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Submitted by Bruno on Mon, 2018-10-01 12:49

Episode One of the Bruno e Linzio weekly transmission is now live!

We don't ask for hours of your attention, unlike many other podcasters; our transmission lasts thirty minutes and no longer!

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Follow the money

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Obleftivists are being paid by the Kochs, by their own admission. By Soros as well I suspect. Serious introspection has no chance against serious sluttery.

I was glued to that all the

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I was glued to that all the way through. With Amy & Yaron it's a struggle to stay listening.

"If Objectivists find themselves on the side of Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Obama, Hillary Clinton et al,."

You would think that that alone would be enough to stimulate some serious introspection.

Quality Listening

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Lindsay and Bruno -- It isn't ADD to refuse to listen to droning drivel, like from Molyneux and Yaron/Amy. It's a rational, moral, wise use of one's sacred and irreplaceable time. I hope you two guys make a habit of coming directly to the point, speaking with principle and passion, and saying something new every show.

I especially hope your new t'v' show aims at the intellectual and moral elite. These are the folks that rule the world -- not the mindless, soulless masses. These "best and brightest" are also the intellectually-starving folks who most desperately need neoliberal and Objectivist commentary and analysis. I don't think Molyneux and Yaron/Amy are currently getting the job done.

Best of luck and I'll be watching! Smiling


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Thanks for your support! "Intelligent, principled, fiery, Objectivist-style" is exactly what we aim to be. Please note we deliberately keep our podcast short with ADD folk in mind! We know even half an hour is a challenge, but it's better than Molyneux or Amy/Yawon burbling on for over an hour and a half, in a way that hurts one's eardrums, we're sure you'll agree!


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I finally got around to checking out this YouTube discussion show. I listened to the first half tonight, and found it reasonably interesting. I plan to watch the rest soon and try to catch up with the other two episodes. I initially wasn't all that clear what it even was! However, it's marvelous to see a new, intelligent, principled, fiery, Objectivist-style, discussion show. Good job, Bruno and Lindsay! Smiling

A New Textbook of Americanism

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Great show.

The book has one review at Amazon which starts "Most of the additional essays are excellent and relevant to today's political scene."

However, there is one glaring and unfortunate inclusion on the editor's part.

For some reason, Mr. Hoenig included an essay by Stuart Hayashi titled "On the Alt-Right" which, on the surface, seems innocuous. However, it is, in fact, a hit piece aimed at Milo Yiannopoulos and Breitbart News. Neither the man nor the website deserve the injustice of the smears which flow from Hayashi's pen. It is ludicrous on the face of it to claim that either Milo or Breitbart are Nazi supporters or white nationalists. (The fact that Milo is an open and proud Jewish homosexual and constantly comments on his attraction to black men should have been the single clue that allowed Mr. Hayashi to realize this simple fact.)

Hayashi conflates and confuses Milo's defense of the Anglosphere (Western Civilization) with white nationalism. The Anglosphere is not a racial construct. It is a cultural construct which flows out of the free institutions of England: public juries, free speech, private property, representative government, rule of law, etc. The Anglosphere is the cultural/political system which supports individuals and the free market. Taking pride in being part of that inheritance - and defending that inheritance - does not make one a white nationalist. It does mean that one can take pride in being civilized. (The best book on the Anglosphere is _Inventing Freedom_ by Daniel Hannan.)

What is puzzling is that anyone who has spent ten minutes following Milo would know all of this; Milo's speeches are all easily available online. Hayashi does footnote several of them, but this only increases the puzzlement. In any case, and in this specific case, neither ignorance nor ill-will are attractive qualities. Hopefully, in a second edition the other contributors will call for this shameful essay to be omitted, as its inclusion is an insult to Ayn Rand and all of her true admirers.

Ray Shelton contributed the review.


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And, well done. Thanks for elaborating on ARI's latest atrocity "The New, New Textbook on Anti-Americanism." I found your idea that Bernstein's call for civility is an attempt to save this "book" from the abuse and ridicule it so richly deserves most interesting. You're probably correct. I'll note that Bernstein did not record his objection to the practice of calling Objectivists who oppose ARI "waycist." As with the rest of the left, for Obleftivists civility is most definitely a one-way street. I look forward to next week's thirty minute show. Thirty minutes is sufficient for a "week in review" show, except for narcissists masquerading as individualists. Didn't someone write an article on counterfeit individualism?

And yes ...

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... the betrayal of Objectivism by Obleftivist OrgOists is beyond disgusting, and we don't yet know just what went on.

Here's what I posted to my e-mail group:

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My young friend Bruno from Milan and I have just recorded the first in our series, Bruno E Linzio, for It will be a weekly assault on Political Correctness, Trump Derangement Syndrome, "Democratic Socialism," academia, the media, moronnialism, Social Justice Warriors, Islamo-Marxists, Obleftivists, excruciatingly dumb fry-quackers and all other variants of The Filth, in favour of reason, freedom and authentic individualism. Here's Episode 1:

Very good Menfolk!

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The point that Ayn has been betrayed by the ARI so unbelievably - and for reasons that we cannot yet grasp - is an important one.
If Objectivists find themselves on the side of Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Obama, Hillary Clinton et al, they have severely strayed from anything Rand would recognise as even remotely sympathetic to her philosophy. Disgusting!

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