Rhetoric doesn’t kill people, violence does: NZ’s anger, sorrow and worry

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Submitted by Olivia on Sat, 2019-03-16 07:54

By Olivia Pierson

As many New Zealanders feel after Brenton Tarrant murdered 49 innocent Muslims in cold blood during their time of worship, I’m carrying around a sense of anger, sorrow and worry. We were the only Western country left where tensions between the Islamic world and our own had not erupted into a rampage of senseless violence.

I’m angry that a man from another country can come so easily into our country and destroy our peace with one terrifying act.

I’m sorry that a sick, stupid bastard killed and injured so many innocent men, women and children to prove a political point on my country’s soil.

I’m worried that there may be reprisals from the Muslim community, as well as intense over-reactions from our government. One bad man committed this act. He has been arrested and now must face the full brunt of the law.

Our media is funnelling stories out to the world about a “right-wing extremist,” but Brenton Tarrant’s recently written manifesto shows he was deeply self aggrandising and confused. He saw himself as an “eco-fascist,” which fits with the violent act he finally perpetrated.


If this manifesto is true - and I suspect it is a carefully constructed piece of fiction - in his relatively short 28 years so far, Tarrant has run the full gamut of the whole political spectrum: The far right representing no rule of law (anarchy), to the far left representing total rule of law (totalitarianism), Tarrant has identified with all of it but settled into a comfy respect for Communist China.

Already the mainstream media, spear-headed by Prime-minister Ardern’s statements in press conferences, are coming for tighter gun laws (a favourite topic of progressives) and no doubt a clamp down on NZ free speech laws are to follow. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Ardern said in her statement this morning:

“Rhetoric of racism, division and extremism should not have a place in New Zealand or in society as a whole.”

Rhetoric doesn’t kill people, violence does. Ardern should not confuse the two at a time so fraught with confusion and pain. This will only bode poorly for NZers who value the civilisational cornerstone of free speech in our country.

The Independent Australasia ran a news article today which sadly echos the view of much of the MSM, titled: 'Not only the perpetrators, but also politicians and media’: World leaders blame global rise of Islamophobia for New Zealand terror attack: www.independent.co.uk/news/wor...

“Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused Western countries of ‘defending demonisation of Muslims’ under the pretext of ‘freedom of expression’. Impunity in Western 'democracies' to promote bigotry leads to this," he wrote on Twitter. "Western hypocrisy of defending demonisation of Muslims as 'freedom of expression' MUST end.”

Aside from the grotesque irony of NZ being reproached by the Foreign Minister of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, Mr. Zarif happens to be profoundly wrong. What NZ needs more of right now, instead of less, is open and honest speech about the tensions that have come to bear in the West, resulting from repeated Islamic terrorism on Western soil. Though this has never yet happened in NZ, we have not been blind to watching it happen in other Western countries including our close neighbour Australia, with an intense regularity over the last 20 years. Shutting down freedom of expression will only make these tensions worse; much worse.

“In a statement, Al-Azhar University, Egypt's 1,000-year-old seat of Sunni Islamic learning, said the attacks had "violated the sanctity of the houses of God”.

"We warn the attack is a dangerous indicator of the dire consequences of escalating hate speech, xenophobia, and the spread of Islamophobia.”

Wrong again. There is a much wider context to this tension that is never acknowledged by our leaders or our media, and that is that the United Nations have foolishly dealt with the refugee crisis, originating out of Syria, by placing Islamic refugees into lands with a Judeao-Chrisitan heritage, rather than into lands which share their culture, customs, religion and ideology. This has been devastating for Europe and the UK. Too many terror attacks in their countries have been committed with many, many innocent Westerners dead because of it. Considering the enormity of this change in Western culture, reprisals toward Muslims have been few. What has just happened in NZ is very rare. Long may it continue to be so.

Ardern signed NZ up to the UN Global Migration Compact without any debate on the floor of our Parliament and without any public debate in our media. She is forcing Islamic immigration onto NZ citizens and has not consulted with us about any of it!
Yet she consistently promised to lead the most transparent government ever.

Remember, a New Zealander did not commit this atrocious attack, we’re tolerant, undramatic people. But after watching the events of the last 20 years, many of us feel that it would be better wisdom for the UN to be repatriating Islamic refugees from the migrant camps into one of the 54 Islamic countries in the world where, surely, their natural brethren would welcome them in support and empathy, without the tensions and mounting civil strife that we have watched our fellow Europeans go through.

Yesterday is indeed a very dark hour for New Zealand. I feel that things are only going to darken further if our natural rights, like free speech, are squelched because a disturbed Australian millennial with murder on his mind waltzed in here and did a diabolical thing.

Today much has changed - and will change further, but for now, the grieving must be left in peace to bury their dead and mourn them.

Yes Watson's consistently very good

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It's good to see that you're on top of it Linz.

Good perspective ....

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... from PJW:

The Massacre and Manifesto

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Olivia -- Humans traditionally respond to horrific murder by rejecting the views of the killers and embracing the views of the killed. This is why political assassinations usually backfire. This is why clever people seek not to make a martyr of their intellectual opponents. People healthily react against such evil manipulation as a way to defeat others in future who might try it.

But after reading thru this guy's manifesto I think he was essentially sincere in his beliefs, even if desperate, as you note. The word "despair" comes up a lot. In many senses he seemed intellectually lost and as if the world failed to offer him the peaceful solution he desperately initially sought. Ultimately, I think his massacre and manifesto go together, and he used the first to promote the second. Like other fiends before him, I don't think he would have killed without it.


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I don’t think he did it to push his “intellectual” views - but only to see the world burn in a most destructive way. What a desperate cunt.

A Second Tommy

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The mass-murderer would have better converted the world to his views by becoming a Tommy Robinson-type rebel. Doug Bandler would have better converted people if he had used his real name and photo; and been less socially malicious and more intellectually substantive in his commentary. They both need to write a well-edited, well-thought-out book -- not a loose, sloppy manifesto. And definitely they should try not to throw intellectual dissidents out of helicopters! Sticking out tongue

That maniac forgot that people have a natural and healthy aversion to mass-murder, and that such activity tends to publicly discredit the views of the killer. Few people care to be openly manipulated, exploited, and intellectually influenced in such a manner. So I think he made a strategic error here. His intellectual views will become less popular and widely-distributed -- not more. Seemingly.

Actually ....

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I just read it again in its entirety. I think it's genuine. I doubt anyone who didn't mean it would take the time to post at such length if it were all just a black joke in the style of pomowankers, much less guarantee himself death on the spot or the rest of his life in jail for the sake of fashionable irony. True, there are puzzling passages, such as the one about Candace Owens, who most assuredly would be mortified to have his endorsement, but I think the bulk of this "manifesto" is internally self-consistent.

I submit that he's a genuine Nazi a la the original "Blood and Soil" devotees of Adolf Hitler. The Greens should be loving him! And wherever he got it all from is where "Bandler" gets it from. Did anyone notice this in the Manifesto?

Once the corporate and state medias grip on the zeitgeist of modernity was finally broken by the internet,true freedom of thought and discussion flourished and the overton window [bold mine] was not just shifted, but shattered.

The tragedy/atrocity, in addition to the unconscionable carnage of Friday in Christchurch, is this: much of his commentary is right on the money. Modernity is depraved, moronnials are mindless group-thinkers, corporatists who ought to be Randian heroes are loathsome unscrupulous anti-humans, politicians who ought to know better are despicable milquetoasts, the media are reprehensible reptiles, etc. Heck, he sounds just like me at times. But he gives all his good insights a thoroughly evil name by his thoroughly evil deed. Contrast him with Tommy Robinson, to whom the killer also sounds similar at times (see Grant Jones' book review below), and weep for the betrayal of true freedom fighters by an ignoble monster.

Then He's Truly the Drooling Beast

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"Listen, what's the most horrible experience you can imagine? To me—it's being left, unarmed, in a sealed cell with a drooling beast of prey or a maniac who's had some disease that's eaten his brain out. You'd have nothing then but your voice—your voice and your thought. You'd scream to that creature why it should not touch you, you'd have the most eloquent words, the unanswerable words, you'd become the vessel of the absolute truth. And you'd see living eyes watching you and you'd know that the thing can't hear you, that it can't be reached, not reached, not in any way, yet it's breathing and moving there before you with a purpose of its own. That's horror. Well, that's what's hanging over the world, prowling somewhere through mankind, that same thing, something closed, mindless, utterly wanton, but something with an aim and a cunning of its own."

Steven Mallory, The Fountainhead

His BS Manifesto..

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..is probably an injoke. That article made a lot of sense Linz.

“gorilla” rather than guerilla? It’s full of jokes.

I can only assert he’s a leftist from the nihilism.


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Chris has written very well about this.

Excellent from Sensible Leftist Chris Trotter

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"The Prime Minister will, doubtless, come under increasing pressure from angry and misguided persons to curtail the rights of New Zealanders articulating unpopular views concerning Maori-Pakeha relations, the Islamic religion, multiculturalism and immigration policy. In defence of the liberal-democratic values that Tarrant assaulted so violently, Jacinda should calmly resist all such calls. We must not allow the unanimity of our grief to be translated into a demand for unanimity of opinion."


Philosophy Rules Over Us All

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Based upon reading large parts of his manifesto...

I'm happy this guy had a good sense of humor. And read so widely. And was such a bold man of action.

But he was a poor thinker. He ended up condemning individualism and capitalism, while embracing environmentalism and fascism and tyrannical China. One way or the other he should have realized the poverty of his thought and then not acted on it.

He accurately saw the decline of the West and the rise of the communists, Moslems, and Third World savages. And he correctly saw the latter slowly invading and taking over via immigration. But he drew the wrong conclusion as to the answers to these problems.

Philosophy rules the world. In this case, the mass-murderer couldn't find a good philosophy to act upon.

A lot of the blame goes to those who condemn "Islamism" and "radical Islam", but not Islam. Those who blandly or righteously advocate "immigration", but not merit-based immigration. Those who praise "democracy", but not liberty. Those who champion "peace", but not justice. Those who promote "tax cutting", but not cutting spending. And certainly those who walk, talk, act, and strut like conservatives, but not libertarians and capitalists.

Ideas rule the world. It's important to get them right.

This one too...

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squirted out to obfuscate, just like a squid. https://www.theatlantic.com/te...

Here's a Different Take

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I don't understand the world of trolling, stalking, gaming, blackmailing, destroying, etc. All I know is that it's detestable, and prevalent among moronnials, who are also, for the most part, detestable. We have a whole generation of psychopaths on our hands, in case no one has noticed.


Here We Go ...

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The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has called on non-Muslim countries to ban Islamophobia, following the killing of dozens of people on a deadly attack on two mosques in New Zealand.

"IUMS calls on non-Muslim countries to ban the spread of hatred against Islam and Muslims," IUMS President Ahmed al-Raisouni said in a statement at the conclusion of a 2-day session held in Istanbul on Friday.

At least 49 Muslims were killed when a gunman opened fire on worshippers during the weekly Friday prayers at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand.

Four suspects -- three men and one woman -- have been detained. One suspected has been reportedly released.

Al-Raisouni called on New Zealander authorities to fulfill their responsibility toward bringing the perpetrators of the criminal attack to justice.

He also called Muslims in New Zealand not to prejudice against the local community and let the issue be settled by law.

Writing by Mahmoud Barakat

If I didn't know better I'd be tempted to think this whole thing has been choreographed.

I have a better idea. Why don't civilised countries require all people within their jurisdiction, as a prerequisite for being within their jurisdiction, to sign the following:

"I reserve the right to hold and express my opinions on any matter whatsoever—and respect the right of all others to do the same. I renounce unreservedly the use of coercion and violence in pursuit of my opinions."

Wouldn't that take care of everything?

It reads exactly like a piece of vintage ‘Bandler’...

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Except Bandler is not 28, he’s probably closer to 68.

I’m guessing that like Doug, this tosser was extremely unsuccessful with women. So rather than going out and doing his best to combat birth rates by having 15 kids and raising a big clan, he just decided to kill “the invaders” instead. Evil.

The Manifesto

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I've now had the chance to read the whole Manifesto. I could copy and paste but no doubt there'd be those who'd construe that as endorsing it. I do not. It reads like a "Doug Bandler" rant, except Doug would substitute "Jews" for "Muslims."

The guy openly proclaims he's a racist and a fascist, and, for once, those words are accurate, in a way they very seldom are when used by the Thought Police. Our new tragedy is that he's handed the Thought Police their most potent weapon ever in their War on Free Speech and Western Civilisation generally. Who can look at these images and not feel utter revulsion for the perpetrator?


Thanks to this sub-human, sub-human Islamoterrorists the world over will now carry on their killing with more impunity than ever.

Ooooops. Make that "are carrying on":


Anti-Free Speech Clamour

Lindsay Perigo's picture

First, does anyone have a link to the shooter's manifesto? All that I click on have been blocked. I guess the Sorosians don't want us to read the praise of Communist China.

Second, note how the moronnial who egged Fraser Anning is being hailed as a hero. The mob would prefer that Anning be lynched, no doubt.

Third, Fox News capitulated to the mob yesterday and suspended Judge Jeanine, apparently over her comments about Omar. Trump has tweeted in the Judge's defence, demanding her reinstatement.

Fourth, two reports of note from 2014:


Christchurch mosque linked to al-Qaida suspect

A Christchurch mosque has been linked to the drone killing of New Zealand al-Qaida suspect Daryl Jones.

The parents of an Australian killed alongside Jones say their son was taught radical Islam in Christchurch, where he also met Mr Jones.

Christopher Havard was killed alongside Mr Jones by a US drone in Yemen last year.

His parents, Neill and Bronwyn Dowrick, say their son told them he was first taught radical Islam at the Al Noor mosque in Addington.

Mr Havard moved from Australia to New Zealand in 2010. He's remembered at the mosque by the name of Saleem Khattab.

"[He was] no different than other people," says mosque president Mohamed Jama. "He was a normal man."

Mr Havard's parents say it's at the mosque he met fellow convert Mr Jones, who was known at Muslim Bin John.

But the mosque can't remember Mr Jones, and denies teaching radical Islam.

It seems Kiwi spies may have had the mosque under surveillance.

"I'm not going to go into the individual entities or the operations that the SIS or the GCSB conducted," says Prime Minister John Key.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) began an investigation into Mr Havard's possible involvement in an alleged al-Qaida kidnapping of three westerners in Yemen.

Documents show, "Mr Havard and Mr Nin John were of long-standing interest to the AFP due to their assessed activities in Yemen liked to al-Qaida".

All that's known of Mr Jones is that he was 31 years old, a joint New Zealand-Australian citizen, and his family are still here.

3 News

source: newshub archive


Drone victims 'radicalised' at mosque
09:49, Jun 05 2014

The parents of a man killed by a drone in Yemen say he was "radicalised" in Christchurch. But preachers at the city mosque say they are moderates.

Christchurch's Muslim leaders say they are shocked and "disturbed" by claims two men killed in a drone strike in Yemen were introduced to radical Islam at their mosque.

Australian Christopher Havard, 27, and dual New Zealand-Australian national Daryl Jones were killed by a missile fired by a US drone in November.

Australia's ABC news yesterday reported the pair had been on an Australian Federal Police watchlist because of their links to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) terror group.

Havard and Jones - who went by the name Muslim bin John - reportedly met in Christchurch after Havard converted to Islam.

Havard's mother and stepfather, Bronwen and Neill Dowrick, said their son joined the local mosque and told them that was where he first encountered radical Islam.

"When he moved into the mosque he realised what they were trying to convert people to. That's when he left and went to Dunedin. He didn't agree with what they were teaching," they said.

The then-imam of the Christchurch mosque, Hisham el Zeiny, said he had "never seen any signs of radical Islam" in Christchurch.

Havard had joined the mosque after asking to do community service there and appeared to be a "very normal guy".

El Zeiny said there had been no system for teaching newcomers about Islam at the time of Canterbury's earthquakes because the disaster disrupted normal activities.

He thought Havard could have turned to the internet to learn more and "probably" encountered radical Islam there, where it was "easy...to stray".

Documents released by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs revealed Havard was a suspect in the AQAP kidnapping of three Westerners in Yemen in December 2012. The trio were released about six months later.

Muslim Association of Canterbury president Mohamed Jama said Havard was "always in the mosque" during the two years he lived in Christchurch and seemed to be a "normal man".

Jama said he understood Havard left Christchurch to work in a halal slaughterhouse in Invercargill and later flew to Yemen.

Dr Mohammad Alayan, a former senior member of the Christchurch Mosque, said claims of radical Islam in Christchurch were "not true".

"The mosque in Christchurch is very against that. Islam is all about peace."

Farid Ahmed, who delivers weekly sermons at the mosque, said he was "disturbed" by the allegations and worried about the effect it could have on how people perceived the Muslim community.

"I don't believe it. Our community here, most of them are refugees; I myself came from Bangladesh 26 years ago. We are very grateful because this country opened their hearts to us."

Radical speakers could be found online but such material "has nothing to do with the mosque or the mosque community", he said.

"If [Havard's family] have any evidence they should provide it so we can deal with it, because we want to stop it."

Richard Jackson, of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University, said he was sceptical of the allegations from Havard's family and feared it could damage the mosque's reputation.

"To think that they had to go all the way to Christchurch to get this material is a little bit farfetched. I'd be highly suspicious of this report."

He believed the pair would have "radicalised themselves" through material found online.

Speaking from Tonga yesterday, Prime Minister John Key said he did not believe Christchurch was a base for radical Islam but the security and intelligence services (SIS) were there "to monitor any lead that we might have if there's somebody trying to undertake the radicalisation of people".

"Where the Government has reason to believe that it has relevant information, you can assume that we would take that appropriate steps to monitor that," Key said.

The Press

Islam in Paradise

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Thoughtful and poignant essay, Olivia. I feel dreadful that a beautiful country and sanctuary like New Zealand has been invaded and violated by so much of the world's maliciousness and ugliness. There always needs to be a "safe space" where good people can go to avoid the great physical and verbal battles of the world. Still...

Islam has been at war with the people of this Earth, especially the good ones in the West, for almost 1400 years now. And the Moslems became considerably more aggressive after the Cold War ended. So no place is safe these days. One way or another, the philosophy of Islam is an evil that needs to be defeated worldwide.

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