Disgusting Philosophy

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sun, 2018-07-29 19:18

Platonic "forms" and Kantian "things-in-themselves" don't exist. "A priori", "necessary", and "analytic" propositions, claims, knowledge, and truth are similarly non-existent. At best these are just confusing or contradictory ways of referring to definitions or self-evident truths. Or else they're methods of asserting empty claims or unprovable nonsense.

All of metaphysical reality is physical, empirical, material, mechanical, and scientific. To understand reality and the universe conceptually or intellectually is not to venture into the fraudulent and unreal realm of the a priori, necessary, and analytic; nor to overly entertain such evanescent, vaporous concepts as "aperion", "noesis", or "neumena". Pretty much only ignoramuses and liars spout such sneaky, tricky doubletalk and alien gibberish.

Reality and the universe do occasionally have subtlety and nuance -- but not like this. Sometimes fine reasoning and careful distinctions need to be made -- but not like this.

Pseudo-philosophers who mutter or spew such "metaphysical" and "spiritual" folderol are generally contemptible con-artists or subversive monsters who seek to hurt mankind. They secretly or openly wish to make us all miserable. And, historically, they're highly effective at this.

Such irrational, nonsensical vermin and their effete, bizarre, torturous speculations need to be fought with all the resources the Good Guys and genuine truth-seekers have. These anti-philosophical pond-scum, their foolish theories, their foul motivations, and their reptilian natures need to be rigorously, accurately investigated and then insightfully, profoundly understood and exposed.