Why do they always kill the unarmed - dare I say innocent?

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Submitted by VSD on Tue, 2019-03-19 08:46

To put it provocatively: are they all such chicken-shits that they only dare to kill unarmed old men and women and children instead of going up against fully armed and trained soldiers of both factions? (exaggeration intended)
If the western world were so invested in getting rid of Islam they'd go shoot armed-to-the-teeth bearded mullahs, not peaceful people praying in church. If the arabic world were so invested in getting rid of Infidels they's fly planes into Norad, not WTC. If white men would feel so oppressed by SJW they'd shoot their very public vociferous proclaimants, not random masses in a public plaza.
I could go on ad nauseam with examples and yet no one here seems to want to ask that underlying question of all these acts of terror - everyone decries the fallout for western civilisation, free speech, white man, yet no one seems to care that it is always the 'innocent bystander who get's shot in the drive-by' because the perpetrators are all just cowards hiding behind a (proclaimed) greater cause - check your premises and the results will take care of themselves.

Women and Children

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You make some good points, Vera! Why are Westerners and Moslems both ultimately such cowards? Why aren't they more loyal to their beliefs? Why don't they act more openly? Westerners sneakily use the CIA, and Moslems use IEDs.

I've long thought it's a strong black mark against humanity that America and the Soviet Union never fought a nuclear war. Seriously. Both sides were traitors to their own ideologies. Both were Cold War sissies.

But the truth is both lacked the intellectual and moral self-confidence to fight it out. And rightly so. It truly would have been a ghastly war and death-count -- and all for nought, really.

The West should have toppled the gov'ts of Russia and China the moment they acquired nukes. And the West should overthrow every non-nuclear-protected dictatorship on the planet today.

Way too many civilians and innocent by-standers are getting hurt these days. Altho'...just how innocent are they, really? The massmen and peons are themselves highly illiberal and socially destructive, just like the intellectual and political leaders of the planet. But maybe such humble folk are more victims than victimizers.

Is this your point, Vera? Or did I get it mostly wrong?

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