Social Injustice

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sun, 2019-03-17 23:52

"Social justice" is unjust. The concept is corrupt. The social goal and ideal is undesirable and evil. It injures the innocent.

"Social justice warriors" claim to oppose bigotry. But, in fact, they support it. They are the true bigots -- a group of calculated and loathsome racists, sexists, and then some.

SJWs bash whites and males relentlessly and without cause. Social justice "true believers" wildly and fervently accuse whites and males of an anti-black and anti-female bigotry which they simply don’t feel, speak, or practice. Social justice loyalists absurdly twist and torture the words and deeds of random, harmless whites and males to make them seem bigoted when they absolutely are not.

SJWs are -- or at least perversely pretend to be -- crazily oversensitive to all manner of personal and social slights. They brazenly claim to be offended, insulted, and wounded over nothing. Or, at least, they claim that some blacks and women somewhere somehow are.

SJWs proudly and defiantly misinterpret words and deeds by whites and males to a surreal extent. And they find great virtue, enlightenment, and social progress in their rankly untrue, immoral, and unjust attacks.

SJW maliciousness and hatefulness is extreme. Social justice fighters claim to be engaging in virtue, enlightenment, social progress, conscious-raising, public education, etc. But their intellectual comprehension of the relevant issues is almost always poor, and their hearts and motivations usually black.

For the SJW crusaders, it doesn’t matter how good and innocent is the behavior of the slandered and reputationally-butchered whites and males. Nor does it matter how genuinely and staunchly anti-racist and anti-sexist their victims are as persons. The social justice fanatics entirely don’t care.

Because the fact is: Their objects-of-attack possess the wrong skin color and genitalia. Thus these innocents rightfully get publicly crucified by the social justice vermin who are actually fantastical annihilators of truth, virtue, and justice.