A Farewell Message from Leonard Peikoff

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Mon, 2018-10-15 01:03

Old Monster

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Neil -- You're right about all that. But Peikoff still hasn't apologized for taking an overall religious and cult approach to his organization and the O. movement. Nor has he apologized to all the good people he and his allies excommunicated and slandered. Nor has he made one for all the fraudulent books issued by ARI and company.

Peikoff damaged the progress and happiness of the globe immensely. He's one of history's great villains.


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He is largely responsible for the problems with the ARI today. But he's up there in years and seems to love life. Very refreshing compared to the shrill and angry Yaron Brook.

ARI Changing

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I'm shocked that ARI hasn't censored my comment, or excommunicated me from their YouTube channel, over the past 3 days (under my Classical Liberal Warrior account). What next, open discussion and debate? Honest and legitimate intellectual exchanges? I hope they realize that's the death of ARI as we know it.

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