Bruno e Linzio Transmission - Episode 2 - Feral Leftists, Kavanaugh WIN, and Obleftivists

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Submitted by Bruno on Tue, 2018-10-09 00:49

The Bruno e Linzio Transmission continues this week, episode two even more rationally passionate and passionately rational!

We discussed feral leftists, Brett Kavanaugh, Obleftivists, and more.

#MOGA! #NotTiredOfWinning

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Thanks, Olivia! Smiling

I'm glad you enjoyed the Vivaldi, I thought it fit well!

Jordan Peterson is a lunatic, as exposed by Vox Day. He is not even on the Right. He is a leftist-lite, who just wants to rough off the hard edges (SJWs, etc.) of the Left.

I'll post here again the exposè, keeping in mind that the following is a video made to appeal to a wide audience, i.e. made consonant with the needs of short attention spans. More in-depth commentary can be found by searching for Vox Day's livestreams and blog posts on the subject.

Very enjoyable!

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Love the music at the end - triumphant! Smiling

Fancy Jordan Peterson saying that Kavanaugh should resign if confirmed?? Unconscionable! What terrible judgement.

Anyway, Drooling Beasts all over the show - screaming, howling and clawing at the Supreme Court Doors. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. I think they’re in hell and of course want to take us there too. But they won’t!!! The President was magnificent in the way he stuck by Kavanaugh. Loyalty is beautiful between good people.

Shoving it up The Filth's Ass

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