Tommy in Trouble Again!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-02-28 04:51

Tommy has been removed from Faecesbook, but is creating a new site:

Meanwhile, go here:

And here is Tommy's groundbreaking expose of the utterly BBC:

Britonistan Is Lost

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I hope Bwook-Filth and Obleftivists in general are satisfied.

Tommy has to go to trial again...

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for the same offence that landed him in prison last time. Unbelievable!


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It's certainly worth bearing in mind that both individuals and groups have a tendency to walk right up to the line of suicide -- and then take a step back. Maybe when the West is 30% or so filled with unassimilated Third World savages they'll finally see reason. I think they will. Latvia today is maybe 25% Russian. In other words: 25% foreign and enemy-filled. But the Latvians deny the Russians citizenship and voting rights. Rationality asserts itself there. There's a good chance something like that will happen everywhere in the West.

The obvious point is merit-based immigration can easily improve a country -- not doom it. As always the desideratum is a good and great country -- not a white one.

Merit based is still suicide

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"It's worth bearing in mind that Western countries like Canada, Australia, and Japan have long had immigration policies more-or-less based on merit. I think others are starting to join them."

Japan has basically no immigration and is 99% Japanese. Canada and Australia are going down the same road to abyss as the US and Western Europe. Canada will be Asian, Indian and Muslim and Australia will be Chinese; both within 50 years.

Merit based immigration is still suicide for white countries. If you want to remain white then NO immigration is required. Otherwise you are running a defacto IQ nationalist system which may work on a small scale but not on a scale of 300+ million people as exists in America.

The real Red Pill on Tommy

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Tommy is a NeoCon and he is stuck at the level of the anti-Islam rhetoric of 2004. Back then he served NeoCon/Jewish interests because he was useful for stirring up anti-Islam sentiments to aid the Jewish war efforts. But now his anti-Islam stance only serves to possibly awaken white people to the thereat of ALL Muslims and non-whites; ie he is possibly advancing (unbeknownst to him) white ethno-nationalist sympathies. That is why the elites want him punished now and not back in 2004.

He is no longer useful to the Zionist occupied governments of US and UK. Bottom line he no longer services the interests of the Anglo / Jewish elites. That's the red pill deal on Tommy.


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Right now there seems to be multiple competing cultural trends in Britain and the West. One favors Enemy Invasion immigration policies in which Third World savages flood, swamp, and overwhelm the West. But others use common sense and stand against it. It's worth bearing in mind that Western countries like Canada, Australia, and Japan have long had immigration policies more-or-less based on merit. I think others are starting to join them. But is this happening fast enough and strong enough?

Great Britain in a hundred years

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What do you imagine Britain looking like in a hundred years?


Something needs to change.

Corporations in General

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It's not just Big Tech which is hurting the world. Big Business overall does a lot of evil these days. They're very amoral in general, and quick to do business with dictatorships. They also engage in a lot of "crony capitalism". They heavily promote Enemy Invasion immigration too.


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Corporations have rights to nothing except what the law gratiously grants them. Multinational corporations need to be brought back under control and big tech especially needs to be severely punished for its vile behavior.

"Fwee marketers" defending the Social Justice takeover of big tech are doing the equivalent of saying "Roll over. Kick me. Kill me. I have nothing to say."

If you still fall for Ayn Rand's utopian nonsense about big business as a "victim" you deserve the censorship coming your way.

Private Censorship

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Private organizations have the legal right to censor Tommy -- but not the moral one. Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are perpetrating a lot of evil in the world these days with all their censorship of good people and good ideas. Just because someone proudly and defiantly rejects the fatuous and depraved ideology of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, cultural relativism, etc. doesn't mean he should be censored.

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