and not dead yet I see.

God Ed...

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I certainly hope that deep down, you're OK! Smiling

Strzok indeed wears his dank malice on his sleeve - a cornered rodent wearing that malice as a badge of some kind of sick, depraved honour. A truly dark human being and an even darker Deep State which still finds him employed with security clearances in tact. Horrible.

The Face of Evil

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This is worth sticking with for the 28' 00", especially the last two mins where Strzok unleashes. Hard to imagine a more loathsome reptile in semi-human guise. Note how the Dem-Scum come to his assistance throughout and applaud his faux outrage at the end. This thing truly ought to be in jail. No doubt Trump Derangement Syndrome ARISIS will be offering him a job. Oh, except they've run out of money:

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