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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2018-11-24 16:33

Our world today -- including all the Western, socialist, and moslem nations -- hugely believes in the moral ideal of self-sacrifice. The near-universal belief is that all great men -- all our wonderful achievers, geniuses, dynamos, heros, and saints -- devoutly believe in, and dedicate their priceless lives to, "something greater than themselves". They engage in deliberate acts of self-immolation and personal destruction in order to advance "something above and beyond the self".

And since positively everybody is a self, when they theoretically and in real life repudiate and attack the Holy Individual, they are repudiating and attacking absolutely everybody on earth. What a ghastly moral ideal!

Almost invariably those who aspire to obliterate the Sacred Self also immensely believe in, and seek to serve, "god" or "the collective". This rejection of the living self, and consequent servitude to the supposedly magnificent concepts and entities of various deities and the masses, is also considered to be highly practical in living pleasurably and triumphantly. These acts of self-destruction supposedly yield a huge amount of personal satisfaction and happiness. But in point of fact, these are such mistaken notions, and such bad philosophy, that when powerful individuals actually live up to these standards, they almost never fail to perpetrate atrocities upon society.

And because the do-gooders who engage in such terrible activities are "noble" enough to sacrifice themselves first, they naturally think it's also noble to forcibly sacrifice everybody else. Rather than properly and admirably living for the sake of themselves, and their private hopes and dreams, and their personal greatness and happiness, such misguided folk instead live for the sake of some unexplainable deity or abstract version of mankind. This philosophical error is a sheer disaster for all.

Ultimately, being a self-rejectionist and a willing "slave" to god or the collective, allows virtually any act of extreme horror to be committed. Once a person truly believes in and decides to self-sacrifice -- displaying sincere and passionate servitude to god or the collective -- then every kind of behavior of unimaginable destruction and unspeakable depravity is considered to be morally ideal. And this the self-sacrificing person proudly, defiantly, joyfully does.

The Universal Disaster of Self-Sacrifice

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Vera -- Once I'm "done with them" by educating them that egoism and individualism lead to far more health and happiness, for both the individual and the group, than self-sacrifice, then yes, they will no longer be willing slaves to god or the collective. I think I implied that in my initial mini-essay. Right now, unfortunately, most people still think it's highly moral, and even glorious, to be a sort of slave to god or the collective. Osama openly and proudly called himself "a slave to allah".

so once you're done with them ...

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... they'll no longer be willing slaves? should have mentioned that in your blog first ; )

Proper Humans

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Vera -- Humans will function at a far higher level of efficiency and nobility once they get a solidly liberal philosophy (as I define it). Both the massman and the noble soul will do far better. Life is well worth living for its own sake. Your life and mine has absolute value. But rational, liberal, proper, healthy, happy beings don't live for the sake of denouncing, or being better than, others.

so what's the solution?

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If humans are such willing slaves what makes them worthy of preservation? The ability to reason, so they can argue for 'their' version of slavery, the ability to choose, which they do not exercise except for some murky 'other', the ability to communicate, solely to denouce those abstaining from such slavery?
Why are you so impressed with this humanity if in your words they are just self-selected slaves?

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