Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: An Emotional Cloud of Camouflage

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Submitted by Olivia on Sun, 2018-09-30 01:59

By Olivia Pierson

From her perfected facial expression of a cute little doe caught in the headlights of a car, to her highly affected baby-voice, Dr. Ford’s performance of a sex assault victim on the verge of a spiritual collapse due to an event 36 years ago just does not ring true to me. What she strikes me as, more than anything, is a squid squirting out ink as a camouflage. Her “ink” consists of soft, vulnerable, feminine emotions which plume around her manipulating everybody to go easy on her because she’s delicate and close to breaking. It’s called playing the victim, the operative word being ‘playing.’

The Democrats who vowed they would prevent Judge Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice by any means possible have found the perfect spectre of female victimhood in Dr. Ford - and we know how much they adore fake victims. They don’t love real victims however, like Juanita Broadderik. Women like Mrs. Broadderik don’t serve any of their purposes. Women like Dr. Ford do. Spectacularly.

This is a woman who comes off as one who would be afraid of her own shadow. A scaredy-cat type, who is obviously very intimidated during her hearing in front of the judicial committee and indeed the whole of the American nation - and who wouldn’t be? That’s intimidating stuff to bear for anyone. I don’t hold that against her in the least.

What I do find objectionable in her testimony against Judge Kavanaugh, is the fact that she claims with “100 percent certainty” that he sexually assaulted her, thereby “drastically altering her life” at fifteen years of age, but then she forgot about such a life-altering incident until 2012, when it apparently resurfaced in a therapy session with her husband. How can this be true for a woman with a bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology, a masters degree in clinical psychology, a masters degree in epidemiology and a PHD in educational psychology? How can this woman who is so highly educated in psychology be someone who fails to get therapy along her life path for something she claims was so “drastically life- altering” in her teens?

What I also find objectionable in her testimony is that Dr. Ford claims to not know the exact house where the incident took place, how she got there or how she got the six odd miles back to her parents’ house, yet she categorically states that she only “drank one beer.” She states that she never told anyone about the incident (before 2012) not any of her friends or even her parents. She says she didn’t tell her parents because she didn’t want them to know she was drinking beer with boys. Fair enough. But why did she not tell her girlfriend Leland Keyser who was also at the house with her when the incident took place, and was probably also drinking beer with boys? Dr. Ford says she feared for her life when Kavanaugh was supposedly on top of her with his hand covering her mouth. So she has what she thinks at the time is a near death encounter, which she escapes from, and fails to mention this to her friend who was also at the small gathering (and perhaps even gave her a ride home)? That too makes no sense. The most objectionable aspect to Dr. Ford’s statements about Leland Keyser’s presence at this gathering is that Keyser herself has submitted to the judiciary committee a written statement saying that she has absolutely no memory of being at such a gathering or of ever meeting Brett Kavanaugh.

This whole hearing with Dr. Ford strikes me as a highly perfected performance to sound as victim-like as possible. She herself, as well as all the Democratic senators fawning over her, use the language of “reliving the trauma” by having to recall it for the hearing. Oh please! I’ve heard actual rape survivors, one of whom was raped at knifepoint when she was fifteen, recall such incidents with very little emotion on display at all because it is so far back in their pasts and they’ve learned to live with the memories dispassionately for the sake of their own wellbeing. In comparison, Dr. Ford’s insufferably overplayed emotional vulnerability and pain, as if she were recalling something that happened yesterday instead of 36 years ago, just seems utterly faked and more like squid ink. An emotional cloud of camouflage.


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Olivia asks:

"How can [all this bizarre behavior] be true for a woman with a bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology, a masters degree in clinical psychology, a masters degree in epidemiology and a PHD in educational psychology?"

How can it not be? Today's psychology messes with your mind. Its theories are so irrational, deviant, and freakish that after you "study" it for a while, you no longer know up from down or black from white. Any outlandish theory or claim sounds perfectly true to you.

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