E14 - Trump's SOTU, fry-quacking, and reason

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Submitted by Bruno on Sat, 2019-02-09 21:15

This week we talk about The State of the Union Address, more equalism and reason, the esthetic ugliness of the fry quakers, and related.

#AynRand #Objectivism #Nationalism

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Another Obleftivist Pin-Up

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Airhead fry-quacking filth of the first order. Quack quack quack quack. Hideous, repulsive creature. Sub-human:

Trump in Florida

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Excellent speech.

Black Gay Trash Promoting Socialism ...

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Here are two of Yawon's pin-ups: Juicy and Juicee—



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Yawon has "pivoted" from fighting socialism to fighting nationalism, so...

Trump is the one fighting socialism now.

Wonder what ...

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... evil Yawon and its minions might have posted about this?

I'm really sorry Hell doesn't exist for these repulsive anti-American tweasonists to burn in for ever. Along with these anti-Jewish scumbags posting here under false names!


So goooooood...

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One for the Ages!
And his beautiful wife introduces him... with such pride.
Loved every moment.

As Good as SOTU ...

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What a great time to be alive!!


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Bruno is right. She doesn't belong in America. Its disgusting that she holds office, etc. But...

She could attack whites, especially white males, and not have any reprimands whatsoever. But the minute she attacks Israel she is punished. Now think Linz. What was it Voltaire said? If you want to know who controls you ask who you can't criticize. Well, who can't you criticize? That's right. Jews.

There is a relationship between Jews and the destructive Leftist ideologies post French Revolution that have not been discussed in the mainstream. Did Jews create the bad ideas? No, but they are exacerbating them. They're a destructive group. That needs to be acknowledged.

Trump's (potential) betrayal

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Breitbart's John Binder alerts us re:Trump's SOTU address mischief and subsequent comments

Trump’s Hint to Increase Legal Immigration, Automation Dooms American Workers

President Trump’s hint that he will increase legal immigration levels and a pending automation doomsday that lawmakers have yet to regulate threatens millions of America’s working and middle class workers


Trump has suggested that the country does not have enough Americans to fill high-paying jobs in sectors like the automotive industry. Nonetheless, Bureau of Labor Statistics data tell a different story, one that is nowhere near a so-called “labor shortage,” as the business lobby has continued to falsely claim.

continued: https://www.breitbart.com/poli...

Better than Amy

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She speaks much better than Amy... anyhow,

She shouldn't be in Congress because she doesn't belong in America, not because she rightly pointed out that the jewish lobby of AIPAC has a very large influence over the American Congress, which is a statement of fact.

Cuckservative's fake outrage over her "anti-semitic tweet" were pathetic to watch. Meanwhile, zero outrage over actual anti-white hatred being spewed daily.

Ugly Muslim Wimmin Quack

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This disgusting creature—beloved, no doubt, of Yawon Bwook—is a prime example of the fact that fry-quacking and evil are not coincidental bedfellows. As is Erin Burnett:

Evaluating Trump

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Yaron Brook says Trump is "the villain of our time". Lindsay Perigo calls him "the hero of our time". Lindsay is a lot closer to the truth!

I wish we could marry the brain and ideas of Rand Paul or Ted Cruz to the backbone and bravado of Trump. But, even as he is, Trump is solidly more libertarian than most Democrats, Republicans, and ordinary Americans.

Audio/video quality

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Next episode will be recorded using a more modern computer, so it will hopefully come out of much higher video and audio quality.

I apologize specifically for the audio in this one which was really lousy.

That Orwell quote...

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once again, is incredible! “They sounded like ducks.”

Very perspicacious on your part LWF with your Kiwis Don’t Quack campaign (alas they really do - and not just Kiwis).

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