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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Thu, 2018-12-06 23:28

Government, or defensement, is a freely created and maintained unitary social organization which forcefully defends the individual rights –- or persons and property -– of its members, or those who voluntarily subscribe to it. It exists solely to forbid and punish the initiation of force. This group or state doesn't have a monopoly on the use of defensive force inside a given country, because defending oneself and hiring security forces are entirely legitimate activities, but the government is the most powerful and principle protector of the liberties and rights of its constituent members and commanders.

Defensement is the final authority and judge of what constitutes the proper and most efficacious protection of the freedom and persons of its subscribers or citizens. The government sometimes defends against foreign invaders, but it mostly focuses on defending its members from other members, so that all can live together in maximum cooperation, harmony, and brotherhood.

Defensement generally and best operates in a unified or contiguous geographic area known as a state or country. Its job and raison d'être, in general terms, is to keep social order and establish justice, based on agreed-upon, universal, written, objective, liberal law.

The defensement is established and controlled by its members or citizens who voluntarily agree, by formal written contract, to fund its right-protecting agents -– including the police and military -- and to obey and submit to its rights-protecting laws and authorities. Sufficiently out-of-control, criminal, and tyrannical governments can and should be rejected, disobeyed, overthrown, and terminated.