Bibi's Back!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-04-10 12:01

Bad news for "Zionist" conspiracy half-wits, the Christchurch shooter, "Doug Bandler," Omar Ilhan, Jacinda Adern, Winston Peters, the NZ National Party, Occasional Cortex, Yawon Bwook and the Obleftivist Anti-Wand Institute, Dems, Profa, Social Justice Warriors, Hollywood, Academia, the Kingdom of Brunei, the Media, the Trump Derangement Syndromers, anti-Free Speechers, George Soros and The Filth in general. Bibi's back, twice as bad-ass as before. Islamoterrorists can forget their two-state solution. In the battle of the savage against the civilised man, the civilised man has won.

Reliable judgment parameter

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Yawon Bwook last time I checked heavily dislikes Netanyahu, which is probably good enough reason to be happy we was re-elected.


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