E6 - Vice of Democracy & the Midterms

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Submitted by Bruno on Tue, 2018-11-06 11:25

The Bruno e Linzio Transmission - Weekly - Episode 6

The vice of Democracy, the US midterm elections, citizenship pledge of New Zealand and alcohol, demographic transformation of the state of Georgia, Hans Hermann Hoppe, the Orwellian state of Britain.

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The MOGA! Interview:

The leftist perversion of Objectivism:


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Journals of Ayn Rand

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Notes on Howard Roark, protagonist of The Fountainhead, text from The Journals of Ayn Rand:

quote -
Attitude toward life.

He has learned long ago, with his first consciousness, two things which dominate his entire attitude toward life: his own superiority and the utter worthlessness of the world. He knows what he wants and what he thinks. He needs no other reasons, standards or considerations. His complete selfishness is as natural to him as breathing. He did not acquire it. He did not come to it through any logical deductions. He was born with it. He never questions it because even the possibility of questioning it never occurs to him. It is an axiom to him as much as the fact of his being alive is an axiom. He is a man born with the perfect consciousness of a man. [This passage conflicts with AR’s rejection of innate ideas—see John Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged.]
-end quote

Further down:

He is in conflict with the world in every possible way—and at complete peace with himself. And his chief difference from the rest of the world is that he was born without the ability to consider others. As a matter of form and necessity on the way, as one meets fellow travelers—yes. As a matter of basic, primary consideration—no. And the whole tone of his life is set by that one idea, one feeling—he is “a reason unto himself.”


Politics—interested only in not being interested in politics. Society as such does not exist for him. Other people do not interest him. He recognizes only the right of the exceptional [man] (and by that he means and knows only himself) to create, and order, and command. The others are to bow. [Here we see a remnant of the Nietzscheanism prominent in The Little Street. For AR’s mature view, see “Man’s Rights ” in the Virtue of Selfishness.]

Also, realism towards man's (males especially) sexuality, later lost in Atlas Shrugged:

His attitude toward Dominique is not: “I love you and I am yours.” It’s: “I love you and you are mine.” It is primarily a feeling of wanting her and getting her, without great concern for the question of whether she wants it. Were it necessary, he could rape her and feel perfectly justified. Needless to say, it is she who worships him, and loves him much more than he loves her. He is the god. He can never become a priest. She has to be the priestess. Until his meeting with Dominique, he has had affairs with women, perfectly cold, emotionless affairs, without the slightest pretense at love. Merely satisfying a physical need and recognized by his mistresses as such.

Specifically, the idea that Francisco d'Anconia would become a sexual monk for his strike period, while continuously surrounded by supermodels, and furthermore not emotionally bursting in any way after Galt takes Dagny away from him, is a big stretch of poetic license. Note however, that Dagny's sexuality is very realistic, and, to use a modern term, perfectly in line with "female hypergamy". She is not interested in men of lower value than her, and she jumps from higher to higher value man and ultimately to the highest value man.

Georgia has made it, and Secession is necessary

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Thank God (and Trump's campaigning) Georgia seems to have made it, by a slim margin.

The demographic transformation of the State must end - or oblivion will soon ensue in Georgia, and all around.


I do not agree or accept this human/sub-human terminology. I think it is wrong and misleading. These are humans, this is the human condition. Stupidity on a massive scale. Ayn Rand's "ideal Man" is a platonic ideal, it does not exist. Wherever any human gets close to that ideal, it is a human that is both biologically and intellectually deviant. A fact, I remind you, recognized in The Fountainhead, but discarded in Atlas Shrugged.

Democracy has always been considered a malicious force because all philosophers have known that this reality of human nature is stable and irrevocable, and that egalitarianism is a lie. All Men are Not Created Equal. All human communities are composed of shepherds and sheep.

Until and unless the reality of human inequality is recognized and accepted, the West will continue down the road of self-destruction.


"If you don't want to be judged collectively, start acting individually" (in more or less these words, Stefan Molyneux has said yesterday). Too bad most people have not, will not, and presumably never will truly "act individually".


Individualism requires long-term reasoning, delaying immediate gratification, intelligence. All these are traits which have a significant biological basis.

Less intelligent people will always "out-breed" the more intelligent, and this means that the decline of a "democratic and egalitarian" society is inevitable. Each generation more stupid than the previous, and more easily hooked on drugs and all kinds of mindless addictions, molded easily into "useful idiots" of the ruling class in pursuit of power.

The non-ruling "natural (but not political) elite class" represented by the smart, honest, individualist deviants, never is to become ruling because of its temperament and its non-interest in power.


This is one of many reasons why the Right-Libertarian "private law society" project is more realistic (emphasis on "more", still extremely unlikely) than anything in the classical liberal camp, including Objectivist government-run laissez-faire. On the one side you have social realists, who accept the reality of human nature, and hence wish separation and a "leave me alone" type of social system, while the other supports ever-expanding government interference in order to "Bring Freedom and Democracy" everywhere and for all time, regardless of the fact that the subjugated people are completely and totally un-interested in receiving this "help".


The classical liberal emphasis on Government as a "liberating force" plants the seed for its own destruction. Helped by classical liberals, the state has grown to immense proportions all over the West, and has been completely (and predictably) taken over by hostile foreign and domestic power-lusting elites (and some useful idiot idealists).

Now the expansion is irreversible, and resistance is impossible. This "Government" force-of-good has become the most dangerous enemy of the classical liberals' so dear liberties.


The "cosmopolitan classical liberal", so open to foreigners and all kinds of "progressive" idealism, is being kept afloat (through the democratic process) by the supposedly backwards "rural areas", where normal, regular people, living normal and regular lives, have the natural and sound wish to be left the hell alone. And yet, the classical liberal keeps on pushing for the demographic transformation of the country, and the gradual and inevitable irrelevancy of the small rural population, hoping to "change people's minds" regardless of silly notions of "national origin".

The "progressive, open-minded" liberal rejects the role of shepherd to his own sheep. He disregards their interests, he reject their "nativism, xenophobia, etc". He wants to "free the Individual" regardless of where he comes from, hence shifting his focus to a cosmopolitan un-rooted grey mass of people. In his search for the Magic Individual, he never realizes just how small his "inner circle" of people is, and just how extraordinary, and deviant, his comrades are. A definitely exotic group, yet each of them more extremely deviant from their group of origin as the previous, all the while their diverse original stocks of peoples settle the host nation, and slowly devour the host culture and create an unrecognizable amalgamation of As and non-As.


Each nation-state is the sole property of its tax-paying and property-owning citizens, citizenship being the legally earned right to inherit the property of the previous generation.

The only peaceful and rights-respecting solution to the disaster of in-discriminatory and egalitarian open immigration, is for the state to be slowly taken piece by piece apart, and all of its property being restituted to its rightful owners. Each rural community will own communally all public facilities and land in its immediate vicinity, and will have the right to invite whomever it pleases. The cities will likewise be privatized and function by the same principles. All property privately owned, there shall be no such thing as a "right to travel", there shall only be the right to enter by invitation. No arbitrary granting of citizenship to foreigners, voting rights, use of public services.


As the old slogan of the secessionist movements of North Italy used to go: "Padroni a Casa Nostra!" - Masters in Our Own Homes!

No Grand Liberal State (attempting and failing) to impose freedom and tolerance, but a mosaic of free and independent communities, safe from the unwanted embrace of those inimical to their way of life.


Interestingly enough, Switzerland, which more or less functions in this fashion, is the most peaceful-yet-prosperous Western society, stable and isolationist in foreign policy, yet globalized and wishful to freely trade with the world. Most definitely not perfect, Switzerland has become the model of a functional Western society, while America has descended into chaos and schizophrenia.

Switzerland mind you, has a very large foreign-born population. Its immigration policy is purposefully designed to invite the peaceful and productive, and keep out the unwanted future burdens and potential internal enemies. Much fascinating, the mayor of each town has veto power over the granting of citizenship, and in one recent case two young muslim girls were rejected because they refused to "fit in" the host culture.

The Swiss model could never function if not for its (by our standards) extreme political decentralization.


In conclusion, political unity is the driving force of this spasmodic obsession with "tolerance" of the classical liberal. The very fact that the enormous and diverse political union which he inhabits is filled with seemingly incompatible cultures makes the necessity of tolerance a priority in order to avoid civil unrest and war. However, if the political landscape were that of small and interconnected communities and cities, the call for tolerance would be no more than a call for good manners and to avoid distasteful bigotry, not the acceptance of radically different ways of life incompatible with each other. Fences make good neighbors, and so much for the problems of multiculturalism.


PS. The "Native Peoples" still living in reservations are yet to accept the oh-so-wonderful way of life of the white man. So much for "forcing onto them freedom".

Shows how far ...

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the infection of progressivism has reached the masses who vote. Yet, humans have held the senate. That Desantis won as governor in Florida is huge, but the small margin by which he won is utterly chilling. Strange times.

Still a Smidgeon of Hope

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So the sub-humans re-took the House, but lost ground in the Senate. Sub-humans like Gillum and O'Rourke were (narrowly) defeated. Sub-human Stacey Abrams has been (narrowly) repulsed. Sub-human Sinema likewise, at this hour. Humans suffered a setback, but not yet a mortal one. How long must this go on? As long as humans are humans, have real thoughts in their heads, real blood in their veins and hearts that quicken to the pulse-beat of Western Civilisation. It's touch-and-go, humans, and we must redouble our efforts on behalf of the civilised man against the savage.

In the meantime what I said to Bruno here is true: the 3 branches of government have become the media, academia and Hollywood, fuelled by Political Correctness embraced by moronnials who don't know the actual 3 branches of government, financed by Soros and the Koch Bros, and philosophically endorsed by the Ayn Rand Institute.

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