Katie Hopkins back in Florida: Our Final Stand for the West

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Submitted by Olivia on Mon, 2019-01-14 02:27

“For Christians in Western Europe, I believe we will move East; to Poland and Hungary, countries that know what it means to be invaded and to lose everything and are now the proud defenders of our Christian culture.”

Iron Lady

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Katie is the contemporary Iron Lady. Great Britain is lucky to have her. Brits would do well to listen to her.

Bravest Man in America ...

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... when she's there.

We're all Goblians now, since the only alternative is Obleftivist Yawon, who's a Sorosian globalist monster.

Well, the other alternative is Authentic Objectivism. They who seek to speak for that, whatever their questions about the orthodoxy, are in the position of those who promote traditional Catholicism against the vicious transgender paedophile modernists. Objectivism likewise has been taken over by diabolists. "Islam is a mosquito-bite," "Trump is the greatest threat to Western Civilisation" etc. Pope Francis, the ayatollahs and Bwook are working in effect in concert, though only two of them are relevant.

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