The Postwar Hangover

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2018-11-08 03:42

By Olivia Pierson

It has to be said that so much of today’s political landscape reveals the lingering symptoms of a potent hangover from the bloodbaths of the two world wars which forever stained the 20th century.

Our present time in history may still be described in future history books as ‘the postwar era’, even though to those of us alive today, the actual postwar era was well over fifty years ago: the time of our grandparents’ and parents’ heyday. Fifty years is not a very long time when measured on history’s timescale, it’s only about half of one long human lifespan – and many people now do manage to live very well into their middle or late 90s. We know that in the postwar era there have been vicious hot and cold wars fought around our world, but none of them have been global wars anything close to the massively industrial-scale loss of life claimed by the two world wars.

Despite the fact that the second world war officially ended 73 years ago, we still find ourselves listening to political insults hurled around the marketplace, such as “nazi!”, “racist!”, “bigot!”, “xenophobe!”, “fascist!” and the yawningly overused “white supremacist!”. Those who use these epithets do so knowing full well they still remain the absolute epitome of worst labels to sling around, whether their opponent deserves them or not; I only wish this litany of insults included the always passed-over “communist!”. That one would really be useful.

So long as these terms apply just to insults, I’m not too concerned about their usage. Robust freedom of speech exists partly for the purpose of expressing vehement aggression through words and debates. So long as we indulge our liberty in that realm where horrible ideas can be muscularly counteracted, it will help to stop aggression from spilling over into the realm of physical actions. Notice that the more freedom of speech is hindered, policed and muffled, physical violence tends to metastasise in direct proportion. It is no coincidence that every totalitarian regime brutally clamps down on freedom of speech just before it sallies forth to commit murder – a pogrom, a Kristallnacht, a genocide. Our hangover from 20th Century bloodbaths should serve to remind us of this fact by giving us a thundering headache every time we see this important liberty squelched.

The last 70 odd years of Christendom’s postwar hangover, especially in its German sphere, has shown how self-conscious and guilt-ridden they are, not only about the war but also about colonialism. The countries of Europe have made serious attempts never to appear even ever-so-slightly nationalist in any way, shape or form. They have instead set their unified nations on a path to self-immolation by welcoming mass immigration invasions from all over the Third World. Europe thinks this makes it look benevolent instead of fascist or racist. Where once Jews were chased out of Christian countries, now Muslims, in their millions, have been welcomed in with wide open arms.

Last week, Angela Merkel announced her decision to leave politics in 2021 after too-long an innings, while clearly Europe will be contending with the consequences of her decision making indefinitely. This is what the Guardian wrote:

While applauded for its humanity, many see her bold decision in 2015 to open Germany’s borders to about a million refugees, mostly Muslims fleeing wars and poverty in the Middle East and beyond, as having speeded her departure, diminishing her authority, dividing her party, her country and its European partners, and boosting support for anti immigrant parties.

Applauded for its humanity. This “bold decision” to open Germany’s borders to Islamic refugees has hardly proved humane to the women of Merkel’s country – judging by the new rape and violent crime statistics – and that is what has brought such sharp division to her country, and rightly so.

This is how far European leaders have gone in order to shake off their postwar image. They’ve turned their nations into melting pots, with multiple ethnicities and clashing cultures, instead of protecting their own national interests and thriving original cultures. You see, nationalism was never the problem; it was actually the answer to how to prevent future wars.

According to Wikipedia’s definition:

Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty over the homeland.

Adolf Hitler was not a nationalist, he was a psychopathic power-luster who was the greatest enemy of his country. Had he been a nationalist, he might’ve contained his concentrated efforts on harnessing the formidable energies of his own nation to build something inspiring and glorious; but he didn’t. He didn’t possess that type of nation-building talent. He acted like a greedy global imperialist, claiming for his own that which he had no business even trying to take: Poland, Belgium, Holland, France, Greece, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Nationalist, my foot.

It will take a long time for history to make sense of the malevolent forces which were unleashed during the first half of the 20th century. This task will continue to be hindered so long as we misidentify the real causes. A good dose of healthy nationalism and rational self-interest defining each nation, together with sane border protections and sound human rights – especially keeping robust freedom of speech laws alive – can go a long way toward relieving the wearisome postwar spectre.

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How have you all been doing?  I watched a couple Bruno/Linz casts. Good stuff!

Bullshit Bandler

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Good to see you back Steve. Doug the second is an unknown quantity. May be one or several objecti–perverts combined. His contribution is garbage lately. Notwithstanding, it ought to be factored in that whitey, and not black or yellow, is responsible for the recent advancement of civilisation.


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Poor beta Doug is even worse than before, he doesn’t even attempt to hide his warped twisted fucked up beliefs anymore.

I don’t remember...

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...when the vile human Doug was ever sane, he was always a pussy, nameless, racist kook.

a) in the hope that it might recapture the informed insightfulness of its posts from some years back, when it seemed to be sane;
b) when that hope is dashed, as an instructive insight into how vile sub-humans can be. Calling anyone else a "coward" pseudonymously?

I think that hope was dashed a long time ago. There is nothing instructive about him at all, sub-human pseudonymous cowards are a dime-a-dozen on the internet.


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Hitler was a fascist. Stalin was a socialist. Believing and practicing these false and evil political policies were philosophical errors on their part. Roosevelt and Churchill were welfare statists. Their philosophy was badly erroneous too, but not nearly as much. It's a mistake to overly condemn or praise political leaders who were mostly mere pawns of their philosophies.

The answer to most of the world's problems today isn't a strongman like Hitler or Trump, nor nationalism and Christianity, but rather social libertarianism and economic capitalism. Even a small increase in these would help us out a lot.

Pussy nameless racist kooks

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Please... here is a site which allows pussy, nameless, racist kooks like you to expand your thinking, so why not take advantage of it?

Go on, I dare you.

I allow this thing to post:

a) in the hope that it might recapture the informed insightfulness of its posts from some years back, when it seemed to be sane;

b) when that hope is dashed, as an instructive insight into how vile sub-humans can be. Calling anyone else a "coward" pseudonymously?

Hitler was beyond disgusting.

Islam is a stupid, savage, stinking superstition.

Muslims aligned with Hitler during WWII.

As, undoubtedly, did "Doug."

Israel is great.

None of this has to do with skin colour.

Still, the greatest irrationality and evil right now are what Bruno would call "the anti-whites." Their ranks include sickly white illiberals, such as ARISIS.

I look forward to your great expansion...

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on what the civilised world could learn from Hitler as the great moral agent you obviously think he was. Please... here is a site which allows pussy, nameless, racist kooks like you to expand your thinking, so why not take advantage of it?

Go on, I dare you.


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...was an ethnic imperialist. Not a nationalist in the Conservative mold. And his imperialism would have failed just the same way as Rome's imperialism failed, Britain's imperialism failed and America's imperialism will fail.

That being said, just because Hitler was wrong on many things does not mean he was wrong on everything. He was right about alot most importantly Christianity and the Jews.

A clear thinking people could lear alot from studying Hitler; both his strengths and his weaknesses (he was played by Stalin for example). But that rules out pretty much everyone in today's society, especially Leanord Peikoffian Objecti-nitwits who think "Ominous Parallels" is real scholarship.

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