Coming Soon: War and Christ

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Submitted by Bruno on Tue, 2018-12-04 21:49

What's coming soon? War and Christ


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The "yellow vest" French protesters are philosophically very incoherent about what they're protesting against and what they're advocating for. As always, I'm baffled as to why liberalism (as in reason, individualism, and freedom) doesn't rise up and crush illiberalism.

Bruno e Linzio...

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You might both like this little clip:

Riots in Macron’s Paris, Celebrations in Salvini’s Rome. Smiling

It appears that

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The people of France have finally had enough of Eco-Altruism with all the riots in the streets over the carbon tax and what it is doing to the price of fuel and for heating their homes.  Macron May literally be torn limb from limb if they ever get a hold of him...

Bruno e Linzio...

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excellent show again.

That woman Heather MacDonald on the Levin show the other night was very good - I enjoyed her immensely, if one can enjoy hearing such travesties put into words. I was so pleased when she named the kernel of the Left's hatred - hatred of Western Civilisation itself. Very important to keep naming that as so.

The rub is, that because of (Republican) Judaeo-Christian morality, they are never going to get to the very root of the matter, the essence of which, as Rand asserted so strongly, was that the morality of altruism was the monumental philosophical enemy. Just look at what Merkel has let in to Europe on the basis of that (altruism and guilt)? This is where you see starkly how evil a commitment to altruism is, with all the virtue signalling that goes along with it.

This is the code of the SJWs and identity-politics-obsessed Left:

Intellectual appeasement is an attempt to apologise for his intellectual concerns and to escape from the loneliness of a thinker by professing that his thinking is dedicated to some social-altruistic goal. It is an attempt that amounts to the wordless equivalent of the plea: “I’m not an outsider! I’m your friend! Please forgive me for using my mind—I’m using it only in order to serve you!”

Whatever remnants of personal value he may preserve after a deal of that kind, self-esteem is not one of them.

Such decisions are seldom, if ever, made consciously. They are made gradually, by subconscious emotional motivation and semi-conscious rationalisation. Altruism offers an arsenal of such rationalisations: if an unformed adolescent can tell himself that his cowardice is humanitarian love, that his subservience is unselfishness, that his moral treason is spiritual nobility, he is hooked. [The Virtue of Selfishness]

There seems to have been a cultural heuristic in the earlier versions of Protestant Christianity (around the time of the Enlightenment) that did not take altruism very seriously when it came to implementing their moral system. It was acceptable practise to be “selfish” with their family resources, their businesses, their lives and their general outlook.

Conversely, look at all the verbal hype at the death of George. H.W Bush - it’s all, “he was a great man who always put others before himself... a great public servant without any selfishness" ..etc etc. This is always the narrative.

I doubt anyone said that regarding Adams and Jefferson, and I doubt anyone would say that about Trump when his time comes, yet the irony is that these men do more for their country but on the basis of a deeply selfish love for it. Smiling

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