Keep It Classy Amy!

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Wed, 2018-10-31 22:45


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How can anyone take seriously someone who invokes the Messiah every other sentence? Really bad form, "Uncle Adolf".

Gariepy is a low consciousness thinker. He should stick with biology or whatever it is that he specialized in. During his interview of Vox Day he really proved his inferior capacity for reasoning. He was flabbergasted by elementary mathematics. Ashkenazi Jews *do not* have a 115 IQ. Period. Their over-representation in cultmarx elite circles has to be explained by other means, such as nepotism or some kind of leftist cultural milieu they stew in.

At the end of the day Gariepy is a very thirsty beta, as proven by when he had Roosh V on his show and he salivated and white knighted for that crazy bitch they had on.

PS. The brown shirts can kiss my ass. Or shine my shoes, more useful that way. Long Live Israel and Poland.

PPS. I have "the culture of critique" but I am so very uninterested in the topic that I have yet to get into the meat of it. I'm pretty sure I won't any time soon. Israel is a model on defending itself. US and Europe should follow suit. "Leftist Jews" can go screw themselves, along with leftist whites, blacks, yellows, purples, and pinks. Leftist Jews are very "anti-semitic" by the way, they hate themselves as much as Leftist whites do. I have first hand experience of such individuals.

PPPS. Lindsay is smarter and more honest than you, which is why he is philosophically light years ahead, while you dwell in neo-nazi sentimentalism. SAD. Olivia is a defender of Western liberal values, and has written a whole book about it. What have you done? Your disagreeing with her by crying out "Jesus!" every other sentence is really weak.

A real truth seeker

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Jean-Francois Gariépy is one of the smarter hbd analysts around (human bio diversity). He is no Nazi but a libertarian influenced geneticist and sane member of the alt-right. In this video he deals with what the "Jewish Question" actually is. He starts at about 11:00. He lays out the three levels of analysis that goes into the Jewish Question (JQ) and goes through the analysis. And the conclusion he reaches is that there is a negative interface between Jews and their host societies such that separation is a legitimate if not benevolent conclusion. Gariepy provides a sane and sober discussion of where the alt-right is coming from with their focus on Jews. And given the last few centuries of Western history, it is NOT an illegitimate question as Brook and Amy argue it is. THEY are the blind and ignorant. Isn't "willful evasion" supposed to be the essence of evil for Objectivists? Well...

Gariepy is a logical thinker, using "reason and evidence". Not Amy Peikoff or Yaron Brook. They are blind ideologues. And so are you Olivia. Listen to this video. Take and hour of you life and learn something.

And Lindsay and you using "Obleftivist" is irrelevant because the two of you are in *the same paradigm*. Just slightly off center. As I keep saying, there is not much difference between the ARIans and the SOLOists when you get down to it. Shit, you're a pro-Civil War, pro-Neo-Con foreign policy American imperialist. Just of the Randroid variety. You may think you are outside the Overton Window but you are right damn smack in the center of it. All of you on this forum are, except Neil and Bruno.

But Bruno is going to end up a Brown shirt with posters of Mussolini on is wall in a couple of decades no matter what he says. lol


Special note to Olivia:

Olivia, if you do nothing else watch the part of the video where Gariepy talks about what it was like to get a doctorate at Duke. Its powerful. It starts at 2:03:32. He shares his experience dealing with the university system and how in order to get his doctorate he had to go through an enormous amount of Jews; 50% of the entire system. And they are only 2% of the US population!! Its not because of any IQ edge. Its in-group preference.

The entire Academic system is largely controlled by Jews. Now, what the alt-right asks is: is this arrangement where a genetically and behaviorally different minority element within your society CONTROLS key institutions a healthy one? It is an entirely normal and healthy question. And Gariepy is not asking for violence just to consider the possibility of separation. Bowers was a violent killer, as was Timmothy Mcvey or Anders Breivik or Dillan Roof (all the right wing killers). But they are responding to a legitimate phenomenon. That is what Brook and Amy don't understand. And what Gariepy does understand; in a controlled, moral and thought provoking way. He's a model of rational thought, not those Objectivist midwits.

But I expect that of Brook. Amy is playing the role of Shabbos Goy. And she gave up having children for that. What a shame, especially when she's been so brainwashed by feminism (in its Objectivist variant) that she thinks she's superior for not having children.


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Also, Amy's channel has not even 1000 subscribers. Molyneux has close to a million. No Objectivist will ever get that much attention. What do you offer that people can't get from the anti-white mainstream?

Then find the fucking courage to lead the way Mac Doug! Create your charge against the Oblefitivists with your face in front of a camera, you pussy. Go on! What’s stopping you? Your fake boldness disgusts me beyond any measure. You’re a very poor excuse for a man. Perhaps you’re a woman just posing as a man. Yes, that would make more sense. Asshole.


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People have been on this long before you "person posing as dicky Doug..."

When I say that Objectivists are a leftist phenomenon, you people think I'm engaging in hyperbole. Just listen to Brook and Amy.

That’s why they’ve been labeled Obleftivists by people better than you, only not for the stupid, lazy reasons you revert to.

Brook is non-scientific and historically ignorant

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Yaron should debate Kevin MacDonald on Jewish influence and Jewish movements and see what logic, evidence and reasoned analysis truly is. Macdonald may ultimately be wrong but only a race blind ideologue can say that he doesn't make rational arguments. Jesus Christ, his trilogy on the Jews contains more researched footnotes in one page than Yaron Brook has produced in his entire career.

Brook is also mouthing a leftist talking point that Trump is stirring up hatred against Jews and minorities. Jesus Christ, is he even aware of what is said against white people on a daily basis? When I say that Objectivists are a leftist phenomenon, you people think I'm engaging in hyperbole. Just listen to Brook and Amy. They think, as does the Left, that any consideration of race and ethnicity is completely illegitimate and morally unjustifiable. That is exactly the leftist position.

Also, Amy's channel has not even 1000 subscribers. Molyneux has close to a million. No Objectivist will ever get that much attention. What do you offer that people can't get from the anti-white mainstream?

Too uninteresting to complete...

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but does Yaron ever let Amy complete a full thought or sentence without interrupting or talking over her?

He certainly loves the sound of his own voice, despite his horrific elocution.

Yaron should watch how Lindsay conducts himself with Bruno in their new shows, Lindsay being an actual world class professional broadcaster. No interrupting, no over-talking, but instead lots and lots of reflective listening takes place. Bruno is the same. How rare. It’s called a “conversation.” Smiling

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