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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Wed, 2018-12-12 07:05

Russian and China are the two great scum nations of the planet. They're forever seeking to conquer and enslave the whole world. They're forever threatening us all with nuclear war. They're forever hoping and working to make all of us as base and rotten as they are. Such losers.

The Russians and Chinese are out of their minds with jealousy of America. This is because they're wildly inferior to Americans -- and they know it.

The Russian and Chinese “people” -- or disgusting monkeys -- are utterly ashamed to be who they are. And so they should be. The Russians and Chinese are virtual slave-boys. They're practically farm animals. Vile, filthy beasts to be worked and pushed around by their slave-masters from the day they're born to the day they finally pitifully die.

These are nations without honor or self-respect. Countries and peoples who everyone decent contemplates with aversion and contempt.

The Russians and Chinese lack all ability to achieve greatness for themselves. So they try to destroy it in everyone else. What losers.

The Russian and Chinese peoples and baboons can't near equal the glorious liberty of the Americans. They don't even want this. Wallowing in slavery and misery is their preference. These lowlifes reject the personal greatness and happiness of the Americans in favor of some revolting and illusionary collective “greatness” and “happiness”. What a joke!

The Russians and Chinese don’t try for personal achievement and magnificence –- as human nature demands -– but instead seek to be outstanding “peas in a pod” or “bricks in a wall”. Every pitiful Rooski and Chink sacrifices himself personally in order to gain this pseudo-accomplishment. So pathetic.

Russia and China don’t aim to have the other peoples of the world respect them, because they know perfectly well they can never accomplish this. Instead they seek to have the world fear them. And they think it's their "destiny" to "rule". What dreadful, sad-sack substitutes!

All these Russian and Chinese desires are low, contemptible, repellent, reptilian, and monstrous. But they work hard for them because that's all they're good for.

The Russians and Chinese –- what hideous vermin they are!

Surrender-Monkey Planet

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Mankind today meekly accepts the unending terrorism of the Russians and Chinese -- like docile sheep. It's as if civilized humanity were already-defeated losers. Almost every day brings a new violation of human norms or deadly threat. Where's the outrage? Sad

Destroy Them -- Before THEY Destroy US

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Jules -- I agree. But they need to be damned and hated first. Every opportunity must be taken to overthrow their dictatorships. In the interim, America needs to acquire far superior weaponry. Along with intellectual knowledge and moral self-confidence regarding politics and liberty. And certainly there should be no diplomatic or trade contact with these evil enemies. America should offer no moral sanctions or economic support to such clearly inhuman demons.


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Beat them in the best way possible.  Out compete them.


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Jules -- I'm American. So was Rand. Not some scumbag loser Rooski or Chink. These monsters want to destroy the whole world. It isn't overly-sweeping, collectivist, or lazy to publicly tell the truth and then hate them for their manifest evil. It's high time we made these fiends suffer.


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Are you not Russian? Wasn’t Ayn Rand Russian?  Those are some pretty sweeping collectivist and lazy generalizations.

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