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I am going to assume that most readers of this blog have some knowledge on the saga of Tommy Robinson. He was one of the founders of the English Defense League (EDL) in 2009. He became the public face of this protest movement. For this "crime," he has been viciously persecuted by the British state and its media minions.

Last month, Tommy released a documentary video that presents incontrovertible proof that the BBC is bribing and cajoling his old comrades into lying about his actions and motives. Last year he was sent to prison for reporting on the Moslem rape gangs that the British state enabled for decades.

In order to set the record straight, Tommy published an autobiography two years ago. Amazingly, it's still available on Amazon. Buy it while you still can. Also in 2017, Tommy co-wrote Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam. It's been removed by Amazon and many other book sellers/burners. It's available here:

"In February 2019, under pressure from Muslims, Amazon banned the No.1 best-selling Koran. Using the most authoritative scholarly sources, this book decodes the Koran and shows non-Muslims what is being taught in Mosques and in universities in the West. When the Koran chapters are placed in chronological order, the meaning of Islam changes from preaching peace to commanding genocide and apartheid. It is demonstrated that the Quisling elite know the true meaning of Islam, but since 9/11 they have set about systematically deceiving the electorate in Western democracies. Amazon's ban is the final stage of this organized deceit."

Tommy was one of the main EDL leaders from its founding in the summer of 2009 until October 2013. The book provides background on its subject upbringing and early life (he was only twenty-six years old when the EDL was founded). However, the main narrative thread deals with the period from spring 2009 to 2017. In an opening chapter, he describes how his hometown of Luton was invaded by mostly Pakis who came to dominate the criminal gangs of Luton. It's a heartbreaking story of how a working class city was largely destroyed by the Britain's traitor elite. Contrary to mainstream lies. Moslem "no-go" areas quickly developed in Luton and other British cities. As Tommy relates, previous black immigrants to Luton had assimilated and were accepted by the locals. Islam doesn't engage in hijrah to assimilate into infidel cultures.

In the following passage, he relates the murder of popular local man Mark Sharp by a Moslem mob. Of course, in Pakistan, and other such shitholes, mob violence is how Moslems keep the infidels in their place. It's not surprising that they bring this delightful cultural practice with them - with the connivance of the courts and police. What started out as a mere traffic altercation soon escalated into murder by Moslem mob:

"There were four of them, and he was alone with his young son, but they still rang up reinforcements before they set about him right there on High Town Street.
All of them were armed, metal bars, part of a snooker cue, and they battered and battered Mark to his knees before one of them finished him off with a knife in his head.
Two of his attackers got life for murder, but three of the others were acquitted of murder and were given just four years for manslaughter. The judge told the jury they could downgrade it to manslaughter if they felt Mark had done, or said anything, 'enough to make a reasonable [!] young Asian male act'." (p. 48)

The above murder and trial is just one of countless examples of the vicious violence and legalized injustice the British people of Luton (and elsewhere) must endure in the name of multiculturalism and dieversity. One result of this murder is that English people began leaving Luton in droves. This process is no accident. It's just a small instance of the European elite following the United Nation's "Migration Replacement" program for white majority nations.

The founding of the EDL was in response to repeated, murderous provocations by Moslem invaders that are more than enough to make any reasonable Englishman act. In this case, the result has been a decade long vendetta by the British state against Tommy and other EDL protesters.

On 10 March 2009, the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded through Luton upon their return from combat operations in Afghanistan. As is well known, Moslem "extremists" where their to heckle the troops and call them many vile names. What truly appalled the patriotic people of Luton was the police enabling the "protest" of the invading savages:

"The police had taken Sayful's group through the building and outside via a back door, then placed them where they were perfectly positioned to shout their abuse at the soldiers. They had placards calling our troops 'Butchers of Basra' and saying 'Anglian soldiers go to hell'. And the police had simply guided them to a vantage position where they could hurl insults, while guarding them from people who were understandably pissed off by it all." (p. 93)

This incident of the police protecting and enabling the invaders from the native population caused Tommy to take stock of what was occurring in his country. When the people of Luton organized a peaceful demonstration under the umbrella group United People of Luton (UPL, forerunner of the EDL), they faced incessant official harassment and stonewalling to prevent any such peaceful action:

"But what had happened over those few weeks in 2009 had brought a lot of things home to me, not just with regard to what was happening to my town, but to my country too. It wasn't just the threat to every aspect of British life posed by Muslim radicals, but what looked and felt like a conspiracy of the British state to not only allow it, but encourage it." (p. 101)

Much of the book recounts Tommy's attempt to run the EDL as an rather ad hoc organization and earn a living for his family. By 2013, it was clear to him that these goals were mutually exclusive. The reason for this conflict was not only the demands the EDL made on his time and energy. The British state engaged in a massive operation to "get Tommy." All manner of trumped up charges and arrests for minor offenses kept him in jail or the courtroom. On one occasion he was kept in solitary confinement for 22 weeks, although 28 days is the legal limit for such treatment. Basically, while incarcerated Tommy was subjected to the type of physical and psychological torture usually reserved for IRA terrorists. In poor health, his finances ruined and his family threatened by jihadists and the British state, Tommy decided to leave the EDL in 2013.

One narrative thread recounted in the book is Theresa May's personal vendetta against Tommy. This profoundly evil woman's persecution of Tommy started while she was Home Secretary and continues to this day. In June 2011 one of May's constituents arranged a meeting between the patriot and the traitor. The patriot describes the traitor's contempt for the victims of her treason:

"I showed her a video of a white girl getting beaten up by a Muslim gang, but she wouldn't look at it. And so I kept rewinding it and replaying. She eventually looked because she could see I wasn't stopping, but all she would say was, 'I can't comment'. I told her, 'No, but you would comment if it was a white gang attacking a woman in a burkha'.
I was there for about 20 minutes and she just sat as passive as you like, not sure what the hell to do for the best. She knew what to do the minute I stood up to leave though. Within an hour it was all over the national news that she'd been ambushed by Tommy Robinson of the EDL... In the end all she did was sit back and say, all hoity-toity, 'My government has made its views clear on Muslim extremism'." (p. 193)

Yes, May's government has made it clear that it will enable and cover-up for Moslem rape gangs at every opportunity.

Tommy Robinson is a hero. He has something rare among people today: a sense of justice and the courage to act. For this reason the British state, the left and Moslem "extremists" have targeted him for destruction. Read his book to better understand the magnitude of the evil that currently rules Western nations.

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Tommy is being treated well...

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thanks to loyal friends like Ezra Levant.


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Thanks for highlighting this review. Everyone should read Tommy's book. Of course, the Obleftivists who hate Tommy never will.

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