E13 - Coming Crisis & the Devil's work

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Submitted by Bruno on Mon, 2019-02-04 17:21

This week we discuss the coming crisis and the devil's work.


#AynRand #Objectivism #Nationalism

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Utterly Outstanding Show!

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Bruno e Linzio, you two nailed it.
Very on point and tight commentary from both of you. The quotes: Peikoff’s, Hermann-Hoppe’s and Cicero’s were all 100% relevant to exactly this time we find ourselves living in ... and I thank you for them!

At least it has been said out loud now, by Dems, that they kill babies, not just embryos or foetuses - and they can’t take it back. Disgusting. Late term “abortions” have been happening for years in America (about 8-9 thousand per year https://www.liveaction.org/new...) in the third trimester, but there’s always been denial about it. Now they come out and admit something even worse! So stupid as well as evil! The Republicans will hammer them for this during the next election and so will our God-Emperor, Trump. Smiling

This is the best episode yet. Bloody well done.


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I no longer wish to be identified as an "Objectivist", paleo-libertarian or not.

At the moment I am happy with "Aristotelian". But I'm still only at the first few pages of Aquinas, so who knows in the future.. ***

PS. Your racialist ubermenschen stuff is just as infantile nonsense as equalist libertarianism, except it has already attempted a literal genocide once already in history.

We have no need for your approval or your suggestions.

PPS. I suggest HHH as a cure for equalistic libertarians and ObLeftivists, I do not endorse his political philosophy although I think it is much better than mainstream "Objectivism" / ObLeftivism.


*** As far as the "Objectivism" I am advancing is not as-per-Rand, it is not Objectivism, as per her wishes that it not be called such.

You can still call me a Randian.


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I highly doubt that there is much jewish influence in Scandinavia, and they are just as bad or worse. Things for you to ponder re: the wonderful Nordics, eh?


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Good conversation. If there were more O'ists developing along these lines you would have a de facto Objectivist version of paleo-libertarianism. It doesn't go far enough but it would be an improvement.

Regarding Abortion laws and America. Its an interesting subject on why the Left is worse culturally in America and other Anglo countries and why the culture is better in Continental Europe and even better in the Slavic world. What about Anglo civilization left it so vulnerable to cultural Marxism? And of course could it be the presence of Jews (or their relative absence). Things for you to ponder in your next podcast.

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