Migrant Monsters

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2019-02-09 13:48

Third World savages now effectively rule the Western World. They've won the intellectual debate and hold the moral high ground. We need to admit it: enemy invasion is now a right.

Third World barbarians thruout the planet have a right to invade the West. There's nothing we can do to stop them. It would be "immoral".

National sovereignty and borders are now illegitimate concepts. Third World savage enemy aliens possess an inalienable right to trespass into our private realm, occupy our nations, and exploit our material and cultural wealth. We can't say "no" to them.

As a moral principle they can essentially beat the hell out of us and rob us blind. They can rightfully rape us in every sense of the word. Legally and morally, these disgusting fiends are in the right, just as they are superior to us overall. They can do anything they want to us.

According to the philosophy of our age, these foreign monsters are legally and morally entitled to cross into the West without visas or any sort of local permission. They can legitimately assault and decimate Western Civilization with their bestial presence. By right they may trespass, invade, rob, beat, rape, conquer, rule, and destroy.

Third World savages have full reign to do their thing here. And we all know what that means: commit crime, go on welfare, not pay their share in taxes, degrade the culture, vote for tyranny, and generally turn Western Civilization nations into Third World hellholes, exactly like where they came from.

Those in the civilized West who seek to deny them their right to immigrate, vandalize, desecrate, dictate, and obliterate are clearly racist, nativist, xenophobic, white supremacists who support the KKK and worship Hitler. We're intellectually fatuous and morally depraved bigots who no-one should listen to. We're open and brazen fascists who deserve to get physically and financially hammered. All our property and rights should be systematically stripped.

Indeed, the lifelong, heartfelt, rightful residents of the West who built this unprecedentedly good and great civilization have no right to be here and should ourselves be deported. All our properties and liberties should be forfeited to the invading Third World horde, and these depraved, nihilistic, rampaging enemies should, in turn, rightfully and joyfully seek to obliterate every element of Western Civilization they encounter and exterminate every white person they meet.

Or such, at least, is the current theory of today's dominant philosophy of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, sensitivity, non-judgmentalism, cultural relativism, egalitarianism, minority supremacism, democracy, and peace.