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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Thu, 2018-08-30 18:10

I'm creating a new political party. It should be the most radical organization ever. It may also be the best.

It will be dedicated entirely to freedom. It will tell nothing but truth. It will adhere to principle at all costs. It will make no intellectual or moral compromises whatsoever.

Or, at least, it will try to meet these lofty standards. Try with a certain ferocity and zeal.

It should be the antithesis of the American Libertarian Party. It will closely stick to its principles and always argue using the truth. It will be limitlessly extreme, never willing to sugarcoat, soft pedal, dumb down, or talk down on any issue, however difficult or arcane. It will treat everyone with implied respect, presuming that they have intelligence and virtue, even if they have little. But it will also show them no mercy. It will be their job to meet the high intellectual and moral standards necessary to join, or participate in, the organization.

The group should also be the antithesis of The Ayn Rand Institute. It will be entirely open to discussion and debate. It won't be weird, malicious, or cult-like. It won't practice abuse, censorship, or excommunication of critics and dissidents. Rather, if they're wrong, it will intellectually and morally crush them. This organization will have such power.

The party will be so extreme in its virtue, and so furious in its resolve, that it will scare even the virulently anti-liberty communists and moslems.

But it will still be a friendly, easy-going, low-key group. Or, at least, as much as is possible for an association which is always looking for an intellectual fight -– the bigger and nastier, the better.

It should be a fun organization -– always looking to party and enjoy itself, as it relentlessly self-promotes.

It will be an idealistic group on a mission. But it won't be a "cause" looking for people to "sacrifice" to. It won't be an organization of fanatics and maniacs –- or, at least, hopefully not in any ponderous or overserious way.

How will such an extreme and radical political group gain even minor popularity? Does it have any chance to succeed at all?

And what will be the structure of this unique organziation? How will
it be run and by who?

Hard to say. In large part I plan to make it up as I go along. Should be interesting and fun! However, I hope to be flexible, clever, and fast on my feet.

I also hope to show people how it's done. I'll try to demonstrate how this wildly ambitious, idealistic, and radical organziation can and should function. It won't be easy for me to tell or teach anybody. I mostly just have to show you. But I think I know what I'm doing.

Initially, the party will probably just be on social media and the internet. And, ultimately, it may never venture beyond that –- eventually, or quickly, dying out. We shall see.

But it will be immensely worthy of existence and success. It will deserve to be victorious. And because truth is stronger than ignorance, and good is more powerful than evil, it may indeed triumph!

Getting the Theory Right

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Lindsay - I'm not an intellectual dilettante. It's just that I know the power of philosophy, principle, and truth.


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Actually, Bruno, you are a neoliberal, whether you know or like it, or not. But I suppose it depends how we define the term. I define it as a liberal which generally agrees with the best of the Greeks and Romans, the Renaissance and Enlightenment, and the avant guarde libertarians and Objectivists.

Who says neoliberals are opposed to the nation-state? I'm not. I think it makes sense to unite people in one country who are generally similar and naturally friendly and cooperative.

Coercive taxation is theft. So are tariffs. Government fees need to be voluntary and contractual.

"Free" trade with hostile or tyrannical countries is anti-freedom and criminal. The government needs to prevent it. No-one is allowed to sell guns and bombs to dictatorships.

I think in terms of what he does -- and ignoring some of what he does and how he acts -- Trump is overall the best, and most pro-libertarian, president of my lifetime. He's slightly superior to Reagan. So far.

Legitimate and Proper

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Lindsay -- I want to create a political party which is good. Which is proper and legitimate. Which is, finally and at long last, pro-liberty. Popularity isn't the goal.

I think good, well-educated, cutting-edge people need and deserve a political organization which they can proudly support. They need a party which they can vote for and be proud of -- and not feel guilty about and sick to their stomach over.

The US Libertarian Party fails to meet that standard egregiously. The world needs a new organization.

Hear, Hear!

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Trump is a spectacular President, and I support the "Trumping" of the Republican party. A patriotic, nationalistic, and Constitutional minded party, with an America First agenda.

The battle-lines have become very clear. Soros-promoted Dem-Scum like the socialists who've just won primaries in New York and Florida, with their borderless world a la Binswanker; Antifa; Social Justice Warriors; Islamo-Marxism—or the Founders' America. The "Trump's not an Objectivist, therefore vote for Hillary" line pushed by the ARISIS Obleftivists bespeaks a sell-out by ARI behind the scenes some time back.

Kyrel, this is not a time to be a dilettante. The wise and honest must now repair to Trump as if the future of their Republic depended on it, because in fact it does.

I'm not a neoliberal

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Sorry, Kyrel. But I'm simply not a "neoliberal"!

I hold the nation-state as necessary and good. Neoliberalism, just like the old liberalism, loses sight of the nation because of a misplaced concept of the individual. Individualism does not function within a tribally divided state where multiculturalism reigns supreme, i.e. the logical consequence of mass immigration, whether the immigrants be "deserving" or not, if they constitute large numbers and from radically different cultures.

Also, just like the Founders, I believe the best form of taxation is the indirect, and the most indirect is the tariff. Neoliberals, just like libertarians and "Objectivists", are radically opposed to a shift in the tax code whereby tariffs are the main revenue source for the government, because of a misplaced concept of free trade. Unilateral free trade, especially with foreign and hostile nations, is against the long term enlightened national self-interest.

In other words, Trump is a spectacular President, and I support the "Trumping" of the Republican party. A patriotic, nationalistic, and Constitutional minded party, with an America First agenda.

Kyrel—Yes Really!

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Until you can see that gratuitous infantile portentousness is transparently ludicrous and won't win a single vote, you won't fill a phone-booth with it, let alone a town hall.

Here is the dreadful dead-end of self-absorption presumed to be sanctioned by Rand (when it wasn't): it leads to deformity of character.

"Vanity is the most second-hand of the vices."

—Ayn Rand


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Olivia -- Trump isn't even a shadow of what a real political leader should be. He's wrong on 100% of the major issues.

On Really?

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Lindsay -- We shall see. Sticking out tongue

Nor I

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Of course Kyrel's political party of one lone Narcissist won't go anywhere. I headed up a doctrinally pure party myself once, and it actually started to do quite well, till I ceded control to Narcissists, who destroyed it.

I am really annoyed with Trump. Because of him I can't get anything done. He had another of his goddam rallies today, and I followed the live stream on the channel below. In the lead-up, protracted because of the ceremony for the rancid corpse of the treasonist McCain, they kept playing Americana like America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn, Star-Spangled Banner etc. I was a blubbering wreck. Then, finally, Trump was able to proceed. I continued to be a blubbering wreck. And Obleftivists tout talentless, charisma-bypassed globalist SJW Soros-worshippers Yawon and Amy??!!

America is back!!!!!

USA!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great time to be alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I can't understand why you're starting a new party when you have the most unbelievably amazing President acting out such good stuff right in front of your very eyes!

Uh, No

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Grant -- It's not possible for me to express how much I disagree with that freedom-fighting strategy, if it even is that. Even if the US Libertarian Party was ten times more principled than it currently is, I still wouldn't want to spend more than trivial time and effort working to improve them. Would you also want God to convert Himself into an ant in order to help repair some anthill partially trampled by a wandering cow? He has better things to do and better ways to do them.

No Thanks

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Your time would be better used by joining the Republican Party and working to unCuck it.

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