Merry Christmas SOLOists!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2018-12-23 06:10

Roberto Alagna sings O Holy Night. No prizes for guessing who inspired this then-young man to become a singer. The filming and directing are not optimal, but who cares in the face of such glorious singing?! Roberto's idol, whom he so closely resembles here, would be proud of him. And I hope this gets up the snotty noses of ghastly (is there any other kind?) Obleftivists. May 2019 see the crushing of filthy Obleftivism and the filthy Islamo-Marxism it promotes!

For Mario Lanza , a handsome Italian with solar physics, each scene ['The Great Caruso'] was an opportunity to sing a new tune, to show all the possibilities of his brilliant voice, to suggest happiness, like drama. I remained motionless all the time of the film, unable to take my eyes off this superman, whose voice made my heart vibrate. I recognized many of the tunes that my uncles sang, but it was the first time I heard them with the accompaniments of a great orchestra. I had never measured the abyss that could separate the beautiful voice of a fan from the performance of a tenor like Mario Lanza, this way of singing, without seeming to exert the slightest effort.

After the last images of the film, we remained silent for a long time, in shock. My mother had tears in her eyes. Without a word, she rewound the tape and re-engaged the device: a small click and the voice of Mario Lanza rose again in the room. The music of the movie haunted me most of the night. I was afraid to forget it if I went to sleep. I reassured myself that my mother had recorded it! Fortunately I did not have class the next day. I took the tape recorder to my room, and snapped the tape. The orchestra began to play, and then Mario Lanza's voice rose. I listened, closing my eyes, immersing myself in the music. Then I rolled the cassette again, and abandoned myself: I heard a voice rise. It was mine. Standing, feet firmly anchored in the ground, as I had noticed that the singer was in the film, I sang with all my soul. I felt a sense of intense liberation.

—Roberto Alagna, I'm Not the Fruit of Chance, 2007.

Beautiful Holy Night!

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Thanks Linz for posting this beautiful rendering of my overall favorite, "O Holy Night!"

I'll add this wonderful version, in English and French, to the thread:


Bing sings!

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Since Bing is mentioned here, my favorite from him for Christmas:

The Great Caruso

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In case anyone's interested: here's the tenor with whom it all began, Enrico Caruso, from 1916:

Caro Bruno a Milano: what is the Valliant interview to which you refer?

Civilized voice

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I certainly enjoyed the proper singing.. especially after listening to unValiant's interview with that nasal and crackling voice!

Winter Wonderland

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With a touch of Lombard:

Ol Nedal a Berghem l'è stra-bell!

Bing: Silly. Roberto/Mario: Great!

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Bing didn't need to sing. Just approximate the notes to approximate consonants and vowels. Worked well for him It's a fucked world. Slur, slur. slur.

By contrast, note the exact pitch, crystal-clear enunciation and emotion/intellect alignment of the following:

Mele Kalikimaka

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Merry CHRISTmas!!

We're all Goblians now. Yawon Bwook and George Sowos make it necessawy.

Jesus lives! Yawon is alweady dead!

Oh, and did anyone notice the singing? Don't expect ARISIS to. SOLOists are higher beings. Evil


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Thanks Chyrel

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Merry Xmas

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Have a great Xmas and a great 2019!

Merry Christmas, Lindsay. May

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Merry Christmas, Lindsay.

May 2019 bring you much joy.

Merry Krismas!

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Using a more logical, and properly secular, spelling I say: Merry Krismas to all! Smiling

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