Obleftivist Stuart "Bronie" Hayashi Allies with The Filth

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Mon, 2018-10-15 02:36

Hayashi is being presented as a "New Intellectual" by leading Obleftivists. For example, his incredibly awful article in "The New Textbook on Americanism," a book hijacks Ayn Rand's accomplishments in order to provide ego strokes for mediocrities.

The Fake News magazine Newsweek just published an article deploring the fact that some on the "right" are starting to fight the leftist mobs. Of course, Hayashi sides with the leftist mob. From his keyboard in Honolulu, he can't imagine the existence of men who will actually fight for their rights and freedom against the Democratic Party's Brownshirts.

"It’s getting more and more difficult to say, “Oh, yeah? You accuse right-wing immigration skeptics of being dangerous, but it’s Antifa leftists who are violent, not the right-wing immigration skeptics.”" - Hayashi.
Link: https://twitter.com/legendre00...

Newsweek's mendacious article that cites the Southern Poverty Law Center as a reputable source: "Violent Far-Right, Pro-Trump Group Hits New York Streets, And Fox News Sees Them as Victims."