The Left are the Enemy of the Free World

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Submitted by Olivia on Tue, 2019-02-05 02:37

By Olivia Pierson

When one considers every indicator of the freedoms that are hallmarks of Western civilisation, anyone with a perceptive mind cannot fail to notice that leftists have not only betrayed the great legacy of the West, they are aggressively doing their best to completely ruin it for the rest of us and our progeny.

When leftists use the term ‘equality’ they do not mean it in the Jeffersonian sense:

All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

No, when leftists refer to ‘equality’ they mean homogenised uniformity in keeping with the Marxist principle of the classless society; a society where no man or woman can ever be exceptional.

Soviet Russia achieved this outward appearance of homogenised uniformity, if one is able to blank out for a moment the death camps, the gulags and the brutal secret-police executions.

This brings to mind the passing mention that Ayn Rand once made of the first female Harvard professor, Dr Alice Hamilton, who went to Moscow in the 1920s to study hygiene and disease. From there she wrote to her parents about how good it was to see people...

"equally plain and shabby, never a flapper or a woman with made-up face… no rich people and few absolutely poverty-stricken.”

(Dr. Hamilton also must have managed to blank out the Povolzhye famine of 1921-22 which killed over 5 million Russians in one year – but, as with their shabbiness, at least they were equally starving.)

At this very pivotal moment as we are watching socialist Venezuela descend into the inhumane consequences of leftist ideology:

- Starving people forced to feed their families from trash cans.
- No medicine
- Ubiquitous unemployment
- High infant mortality
- Millions of illegal guns (because the purchase of firearms has been legally proscribed
- Shocking crimes related to drug cartels
- A corrupt police force
- A highly politicised and corrupt legal system
- A mass exodus from the country

... the leftist line-up of Democratic candidates for America’s 2020 election are meantime busying themselves to push for an amalgam of keynote socialist/communist policies, all of which totally rely on the heavy-handed redistribution of wealth and the absence of objective thought:

- Free health-care for all (and the abolition of private health insurance)
- Free college tuition
- Strict regulations on businesses (for the so-called purpose of arresting climate change)
- Stringent gun laws
- Universal basic income from age 18 onward
- Diversity twaddle in the form of offical legislation (transgender bathrooms, personal pronouns etc)
- Open border policies
- Abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agencies (ICE)

In the near future, if one of these potential candidates found themselves in the office of president and implemented this horrid blend of ideas, America would soon follow the example of Venezuela, only the collapse would be far worse and consciously chosen.

Under President Obama – the great leftist messiah – America’s Department of Justice and the intelligence agencies were corrupted by those who believe that the politicisation of the legal system is a fitting strategy to attempt to topple the commander in chief, simply because they find him unpalatable. They have been working toward this end without a moment’s moral consideration for the 63 million of their fellow citizens who democratically voted for this president. Prime examples of these traitors are: James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Robert Mueller, Andrew Wiseman, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, John Podesta, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and, of course, Hillary Clinton.

During their time in power, these bad actors have already brought US politics closer to something resembling Venezuela’s corrupted system than that of the America we have known and loved. They are the treacherous enemies within and they damn-well flaunt it; hence Hillary Clinton’s statement: “I am now part of the resistance.”

These leftist overlords are not “the resistance” – that’s a term they have appropriated from their betters as if they are fighting for something noble and free. They are the undemocratic, grey authoritarian establishment; the enemies of free thought, free speech, free lives, free markets and free democracies.

They are the same leftists that have always stood for state absolutism and who embed their controlling tentacles into every institution, business, school, university, government department, social programme, media group and organisation in order to force mindless, dull conformity (they have to use force because they fail at persuasion).

If there is one thing these leftists – militantly hostile to differences of opinion, especially intellectual diversity – cannot abide, it is a free-thinking, powerful individual. This explains their cell-deep hatred of President Trump. They know full well he is not anything close to being a racist, but they use the term consistently. They know it sticks and many, many dumb people will believe it and cast their votes for them instead.

If the left truly stood for liberal freedoms, where are they on the Western value of the emancipation of women and children?
Through pushing tired, washed-out feminist narratives for over 50 years, the left have unstintingly made Western women feel inadequate if their most important goal was to raise a family. “You need a career to make you feel whole,” they told us, along with “bearing a man’s children and staying home to raise them while he goes out and builds a career is subjugation to an oppressive patriarchy.”

The left have sadly indoctrinated women into thinking that it is weakness to want to please a man. They simultaneously protect the most misogynistic men on earth by excusing the cultural practices of Muslim minorities: practices which require women to cover themselves in black sacks, have their genitals mutilated and have no independence whatsoever outside their husbands’ permission. The left don’t consider this to be subjugation to an oppressive patriarchy (or if they do, they are oddly non-vocal about it). Instead they call it multiculturalism.

If the left truly stood for liberal freedoms, where are they on the Western value of freedom of speech?
The left zealously shut down criticism of their ideas by claiming that everything they disagree with is ‘hate speech,’ or ‘bullying,’ or ‘white supremacy,’ or ‘passive violence,’ or ‘a micro-aggression.’ When was the last time a university descended into violence because conservative and libertarian students protested, screeching like zoo animals instead of allowing a left-wing speaker to make their address? That. Never. Happens. The only people who shut down free speech and diversity of opinion are those on the left.

If the left truly stood for liberal freedoms, where are they on the Western value of religious tolerance?
In America, thanks to Obamacare, the left are busy forcing business owners to pay for the personal contraception of their employees, even if it may be against owners' religious principles. The whole leftist media very busily piled onto one well-known case in Colorado in order to shut down a business whose owner, on religious grounds, took issue with baking a gay couple their wedding cake – as if the gay couple couldn’t find a hundred other businesses within a ten mile radius who would have happily complied with their queenly demands.

After a court case, in which the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ordered the shop owner to undergo ‘anti-discrimination training’ (shudder!), the case was taken to the Supreme Court, which rightly concluded that the CCRC had failed to show tolerance for the shop owner’s religious beliefs under the First Amendment – the right to freedom of expression.

Incredulously, leftists are also very busy extolling the virtues of the most savage religion in the world - Islam - which is so deeply hostile to homosexuality that the death penalty for it is still widely practiced in Islamic cultures As it protects Islam, the left obsessively condemns the intolerance of the utterly defanged religion of Christianity, the foundational heritage of the civilised freedoms the left are now vehemently at war against.

If the left truly stood for liberal freedoms, where are they on the Western tradition of our commitment to scientific enquiry?
The left are altogether obsessive about two scientific topics: Climate Change and String Theory. The first is less of a science and more a political agenda (the giveaway is the fact that every sceptic has been purged from any public position of influence) the second is such a nebulous theory, without viable means of falsification or any confirming evidence, that it can only be posited as something intended by the left, who have controlled academia since the mid-20th Century, to distract young people in universities from serious thought https://www.scientificamerican....

Outside of the weather and wormholes, there is a stark lack of curiosity on the left about the sound biological evidence compiled relating to IQ and gender differences. The left has been so vocal about IQ and gender differences having their bases only in ‘white supremacist constructs and narratives,’ that since the human genome was mapped the science of biology is another subject they don’t want to discuss, or want others to discuss. IQ has been proven to be related to at least 50% of the complex sequences of our inheritable genetic traits, with strong patterns running through different groups of the human race, but the left do not want this science debated; they want it ignored

If the left truly stood for liberal freedoms, where are they on the Western value of our traditional commitment to capitalism?
The left are busy advocating for the socialist ideas of ‘free everything’ including free income which the middle class and wealthy will have to pay for. In other words, the competent must pay for those who are less competent and the motivated must pay for those who are loafing. They call this equality but it is nothing less than the exploitation of the productive in order to further push society toward homogenised uniformity. As Larry Elder once put it, the left “believe that there is a free lunch and that capitalists are stopping them from eating it.”

There is absolutely no happiness, no liberty and no human decency going down the road of socialism and no better current example exists than that of an impoverished Venezuela collapsing into tragedy before our very eyes That the left are observing this collapse at the same time as espousing socialist policies for America makes them nothing less than a virulent enemy of the free world.

Spring Time for Hitler In Germany...

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"I remember another sad, embittered white person, who in the 20th Century thought that 'race realist terms were the only terms that mattered.’"

Oh that's a good one Olivia. I have absolutely no answer for that. Hitler was a race realist. What else is there to say?

Except, look at what the consequences of fighting Hitler have actually been. By destroying Hitler and conquering Europe and creating a neo-liber order, not only did post WW2 America unleash leftism. It has unleashed racial dispossession and possible white genocide. Where will liberty be when Europeans are reduced to being a diaspora people without a homeland? Do you have an answer for that Olivia? No you don't because your a midwit (a nitwit with a slightly higher IQ).

I am actually not a fan of Hitler but not for the silly reasons that you people give. But one only has to look at the state of the world today to realize that "Hitler was right" about a great many things. Not the least of which was Jewish influence and how dangerous those people are.


Go ahead and ban me. I don't care. None of you are capable of thinking outside the Overton Window and thus really understanding political issues. And look that god damn term up. Its indispensable for understanding politics. Jesus Christ. You think you aren't an "NPC"? Your views are taken straight from Fox News. You're as NPC as they get. (You don't need to be a leftist to be a "normie".)

Not Over Yet

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Hard to believe, but back in 1996 President Clinton stated: "The era of Big Government is over." With all these radical 2020 Democratic presidential candidates emerging the past month, it seems to be back. Sad

Ultimately, I think the remarkably poor response to 9/11 on the part of America and President Bush brought Big Brother back into partial worldwide ascendence. President Trump is doing much better. Smiling

"Overton Window"?

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What is this thing? It keeps coming up, as does "NPC" whose "meaning" I can never remember either. This is The Age of Crap. There's Good and there's Evil. "Doug," every bit as much as Yawon, sides with Evil.

I'd suggest ignoring "Doug" and his overt anti-Semitism until such time as he's prepared to front up under his real name with a real photo and defend his position as though he were a real human and we could have a real debate. I could actually block "Doug," which would make it unnecessary for anyone to ignore him, but I find the viciousness of his depravity illuminating., and have no desire to prevent his revealing it. The "disinfectant of sunlight" and all that ...

Oh the irony....

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of a cowardly, anonymous twit obsessed with appearing to speak outside the Overton window (his/her favourite borrowed watch-word). Eye

...let alone on race realist terms which are the only terms that matter.

I remember another sad, embittered white person, who in the 20th Century thought that 'race realist terms were the only terms that mattered.’ On that conviction he plunged Europe into total destructive ruin and ended up shooting himself in a bunker. There weren’t too many black, hispanic or latino immigrants in Germany at that time either.

I guess evil foolishness can be colour-blind.

You’re a mess “Dougie." Go back on your meds before the call of the bunker gets too irresistible.

Says (according to

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Says (according to Obleftivists) the man with no principles.

Trump: “Our approach is based on principled realism — not discredited theories that have failed for decades”

Speech was garbage

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

"God Trump’s speech was one for the ages!"

Leave it up to an Objectivist to spout Boomer Conservative nonsense.

* Trump talked about jobs for blacks - blacks who vote overwhelmingly (90+%) for Leftists - is compassion expressed to people who hate you Objectivist?

* Trump talked about jobs for Hispanics - Hispanics who block vote for Leftists (70+%) - is compassion expressed to people who want to displace you Objectivist?

* Trump talked about women in the workforce - as if that's a good thing given the white fertility rate. Is wealth redistribution programs (which is what women in the workplace policy really is) Objectivist?

* Trump talked about the Holocaust - why the hell is that even being discussed in 2019 in America? It would be like if Putin gave his SOTUS and he went on for an hour talking about the Civil War. WTF?

* Trump talked about stamping out anti-Semitism - great do the Left's work for them Mr. President. Yeah MAGA. Is stamping out free speech Objectivist, because that is exactly what the Jewish Left intends to do with its "anti-semitism" campaign.

* Trump talked about defending Israel - the most manipulative and dangerous country in the world - I could spit. Is fighting wars that do not benefit America Objectivist?

* Trump said he wants more immigrants coming to America than ever before but only if they come legally!! Jesus Christ is that a treacherous thing to say. That will seal white America's (the only real America there is) death right there. Is making white people a minority in the country their ancestors built Objectivist? Apparently it is.

* Trump said America will never be a socialist country. Wow! Greatest speech ever says Olivia as she wet's her panties. Only thing is Mr President. How is America going to be anything else with all those non-whites (90% of LEGAL immigrants) you want to let in the country? All those Hispanics and Africans and Indians and Arabs and Asians are all going to embrace Locke, Jefferson, Rand and Mises? I guess being naive is Objectivist.

This speech was pathetic. On Rand's terms it was an altruistic mess, let alone on race realist terms which are the only terms that matter.

Olivia, you are a case study in why women should not be allowed to vote and really should be restrained by a strong patriarchy. You are an air head plain and simple. You have not expressed one opinion on this forum which is outside the Overton Window of center left - center right Boomer convention. In that way you are a microcosm of the ignorance and utter blindness of the ENTIRE Objectivist movement including Linz who is and always has been a NeoCon nitwit going back to the days of the Iraq war (oh how he opposed those "Saddamites" lol).

You people are not that different from the Obleftivsts. Bruno is racially aware but he is not going to stay an O'ist for long. Mark my words that kid moves right in the coming years.

Hoppe's version of libertarianism is the only version of libertarianism currently which is worth supporting. All else is garbage. Just like Trump's speech.

God Trump’s speech was one for the ages!

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I’ve done a review of it for Whaleoil, titled Trump Administers the Antidote to the Toxic Left.
I will put it up here in about a week... but here’s how I ended it:

Beautifully spoken President Trump!

This reaffirmation of cultural prestige is exactly the right antidote to the virulent contagion that the left have spread throughout Western culture. Bold, strong, just and thoughtful with an esteemed confidence in its own greatness – this is the America we want to see prevail; this is the America we want to see in command.

Die off, white people!

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RE: VertigoPolitix video

He brings up a very interesting and underestimated point. Namely, the population growth of Africa.

While I wouldn't go so far as to say, like he does, that they were going towards extinction, we can certainly say they were far far far fewer than they are today.

In the 1900s the European population was almost at 300 million, plus North America at around 100 million. The entire African continent (including North Africa), was at around a 100 million too.

Africa is now at 1.2 billion (x12 growth), and is expected to add another 1.3 billion by 2050. This is certainly not a "ground-up" phenomenon, but has been made possible by European intervention.

The European continent is now at 740 million and is expect to remain somewhat constant up to 2050 ("thanks" to immigration).


Patrick Buchanan notices:

In 1950, whites were 28 percent of world population and Africans 9 percent, a ratio of three-to-one. In 2060, the ratio will remain the same. But the colors will be reversed. People of African ancestry will be 25 percent of the world's population. People of European descent will have fallen to 9.8 percent.

In 1840 there were an estimated 1 billion people on the planet in total. Europeans (colonists excluded) accounted for 200 million of those, and Africans (including North Africans) for 90 million. !!


Meanwhile, Mark Potok from the SLPC (Southern Poverty Lie Center) was caught on camera with posters on his office wall that track the decline of the white population in America and the rise of the immigrant population in Europe. ?!?!?

See for yourself here, source video in the thread,

Ramzpaul comments on it (language warning) along with cheering Gavin Mcinnes' lawsuit against the Lie Center,


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Excellent piece, Olivia!!! You touched on so many important points.

It is unbearably hideous that so many so-called "Objectivists", "Libertarians", "Conservatives", etc., are de facto siding with the Left, while the God Emperor of Mankind in his POTUS address calls out the socialist vermin:

America was founded on liberty and independence - not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free.

Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.

This according to Yawon Bwook of the Anti-Rand Institute are the words of the "villain of our time"!

Western tax payers funding their own demise...

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