Steve Bannon and The Movement

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By Olivia Pierson
[From December last year]

​So what does a right-wing populism-pusher do after he helps President Trump get elected - and then finds himself fired for a way too candid interview with a sneaky reporter?

He sets up offices in Brussels to try and drive a stake through the heart of the European Union.

Steve Bannon is still hard at it, a fact I find somewhat reassuring. He’s joined forces with Mischael Modrikamen, lawyer and politician, but despite those unappetising credentials, is a man with a mission and an operation called The Movement.

The Movement is both a club and a consultancy, officially a registered foundation, which seeks to do battle with the globalist structures of the E.U. Modrikamen founded a political party, the Popular Party in 2009 and he also runs the newspaper Le Peuple. I can see why he and Bannon get along. The Movement’s long term strategy is to form a collective of right-wing populist members with a commitment to:

“More sovereignty for the nations, border control, immigration limits and a fight against radical Islam.”

Now that strategy smacks of rescuing the E.U from its globalist underpinnings and anti-civilisational trajectory! One can only wish them well.

They’ve already done a European recruitment tour to welcome other populists with a strong sense of nationalism into their club: Viktor Orban of Hungary, Matteo Salvini of Italy, Marine Le Pen of France and Nigel Farage of the U.K. In fact it was Farage who introduced the two men originally at a lunch in London. The goal is an international populist organisation reaching from Canada to Asia.

The E.U has been waging a campaign to oust Orban for backsliding on democracy. In September the E.U parliament voted on initiating punitive sanctions against Hungary. This “backsliding on democracy” is a euphemism for not accepting unprecedented numbers of Islamic immigrants for resettlement. Orban himself has stated boldly, “Hungary will not accede to this blackmailing. Hungary will protect its borders, stop illegal migration…and if needed we will stand up to you.” Poland and Hungary are in solidarity with each other since their leadership are taking the same stand against this hegemony of the E.U.

I find it gratifying that an American like Steve Bannon, after facing certain public humiliation when Trump fired him, can still drive the much needed cause of populism on the other side of the Atlantic, bringing all his expertise to bear down on Trump’s European enemies. Good for him.

Steve with a bunch of Oxford Millennials