These people are our allies?

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Submitted by Doug Bandler Th... on Thu, 2019-02-21 19:43

Israel is not an ally of America or the European world and it never was. International Jewry *is* a hostile phenomenon. Anti-Semitism is not "irrational" and "collectivism". It is a legitimate response to a hostile out-group.

Iran and Russia are nowhere near as dangerous as Israel and American Jewish globalists (who dominate media, academy, professions, etc, etc, ad nauseum). The fact that Mises, Rothbard and Rand were Jewish and anti-left does not negate the very real threat from international Jewry.

Objectivists are notoriously ignorant on foreign policy, and even broader, the real world. Educate yourselves.

And please don't hit me with "Al Jazera is the Islamo-fascist enemy" crap. I'm no fan of Islam and would love to see every Muslim deported and Islam banned. But I still would trust both Al Jazera and RT over *ANY* mainstream news outlets (all of them controlled by Jews who are a hostile out-group as far as I'm concerned).

Yes, Absolutely

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My quick answer to the question: "Are these people our allies?" is Hell, yes! The Jews in general, and Israeli Jews in particular, are remarkably rational, liberal, and civilized in a world which is maybe 85% the opposite. They fight and help defeat the evil moslems, communists, and Third World savages really well. Jews win 1/3rd of all Noble Prizes and otherwise advance the progress of mankind massively. Their self-interest, and that of their brother Westerners, differs very little.

If I had to criticize them personally I'd say that their formal philosophy of religion, self-sacrifice, and welfare statism is flat wrong, and leads them to be very self-hatlng and self-destroying. (Americans are almost exactly the same.) Thus the Jews appease the philosophically and culturally evil moslems of the Middle East, and the philosophically and culturally evil blacks of the West, far too much. This politically correct, multicultural virtue-signaling, and supposedly moral behavior, is not virtuous or moral.

Jews are also intellectual leaders -- both in good and bad directions. From about the 1850s to the 1980s they were strongly pro-communist in politics and illiberal in philosophy. Now they're the opposite. Jews are powerfully on the cutting-edge of most things. This includes libertarianism and Objectivism.


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Doug -- With all due respect, I think it's a pretty weak argument for someone to say: "Belief X is very true and you will realize this if only you read this [long] book or watch this [long] video." Aren't you asking a lot of people? Has such an argument ever convinced you? What if someone replies back in kind? In order to convince people I think it's far better if people distill the essence of the various books and videos they find persuasive, and then present these views in their own words.

Is that it?

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I watched to 4:36 and I cannot see anything controversial or surprising. Its suspenseful soundtrack sucks in idiots like Bandler.

I was over its bias by the

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I was over its bias by the time the introduction had finished. No way will I waste 48 minutes of my precious life on part one, let alone on parts two and three. Anti-semites and Anti-Americans, though, will love it.

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