Episode 3 - Democrats & Leonard Peikoff

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Submitted by Bruno on Tue, 2018-10-16 23:05

The Bruno e Linzio Transmission is now at its third weekly installment!

This week we discussed the Democrats' refusal to be civil, and Leonard Peikoff's latest appearance.

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Leonard Peikoff early impressioned by Rand

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I've just seen this for the first time. Leonard speaks of his early take up of Rand's thought. Way before the Anti-Rand Institute got taken over by perverts of Objectivism. He comes across as a good soul.

Enjoyed Beyond Measure

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I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. I get so tired of the endless Trump bashing in other "arenas." I love Dr. Peikoff and his work so much. I often wonder how he feels about what is going on. I'm glad to hear he's happy and enjoying himself.

On another note, I hadn't thought about the discussion you had about the Democrats and civil discussion in quite those terms before. I think I had an implicit understanding that civil discourse for them was not an option any longer. But it didn't become explicit for me until I heard this discussion. And then tying it into "human" and "sub-human" made it clearer. There's a certain point at which, when reason is abandoned, you can no longer sanction dealing with someone any longer. They've been the ones making communication impossible, and for obvious reasons.


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Degrees of human-ity are central to the internet NPC meme which is driving commies nuts.


Twitter is banning references to it, but it's as indestructible as the internet itself.

Grazie Olivia!

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Of course, I have no intention of letting go of "sub-human." "Human" as a moral evaluation has to be earned. It's not just biology. And yes, even as sub-humans should enjoy equality before the law, they should not, in a civilised society, enjoy such prerogatives of humans as the right to vote. They are The Filth, after all! Why should humans be affected by The Filth's illiterate, ignorant and evil voting decisions?!

And, yes again, the Auckland Obleftivists are pathetic and contemptible in their half-wit Binswankerian intrinsicist dogmatism. I'd like to see them, when they can take time out from supporting Phascist Phil in denying a venue to Stefan and Lauren, offering board and lodging (free of course) to the dinky little savages, "self-selected for virtue," currently marching up to America from Honduras.


Where Mao was concerned, it was his Red Guards—the moronnials of his time—who were sub-human en masse. And in the time of Mussolini, the Black Shirts. Antifa! But we must call it Profa. Pro-Fascist. That's what it is! Sub-human Profa!

Sub-humans! Very well said...

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I fully understand why Lindsay won’t let go the “sub-human” epithet - and it’s important.

As he makes the case - when humans don’t engage in rational discussion, debate or ideas, but instead just call for violence, in a country which is now full of freedoms and economic boom, one is not dealing anymore with humans, they are primordial beings who act as though they don’t have a fucking brain and will not credit you with one either. Were the Nazis, the Fascists of Italy and Mao’s secret police “humans?” I think not. They turned their backs on acting with any humanity. Their violence, and propensity for it - and willingness to engage in it - disqualifies them from the noble term of “human." Again, we are talking about them calling for violence in a country that is free and booming, not in reaction to a country that is something equivalent to Venezuela or Stalinist Russia. This is America for Christsakes!

By way of a comparison, I offer you the speech from Thaddeus Stevens, as Lincoln pulled out all stops to push the Emancipation Proclamation into law. (This is Spielberg’s finest film by a long shot, in my opinion.)

Note: Stevens excoriates the pro-slavery George Pendleton from Ohio for being “more reptile than man.” This, in the context of making the point that he does not hold equality in “all things” but only equality “before the law.” Great scene!! Smiling (Pity Spielberg is now on the wrong side of history - he should know better if he can make these points so poignantly in movies; reality seems to be a matter men such as he cannot rationally connect with their bloody art.) Sad and infuriating!

On another note, this Binswanger stuff about having the right to travel without borders being an issue: now I know who Auckland Objectivists such as Peter Cresswell get their stupid, stubborn dogmas from. I’ve heard Cresswell expressly say that "before the First World War there was no such thing as passports - and that should be the ideal.” So, in the name of that ideal, he is not sympathetic to walls and staunch immigration laws, as if the world today were not as it was (that’s a very poor reading on reality). Well.... he’s talking about a time that is over one hundred years ago and the world changed irretrievably during that time. Now we certainly do need borders and passports. And keeping the savages out is a damn good reason to have them strictly enforced.

Good show Bruno e Linzio! Smiling

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