Phil Gifford Writes that Cam Slater Deserves his Stroke: The Compassionate Left Speaks

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By Olivia Pierson

Only two days ago, I had a conversation with a fairly right-wing friend of mine, a big-hearted, decent, compassionate woman who makes the common error of thinking that the lefties are about as decent as she is, but just tend to be a bit misguided.

Because I follow politics in a lot more detail than my friend does, I pointed out that she is projecting her own sense of decency onto the left, and that they are in fact infernally vicious and thick - and they assume everyone else is as vicious and as thick as they are. She thought I was being “a tad too harsh” on them. As she topped up my wine glass, I replied that I knew them better than she did.

I have just had one of those “how right I was” moments brought home to me perfectly, not that I needed it, for I already know that I’m right, but it’s instructive in just how horribly vicious lefties can be while they parade around pretending to be people of compassion.

Rightwing journalist and commentator, Cameron Slater, of Whaleoil media fame, had a stroke three months ago in Oct 2018, a fact that the media only got hold of today because Whaleoil wrote about the event in a post titled “Where the hell is Cam?”

This stroke, as you can imagine, has been an immensely challenging and painful event in not only Cam’s life, but also in the lives of his devoted wife and that of his two teenage children.

Back in 2016, Cam, Phil Gifford and I were together on a show made by Face TV named "Stirring the Pot" the only time Gifford ever met Cam in person We all sparred for about 30 minutes, given that this format was a classic discussion-styled platform of the Left debating the Right over different issues facing our country today.

Immediately after the show while we were chatting together briefly, Phil Gifford completely lost his rag and stormed out of the studio while shrieking at Cam that he was a “racist c#$t!”

At the time, a few of us thought that this was pretty funny - and highly typical of a concrete-bound lefty who couldn’t deal in any manly way with the debate of ideas, but instead took everything 100% personally instead. But Phil never came back to the show, “because of that bastard Slater.” The producers got other lefties to replace him, like Hayley Holt, Seeby Woodhouse and a couple of others. Eventually, the producers couldn’t find lefties to debate us, that’s how frighteningly unengaged they are in the world of exchanging ideas… it’s much easier to just take offence, spit out epithets and then run for the hills, which is exactly what Gifford did.

But upon hearing the news of Cam’s stroke, this is what Gifford wrote on the Kiwi Journalist Association’s Facebook page today:

I genuinely would not wish a stroke on even this guy. But having suffered through a couple of tv shows with him on Face tv I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever met a more angst ridden person. I’d foolishly thought, as a pinko, leftwing PC liberal it might be amusing to meet the man. The hatred he exuded was so toxic we ended up arguing violently off air. Life was too short to deal with him so I quit. In hindsight the suggestion that those who despise others are poisoning themselves just might be a factor here.

“I genuinely would never wish a stroke on even this guy… but… the hatred he exuded was so toxic we ended up arguing violently off air…the suggestion that those who despise others are poisoning themselves just might be a factor here.” ??

So we take it then, Gifford, that your “but” means that in this case you do wish a stroke on Cam? Just who is despising whom here in actual reality?

Cam did not exhibit any toxic hate. He was relaxed, humorous and rightly pointed out that if the Wanganui River could be legally judged “a person,” as Maori activists ridiculously wanted it, and now have it, then next it will be queuing up for the dole. To my eye, the only person exuding “angst” was Gifford himself, squirming and sighing in his seat and then exploding off air and storming out with colourful language filling the room.

Gifford’s comment after hearing the news of Cam’s stroke should’ve been confined to: “I genuinely would never wish a stroke on even this guy.” Period. That would’ve been the humanly decent response.

But these pathetically sanctimonious, vicious lefties always have to go one hundred steps further and say “they bring it on themselves,” as if a stroke can only happen to people of the “wrong” politics. This is where we are now folks, as I tried to point out to my friend who thinks “lefties just tend to be a bit misguided.”

Go carefully, Gifford - you low-down, weak-spirited, feckless piece of intolerant, sub-human slime, for when something like this happens to you or yours, there are many people who can play this ugly, petty game back on you with advantages, because you have now set a new low in the rules of human decency when discussing painful events in the lives of your political opponents and their innocent families.

It is also worth noting that the leftist New Zealand media, in their reporting of Cam’s stroke, has said that Whaleoil is doing a “fundraising” drive for his legal fees etc. As usual, this is not wholly accurate. Whaleoil is asking for their readers to “buy a subscription or upgrade a current subscription,” or shop at the Whale Meat Company, which provides door to door, beautiful choice cuts of fresh, grass-fed meat in high standard packaging. This is the honest capitalist’s way of asking for support, not by asking for charitable donations for nothing, but by asking for supporters to buy a quality product already in existence. I commend Cam and his wife for this integrity to principle. This is how they make their living and lefties should look and learn.

Phil Gifford, Epitome of Evileft

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I just watched half the YT video to which Lady Olivia links. I must have missed that one at the time, because it rang no bells (except alarm bells). I'd say the reason Phil lost his rag after the show is that he was comprehensively, calmly out-argued by a very relaxed Cam. "Angst-ridden"?

Note—since that programme was made, Islamosavages have spearheaded the attempt to criminalise criticism of Islam in New Zealand.

Phil used to make a living as an unabashed slob. What, apart from cowardly conformism, might have prompted him to transform into a slob pretending to be an unabashed "compassionate" PC pinko I've no idea. But I believe it has been pointed out elsewhere that Phil has had bowel cancer among other things. If his thesis as to the cause of Can's stroke is correct, what are we to infer to be the cause of his own ailments?

Evilefts, including Obleftivists, are truly the ultimate in repulsive. They long ago ran out of arguments and so repair to character assassination, "doxxing" and the like. Filth!

Get well soon, Cameron Slater!

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