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[A careless time-traveler has evidently lost track of a book from the future. Based upon a small collection of related materials which have also -- by curious methods -- fallen into my hands, she was evidently an anthropologist making use of various anachronistic (to her) reference materials for her historical studies. The book in question is a memory stick 2022 edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica which, by luck, does work on my computer. Of the many fascinating entries inside, one which stands out is called 'The Israeli War of Normalization'. A copy is appended below:]

The Israeli War of Normalization

On May 1st, 2020 an "up-wing liberal" named Randall Viktorein was amazingly selected Prime Minister of Israel. His libertarian political party, Freedom Now, had received only four seats in the 120-seat Knesset from the election three weeks previous. But he was generally viewed by a majority of all Israelis as a generally good person -- if somewhat eccentric -- and a strong, trustworthy leader. Hence, after much wrangling and frustrating political stalemate, Viktorein was chosen as a compromise candidate in an unwieldy coalition between various far-right, centrist, and moderate-left parties, as well as Freedom Now.

Viktorein (pronounced "vick-tore-INE") was known -- or at least thought to be -- a quietly fiery, pro-liberty radical, but also a man of reason and good sense, with an essentially solid, judicious, prudent character. Israelis basically thought he would exercise a moderating and thoughtful influence on the somewhat awkward right/left alliance. All together the parliamentary coalition only enjoyed a two-seat majority in the Israeli parliament, and it was thought the titular leader would do little to upset the delicate balance and thus risk being swiftly voted from power.

But circumstances forced Randall Viktorein's hand. Or did they? Pundits debate it to this day [i.e. 2022].

On June 6th, 2020, after a relatively mundane first month in office, the independent and tyrannical Gaza Strip launched a series of unprovoked attacks upon southern Israel that outraged the country. This included a sustained rocket attack using smuggled Iranian missiles which managed to evade Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile protective shield. The assault killed 17 school children at Kiryat Gat and caused wild, spontaneous celebrations throughout the Strip. The Israeli public demanded retribution and Viktorein complied.

On June 8th, at dawn, the Israeli Defense Force launched a full-scale retaliatory strike, and by 7 PM they had conquered the entirety of Gaza. What happened next is what established Randall Viktorein's reputation.

At high noon the next day one hundred of the top Palestinian captured leaders were gathered on the beach at the Israeli/Gaza northern border. Twenty each were heads of the Gaza Strip's government, party (Hamas), military, police, and religious authority. All were publicly executed. That evening, in a nationally televised address, the Prime Minister explained: "Muslim and Arabic enemyship and evil seem to know no bounds. This unspeakable horror has gone on since at least 1948 (Israel's founding). Enough is enough."

The world was shocked. A majority of all nations on earth broke diplomatic relations with Israel. On June 12th, 2020 a joint statement from China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and seven other dictatorships stated baldly: "This was an act unprecedented in human history. We can not and will not abide it. The Zionist regime must be severely punished, if not terminated. Randall Viktorein himself must be executed."

But Israel's population -- though amazed by the military executions -- considered the various foreign statements, and diplomatic and trade actions of the world, to be a gross overreaction. And they were still openly jubilant over the completeness of the recent military victory, and quietly pleased by the decisiveness of the actions taken against the top leaders of their seemingly perpetual enemy. So they decided to back their triumphant Prime Minister heavily. Viktorein won a no-confidence vote in the Knesset by a remarkable 22 votes.

Israel's parliamentary vote, and near-universal world condemnation, lead to massive riots throughout the Muslim and Arab world. Hundreds perished in street battles with police.

This Muslim and Arab "intifada" or uprising included Israel. Gaza itself was close to chaos.

So on June 16th "our hero Randy" determined to press his luck. Without any foreign or Israeli Muslim press allowed inside military-occupied Gaza, and over a two-day period, Viktorein expelled all resident Muslims and Arabs into the Sinai Desert. He did so, he said, "with profound apologies to the people of Egypt".

Probably knowing they would refuse, the Israeli leader offered $20 billion in compensation to the Egyptian nation to be spent as they wished. "You do not have to spend it on the Palestinian monsters themselves," he declared.

Egypt declined. Prime Minister Viktorein then proposed an annexation of the now-depopulated Gaza Strip. The Knesset hesitated. The sudden massive refugee crisis in Sinai made them doubly nervous. But, rather astonishingly, a still aroused and exultant Israeli public pressured their government representatives to agree. Or at least to trust in the wisdom and plan of Viktorein. On June 22nd, 2020, by a close vote, the Gaza Strip was annexed to the state of Israel.

The West Bank then launched a rather pathetic war in sympathy with Gaza. But the IDF was more than ready. Within two days the entire area was conquered as well. One hundred more Arab leaders -- mostly PLO -- were publicly executed. And by June 27th, 2020, the entire population of Muslims and Arabs -- minus most of the Druse -- was expelled into Jordan.

Viktorein stated his position boldly: "You (Jordanians) have our profound sympathy. But we are sick to death of almost a century of unremitting Muslim and Arab hatred and aggression. Your kind offer us almost nothing but mass-slaughter, wars of annihilation, and genocide. And Jordan has actively participated in this for most of its history. Now you must partially pay the price for your appalling and unforgivable evil." He contemptuously offered them $10 billion in compensation for the burden of the new refugees. This was only half of what was offered Egypt for a larger group of unexpected, new residents.

Jordan declined. On June 30th, 2020 "Judea and Samaria" were annexed.

Virtually all of Israel marveled at their "liberated" new lands and celebrated their unprecedented new leader. Most called Viktorein a "war hero". A small but insistent group called him a "hero of philosophy". It was virtually an explosion of happiness.

But a vocal minority worried openly. They said the Prime Minister was guilty of "violating Judaism". And a tiny minority of post-modernists, progressives, Marxists, and kibbutz members condemned him bitterly and personally.

But these critics were generally dismissed with contempt. Viktorein's national approval rating was sky-high. There was about three weeks of largely quiet and wondrous contemplation. Many Israelis moved to or set up shop in the new territories.

But on July 22nd, 2020, after vast encouragement by jihadi Iran and the heavily-armed southern militias, Lebanon attacked. Yet again the IDF seemed well-prepared. It was later learned that Israeli intelligence had almost total fore-knowledge of this assault days before it began.

Despite it all, Israel took heavy casualties during the first six hours. More than 200 civilians and 40 soldiers perished. But they soon turned the tables. New weaponry, hitherto unknown, was employed and the Lebanese ultimately suffered over a quarter million casualties, including almost 100,000 dead. Hezbollah especially was hurt. The Lebanese invaders barely crossed the border, and by the end of the first day almost the entire area south of the Litani River was subdued. Within 72 hours all of Lebanon was conquered. More leadership executions followed.

No-one thought the Israelis would dare expel the long-established Lebanese. Their history as an independent nation essentially went back millennia. Where would the heterogeneous Lebanese people even go? The act would be virtually without precedent -- and especially shocking behavior for Jews.

But from July 26 to 28 this is exactly what happened. Excerpt for a majority of the Maronite Christians, all Lebanese were herded into Syria. This time there was no offer of compensation.

Viktorein stated simply: "You Syrians are virtually all subhuman monsters. You have freely, willingly, and even joyfully chosen to be our heartless and deadly enemy for over 70 years. The refugees are now your problem to deal with. Perhaps soon we'll give you far worse."

During the three-day Lebanese expulsion, China and Russia openly threatened a massive attack, including possible nuclear assault, if the deportation wasn't halted immediately. Israel responded with utter silence. But the depopulation continued apace.

It was later learned that Prime Minister Viktorein had communicated with both dictatorships within two hours of receiving their ultimatums. Prior to the phone replies, he had had only one brief cabinet meeting in which barely a majority of his government was present. All present counseled a temporary or permanent stop to the Lebanese expulsion. Viktorein refused.

It was eventually revealed that the Israeli leader had spoken directly and bluntly to the Chinese and Russian dictators. He had stated emphatically that they too would be hit if they dared to interfere in the population transfer. To their utter shock, Viktorein threatened both nations with nuclear war.

No military action was taken by China or Russia. They too fell strangely quiet. The world had no opinion about what had just taken place -- or what was about to. They waited in fear and immense curiosity.

One result of the catastrophic threats from the two superpowers was that the Israeli public continued to rally round their leader and conquering hero. His popularity remained thru the roof.

On the foreign policy front there was a kind of strange, deep silence for the next month. Some thought the "War of Normalization", as Viktorein called it, was over. Some thought it was another "Phony War" -- named after the early lull in WWII. The world adjusted -- sort of -- to the new Middle East status quo.

A small number of Israeli civilians moved into Old Lebanon. So did a bigger number of invited loyalist Americans and Western Europeans. Many said it was like inhabiting an Old West American ghost town.

Meanwhile, the world waited. Clearly there was still business to be done by the Jewish State. The Middle East military and political situation wasn't fully stable. And so behind the scenes -- and even somewhat in public -- a newly confident and self-righteous Israel did almost everything it could to provoke Syria.

It insulted their people calling them "willing slaves, without honor or self-respect". It insulted their leaders saying all of them "deserved death". The Defense Minister even insulted their Prophet publicly calling him "virtually the lowest monster and most disgusting human being who ever lived".

Israel viciously mocked and derided almost everything about "this loser country of worthless scumbags" as Randall Viktorein stated privately -- but somehow this got out. Viktorein also secretly commented that: "Everyone knows the Syrians are a bunch of sissy-boy faggots who haven't an ounce of honor or pride". This statement too "leaked". The world was outraged. Israel's population grew nervous.

But Syria refused to budge. They dealt with the Lebanese refugee crisis as best they could, assisted by an outpouring of worldwide aid. Syria gave Israel no excuse to invade and conquer.

Behind the scenes, however, Syria was under almost indescribable pressure. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia -- normally bitter enemies -- insisted on a war. So did China and Russia. All four tyrannical states pledged massive military assistance.

Finally, Syria moved. But their forces barely left their barracks, and not one troop successfully crossed the border into Golan or recently-taken Lebanon. Israel countered with a mighty blitzkrieg. Ultimately, their nation fell in three days with Damascus being overrun on Day One.

But on Day Two of the Syrian War -- on September 1st, 2020 -- the government of Israel received what it considered to be absolutely intolerable public and private threats from its two new enemies. So rather than waiting for nuclear annihilation from the allied superpowers, Israel did the unthinkable. It simultaneously detonated nuclear bombs in Nantong and Volgograd. It seems that these weapons -- at some unknown time -- had somehow been smuggled into the cities previously.

One minute after the attacks -- and before the mushroom clouds had even reached their full height -- Viktorein went on national television. His statement -- in English -- was eight seconds long: "If provoked, next time it will be Shanghai and Saint Petersburg." After he lapsed into silence, the camera stayed on his face for a full 15 seconds. During this time he didn't turn away, blink, or change expression. His look was one of unmistakable deadly intent.

To this day Israel has refused to explain when, how, or why she inserted the evidently pre-positioned weapons. It's not even positively known that they were planted.

What's known is that over half-a-million died in each city. The world awaited a nuclear Armageddon. Even the Israeli people did. But they prepared for their black fate with surprising defiance and a new-found pride.

"Israel is now a fully normal country," Viktorein declared, "even if only for a few days -- or hours."

Amazingly, the Syrian War continued without pause. By the next day, Syria was fully subdued -- even as the IDF expectantly looked over its shoulder at China and Russia. By September 5th, to no-one's surprise, all the Syrians were forcibly expelled into Saudi Arabia. No explanation or compensation was offered. In general, no-one said a word. Everyone was waiting for the Chinese and Russian nuclear shoes to drop.

But they didn't. Neither nation acted.

What messages and threats were exchanged between Beijing, Moscow, and Jerusalem? No-one knows. What role did Western powers have in this secret communication and nuclear non-exchange? No-one knows. Or at least no formal explanations by the relevant parties has ever been publicly offered.

By September 12th, after about a week of non-warlike activity from everyone, the world turned fully to the United States of America. Everyone expected -- and entirely demanded -- that America take action to rein in her close friend and ally.

But the United States was both divided and paralyzed. Many flat-out admired their Jewish friends and wished them further triumph. Private money poured into Israel like Niagara Falls. Immigration surged and overwhelmed the Israeli airports.

On September 22th, Rand Viktorein gave his famous speech. "Fear not," he said to his fellow citizens in a live telecast which was broadcast worldwide. He commanded more than two billion viewers. "I will guide you through. We have many difficulties in front of us. But also many opportunities.

"Our enemies are virtually all depraved lowlifes and monsters. We Israelis are heroes -- men of immense moral goodness. And everyone on Earth knows this.

"Our defensive ability is formidable and even awesome. And our offensive capacity is more dynamic and ferocious than anyone dare find out!

"But our main strength is my understanding of political science. Scarcely any single person on Earth knows more than I. My understanding and love of liberty and justice will protect us all. It will guide us unfailingly toward victory. We shall soon be far better off than when all this aggression against us began."

The speech was without precedent. The world's reaction was all over the map. But generally it was one of stunned indignation and outrage.

But what wasn't known then was how savagely Israel had threatened the two nuclear superpowers in private. Nor was it even realized exactly what type of warfare was threatened. It still hasn't been fully disclosed.

But what is highly suspected is that Israel promised at least some type of cyber-war in which the Russian and Chinese nuclear devices -- and other weapons -- might be mostly or entirely neutralized (!). Israel claimed to have the means to deliver nuclear bombs from one end of their countries to the other, and virtually everywhere in between. "Half your population will die. Half," they warned. "And virtually all of your leadership. All."

What is also known is that Israel launched an unprecedented and invasive propaganda effort directly into both nations. This included radio and t'v' -- from satellites -- and the internet. A great attempt was made by both nations to block the broadcasts. But for unknown reasons these almost always failed. The message got thru repeatedly and everywhere. Israel addressed the populations of China and Russia thus:

"You must not attack us as we finally decide to defend ourselves against our centuries-long hyper-evil enemies. You must not interfere in our morally-right, private fight. You must not side up with the forces of utter darkness and attempt to visit another holocaust upon us.

"You saw what we were willing and able to do. You must not invite further self-defense from us. You must not threaten our extermination -- publicly or privately -- yet again. Or the price you pay will be unspeakably horrific. It will be the death and destruction of WWII multiplied exponentially. And all in less than a day.

"Do not let the military and political leaders of your country miscalculate and kill you all. We repeat: Do not let the military and political leaders of your country miscalculate and kill you all. We will kill you all. We repeat: Kill. You. All."

There was an awful pause of over fifteen seconds in audio and video versions of the propaganda messages. Dead silence. Then the message resumed.

"But if you truly want to die, then go ahead and interfere in our entirely-virtuous and completely-private wars of self-preservation. Intervene in our desperate battles of self-defense. Go ahead and commit suicide. We shall accommodate you."

There was another long pause.

"If you and your brothers have a collective death-wish then: Bring it on! We say with passionate earnestness: Go for it! We shall accommodate you."

This was followed by bone-chilling laughter of the most insulting sort. It went on and on. Then the announcer quickly continued:

"Bring it on, boys. And good luck to you. Because this is going to be the last thing you and your comrades ever do." A classic and immensely sad funeral dirge then followed.

Almost everyone on earth thought Russia and China would respond to these exceptionally open and provocative death threats. And they did extravagantly insult the Israelis back. But, once again, they took no military action.

Israel then confronted a numb world and seized sizable pieces of Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Most of it had copious amounts of national resources, oil, arable land, or beautiful ocean-view real estate. Naturally, all local residents were expelled. The Muslim and Arab diaspora rose to over 60 million. But a stupefied world didn't even really blink.

On October 30th, Israel finally rested. There were no more military adventures or territorial expansions. The world silently gasped with relief.

Meanwhile, on the domestic front, Israel was busy. Immigrants poured in. Most were from Western Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea. Only about 8% were Jewish. The amount of free land, housing, and businesses offered was vast. But it was only for the sufficiently liberty-loving and pro-Israel.

Nothing happened for two full months. The world was quiet and well-content to catch its breath.

Then the PM shocked the locals (yet again) by calling for new elections. Within a day both Likud and Labor vowed to massively roll back Israeli gains. They swore to never again support their super-heroic -- but perhaps unpredictable and untrustworthy -- current leader. Worldwide accolades rolled in.

Likud and Labor issued a rare joint statement: "We love and honor Randal Viktorein. We respect and celebrate all that he has accomplished. There is no-one like him -- no-one.

"But his time is past. And he knows it. This is why he called these elections. He wants, and needs, to gracefully exit. We will gratefully accommodate him. We thank him profusely. No words can ever express our level of adoration. Now -- it's time to move on."

But 48 hours later the tide of public opinion had turned. The Israeli populace demanded the two parties reconsider. Grudgingly, they did.

After much strategic silence, PM Viktorein issued his own statement: "I'm not seeking to retire at all. I wish merely to fully legitimize the recent political changes. I humbly seek your approval for what has happened. Please vote for life, liberty, victory, greatness, and happiness. Please vote for Freedom Now."

The Israeli election was front page news around the world. Almost all other news was pushed to the side for a month. The campaign was animated by an unprecedented philosophical debate. Viktorein was unrelenting in his open advocacy of laissez-faire capitalism and libertarianism.

Two days before the election Freedom Now polled an astonishing 35% -- slightly ahead of both Likud and Labor. But the final results were even more spectacular. In the end, the Israeli electorate decided they couldn't really trust Likud or Labor to return their beloved leader to them. So they gave Freedom Now 63 legislative seats -- or 52% of the votes. A coalition was no longer necessary. But three sympathetic seats from both Likud and Labor were pealed away anyhow. A solid 69-seat alliance was now established.

By early January 2021 Israel had diplomatic relations with only three important states: America, Britain, and France. Only America still had her ambassador in Jerusalem. All others had long been recalled. Regaining diplomatic recognition from the world seemed to be Priority One for the Jewish State.

Instead, on January 7th, 2021, Israel sent out secret threats to every unconquered Muslim and Arab nation on earth: "Start or resume full diplomatic relations with us in three days -- or else."

All complied except Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. 72 hours on the dot after the warnings were issued, twelve cities were hit with massive nuclear bombs. Over eight million would die eventually.

New threats -- even harsher -- were issued. All three complied within a day.

All of Israel's new "friends" signed a special pledge: "We former enemies of Israel, subhuman and evil monsters, hereby apologize to every Israeli and Jew on the face of the earth. We hereby grant full, utter, and permanent recognition to the noble state and heroic nation of Israel. We abjectly admit, confess, and acknowledge their right to exist. We submit to them completely.

"We further admit that as tyrannical states and nations we ourselves have no right to exist. Consequently, ultra-virtuous Israel may conquer and kill us at will. We deserve this.

"We humbly, pathetically, servilely thank Israel and the magnificent Jews for not wiping us off the face of the earth. We know we richly deserve this. To mighty Israel we say openly and loudly: We grovel at your feet and beg you not to annihilate us, as virtually all of justice and morality demands."

To this day, every Muslim and Arab ambassador and leader makes this pledge publicly and on a weekly basis. They do so, as required, while prostrated on their knees while wearing extravagant clown outfits. No word on when this humiliating ritual will end!

But the Muslims and Arabs know their fate if they dare to not make their weekly vow. Israel currently has military bases and large luxury colonies in over a dozen nations of their former enemies. The foreigners pay for all of it and a large tribute besides. No word on when this settlement will end either.

As for the Muslims and Arabs which formerly enjoyed Israeli citizenship and residency, new rules have resulted in a deportation rate of over 98%.

All of this activity has been continuously and curiously referred to by Prime Minister Randall Viktorein as "normalization". He explains: "Israel is no longer postmodernist in philosophy. We are no longer self-hating and self-destroying. We aren't like America and the West. We are now pro-liberty. Israel is no longer filled with a majority of altruistic self-sacrificers and welfare statist traitors who are our own worst enemy." 

So what does the future hold for Israel now that it's won the War of Normalization and successfully cowed the entire world? Well, right now in late 2022, it continues to offer free businesses, homes, and land to all who will live there, work the land, and pledge pure loyalty to Israel, philosophical liberalism, and laissez-faire capitalism.

Israel's current population [in late 2022] is 17.1 million -- up from 8.4 million in early 2020. It's estimated that "Greater Israel" will soon number over 45 million residents -- almost 30 million extremely loyal but non-Jewish, non-voting non-citizens -- by the end of the decade. They already seem to possess the world's most powerful military. Some estimate that with their new pure capitalist and hi-tech economy Israel will be able to defeat the combined armies of the entire planet by 2030 -- if not sooner.

There have been many positive results of the Israeli Wars of Normalization. One is that Israel's per capita income has risen to $110,000 per person -- highest in the world. It seems headed to double or triple that within half a generation. Another benefit is the positive explosion in the variety and richness of Israeli culture. Whether in song, dance, clothing, hair, food, philosophy, literature, film, TV, comedy, etc. the Israelis are massively imitated worldwide.

One more general and obvious result is that Islam, religion generally, socialism, fascism, and overall tyranny are in radical decline everywhere on earth. So too welfare statism, including the now-discredited ideologies of right-wing conservatism and left-wing progressivism. The new worldwide cultural norm seems to be the dynamic and heroic politics and philosophy of what Randal Viktorein calls "up-wing liberalism".

Justice on the Grand Scale

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Doug -- That short story was a work of fiction. Israel could have been replaced in it by any virtuous and heroic nation. Previously I wrote a short story in which China was the pro-freedom nation leading the world.

Boy, you expressed a whole series of views which I don't agree with. But possibly they're worth addressing a bit.

In the short story, Israel does fight the Arabs and Moslems without any help, as you prefer. Indeed, America considered going against the Israelis near the end of the tale. This is what the whole world expected, because historically this is what America typically or universally does.

America in real life is actually mostly the enemy of Israel, as anyone with good insight can see. America is the 70-year "honest broker" between Jews and Moslems -- between Good and Evil. That amoralism and back-stabbing makes the U.S. Israeli's enemy. Maybe no-one else on earth knows this. But I have a rational and independent mind -- so I do.

The Israelis in the story are not "butchers". They behave with pure morality and justice. That was a large part of the story. Hopefully I surprised (and impressed) people with my step-by-step progression. Of course, I did go out of my way to make the leader Randall Victorein sometimes gleefully stomp all over the ideals of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, sensitivity, cultural relativism, etc. But I tried to include not a hint of cruelty or injustice on the part of the Good Guys in the action. Victorein is meant to be a flawless liberal in the story -- wise, brilliant, heroic, and utterly moral.

Sometimes it's easier to say something in fiction than non-fiction. That was part of my motivation for writing this radical and ferocious (to you) story.

I feel utterly confident that that work of fiction doesn't paint me as a "madman" or "idiot" or anything close. It just shows what should be already apparent: I'm the most radical Objectivist on earth. (I said this in person to Kelley in 2004 and Brook in 2006.) Also the strongest and most creative liberal thinker. I'm simply not like Rand, Branden, Kelley, Peikoff, or the rest. Don't expect me to follow in their footsteps when I think I can find a better way. I write both fiction and non-fiction at the highest level I can. (Altho I do have some high-quality stuff which I've written which I think the world isn't ready for.)

As for the proverbial 1967 U.S.S. Liberty incident, I think American arrogance, incompetence, and "the fog of war" decently accounts for it. Caution is warranted by over-curious, smug bystanders when a tiny nation like Israel is desperately fighting for its life. Mistakes happen. Israel isn't perfect. American orders were for that ship to move away, but they evidently received them too late.

Ultimately, America (and the whole West) has wounded and betrayed Israel far, far more than the reverse.


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If Israel wants to wage war against the entire Muslim world then let them do it on their own dime. Israel has been manipulating America to fight Jewish wars for over half a century now and the emerging right is sick of it. We don't care if Muslims kill Jews or Jews kill Muslims. Neither of them are white. Neither of them are Western. American foreign policy should never have incorporated the necessity of treating the Middle East as an American Satrap thus mandating Israel as a client state.

Personally I find your love of Jewish blood lust disgusting. No fan of the Muslims am I but the Israelis are clearly butchers in this case.

Kyrel, you are a Zionist madman. Cheering on the "Greater Israel" project when that nation is a sociopathic, manipulative, deceptive, HOMICIDAL nation with America blood on its hands (The USS Liberty just to name one incident) just underscores what an idiot you are and what idiocy Objectivism creates.

This movement really is a Jewish one.

Short Story

Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

I'm disappointed no-one has commented on my short story. Admittedly it might be too radical or ferocious for some people's tastes. Or maybe many people just hate it. But if anyone does intellectually, morally, or artistically disagree with what I said, or the way I said it, I'd be curious to learn the details. I personally found the tale fun to write, and a nice victory of Good over Evil, told in a unique fashion.

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