Coinage of a new epithet: antiwhite

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Submitted by Bruno on Fri, 2018-11-09 17:18

From the Atlantis Now blog @

It’s time to stop saying “X is antiwhite” and start saying “X is an antiwhite”, by the same principle through which “X is antisemitic” has become old fashioned, and we now say “X is an antisemite”.

This will improve your rhetorical strength when fighting the growing bigotry and hate towards white people, and white men especially.

Wisdom in our roots

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Stefan Molyneux explains what has made Europeans great, THE COLD, and how the welfare state mentality is the illusion of tropical abundance.

"Those of us who evolved in the West know this deep in our bones. There's an old saying, it goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. It goes a little something like this: even the Gods cannot break the rule; take what you want, and pay for it."


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Doug -- You might want to check out the great new book Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy by Jonah Goldberg.

Goldberg agrees with you that humans are very tribalistic. Me, no. I find them very individualistic. I also think the different varieties or tribes of humans mix together and cooperate very easily and well, which Goldberg disputes. Still, this book probably has a lot for you and everyone to think about.

Ultimately, America needs to defeat current philosophical, cultural, and political illiberalism. This essentially means defeating post-modernism. Included in that is getting rid of today's powerful and ugly anti-white racism and anti-male sexism. America does not need to embrace pro-white racism or white nationalism.

I agree

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Which means that politics in a multi-racial society out of necessity becomes racial. Which means that the radical individualism of Objectivism is flawed. Humans are tribalistic. And that tribalism varies depending on race (for both biological and cultural reason). Large scale multi-ethnic empires like America are ignorant of human nature. And that large scale empire is exactly what Rand and Objectivism advocate. "50 dictatorships are no better than one."

The more I reread Rand's political thought the more I cringe.

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